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Comfy chairs are not just about relaxation

They’re about our health, too. Being able to sit in a comfortable reclining chair...
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How to stop wasting water

Water is actually one of the most precious resources in the world and we...
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Take a river cruise – go places that ocean cruise liners cannot

A river cruise is a completely different experience to an ocean cruise. It is...
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Mauritius – the World’s Leading Island Destination

Mauritius is a very popular destination for honeymooners. Many cannot imagine a better way...
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The Butler – a brief history

Butlers have a long tradition, from ancient and medieval time’s right through to the...
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Home for All Seasons: Summer is Ideal for Winter Weatherproofing

While summer might not seem the most natural time to be thinking about cold...
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Get to grips with what makes the economic world go round

The global economy has been wildly in flux for a number of years now....
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Cruising down the Highway…

Ford is the second-largest US automaker and the fifth-largest in the world. It has...
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Magic and mystery on a luxury river cruise

If you want to come home from your holiday with a mountain of epic...
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Chairs with Comfort, Safety and Reliability

Comfort is never more important than when you reach old age. This is when...
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