Spineless appeasers or closet theistard sympathizers?

4/23/2008 | 4:15 PM | Evolved Rationalist

The whole appeaser/non-appeaser skirmish (or more appropriately, the latest of what seems to be a series of never-ending flame wars) has emerged again. Even after a whole lot of arm-wrangling, the appeasers have nothing more to say than their usual whine: "Militant atheists (atheists who are not cowardly appeasers) are doing more harm than good!! They need to shut up and let the appeasers do (and frame) whatever they want to! Be good pussies in front of the oh-so-holy religious believers! Do anything to keep them happy, do anything -- except tell the truth!! SHUT UP and let us deal with it because we know better than you and we know this because we know and SHUT UP, okay?!"

Whatever did we do to deserve the title militant? We are not burning down churches, murdering the religious or blowing ourselves up. All we're doing is exercising our human right to free speech and pointing out that there is no logical basis for the unusual respect accorded to religion in society. By dismissing atheists who call a spade a spade as 'militant' or 'fundamentalist', the appeasers are behaving as dogmatically as their religious bedfellows.

And by this, I do mean bedfellows. By shutting up and pandering to superstition, the appeasers are making it outrageously easy for the religious to walk all over them in the path of pushing their beliefs on everyone else. The cowardly appeasers and their commitment to keeping religion immune to criticism would surely be welcomed by none other than the religious themselves, even if the appeasers are currently too deluded to realize that they are being used. After all, what else do you expect from a bunch of spineless pushovers?

The cowardly appeasers further claim that atheists have to respect religious beliefs and not question the validity of superstition. In other words, the appeasers are encouraging the so-called politically correct notion that religion deserves a higher level of respect compared to any other institution in society. In fact, the appeasers are not doing anything to defend reason in the face of superstition. They are merely reinforcing the fallacy that religion has to be respected no matter what. How can the appeasers claim that they are on the side of reason when they are not doing anything about the fact that superstition is often readily shielded from criticism by the unwritten rules of society? Not only are they doing nothing, they are actually actively contributing to the furtherance of this rot.

I have often wondered if appeasers are actually closet theists trying to shut atheists up. At the rate their stupidity is going, who knows?

Even if the appeasers want to shut up and lie about frame the facts so that the religious won't start foaming more than they already do, what makes them think that the religious will follow suit by shutting up and getting their irrational hands off scientific matters? No matter how much the appeasers try to avoid stepping on religious toes, the fact is, religious believers want nothing more than to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. If the recent state of affairs regarding creationism and climate change are any indicator, it is clear that the religious will have none of this pushover business. They are bulldozing ahead with their anti-science quest, and are we going to be pushovers and let them walk all over us to reach their goal? Are we going to bow down, appease them and let them destroy everything that we stand for? Are we really that cowardly? Are we really that deluded, blind and stupid? Are we really going to be the spineless cowards known as appeasers? God Science forbid!

This whole business is not about people believing in utter garbage like creationism, a fatherless haploid walking on water and bringing dead people back to life, the Flintstones as natural history, the angel Moroni and some golden plates, chopping off penises due to lust or even mumbling like schizophrenics every night to an imaginary god. The true problem is when these beliefs are shoved down the throats of society. There seriously is a problem when the religious use their blind faith as excuses to brainwash little girls to blow themselves up for a fictional paradise, to destroy science education and take us back to the caves, to encourage (and deceive) people into choosing faith healing over modern medicine, to oppose potentially live-saving research due to imaginary sky-daddy ethical concerns, or to deny climate change as after all, god gave us this planet to do as we please. Religion is threatening the every foundations of our society and if left unchecked, it will destroy science, the very thing that will take humanity to the edges of what was once thought to be unachievable miracles. Why should we encourage the malignant tumour of religion? Why, appeasers? Because you people are a bunch of spineless pushovers? Because you appeasers are a bunch of theistard-enablers who seem to be acting more and more like theistards as the days go by?

Contrary to what appeasers think, this is not about one issue or another. It is not about young earth creationism, ID, evolution, climate change, stem cell research, marijuana or the latest hot-button issue. These are merely battles in the course of the real war -- the war between rationalism and superstition. In this war, only one side will be the winner. There is no room for appeasers, and the superstitious, at least, will have none of this cowardly garbage. They may be ignorant, deluded, liars or plain kooks, but they are certainly not cowards, and that is more than I can say for the appeasers. Remember, no change has ever been achieved by shutting up and bowing down to oppressive institutions. If we fail to make our voices heard, superstition has already won. What would have happened if the abolitionists had not made their voices heard at the time? Remember what happened in history when people shut up - and how they got trampled on? If you do not want that to happen to rationalism, you might want to avoid drinking the appeaser Kool-Aid.

Appeasers, try as you might to lie about frame the fact that science is a threat to religious beliefs, be assured that the religious will be able to see right through it. No amount of spinning is going to get around the fact that a rational worldview does not allow room for superstition unless there is some serious compartmentalization going on. Religious myths may be stupid, but their adherents not necessarily are. In fact, I've met fundies who are perfectly intelligent in other aspects apart from their infantile religious beliefs. I am not denying this, but the appeasers seem oblivious to this fact and still think that being spin doctors will do the trick. It won't work, and when the whole thing blows up in their faces and they are exposed for the liars they really are, don't say that we 'militant' atheists didn't warn you. Rest assured, if (which is very likely) and when the appeasers are exposed, nobody religious would trust science, let alone touch it with a ten foot pole. I wouldn't blame them, and the appeasers will be left with egg on their faces for acting just like a lying theistard gasbag.

Appeasers, please stop acting like your religious fundie friends and stop shoving your appeaser views down our throats. Stop this loaded branding of us as 'militant' when all we did was to speak up and exercise our rights. Stop claiming without a shred of evidence that we are hurting science. Stop claiming that Richard Dawkins (or whoever you have a bone to pick with these days) is doing more harm than good without proposing an alternative method to get atheism and rationalism out in the open. What have you appeasers done to get atheism in the mainstream compared to those 'militant' atheists? We are not forcing you appeasers to agree with us, but making silly claims and wild assumptions certainly doesn't help rationalism.

We should all shut up and let the appeasers do what is 'good' for science, you say, appeaser? Well, fuck off and shove a brick up your ass, because whoever gave you the right to speak for me and for all the other non-appeaser atheists? Whoever made you the oh-so-untouchable spokesperson for science? Whoever gave you the right to ask others to shut up, while claiming that your way is the only true way? Come to think of it, you appeasing lunatics sound just like a religious cult where people are expected to shut up and listen to you unquestioningly. Sorry, your theistard-emulating tactics don't work on rational people, so you fail miserably.

Are you appeasers sure that you are not closet theistards or theistard sympathizers? I have my doubts sometimes, and frankly, I don't think I should be blamed for it.

(Oh, and Mooney and Nisbet...you were given more than enough time to provide evidence that your idiotic framing self-publicity-seeking message actually worked. All it has done is increase your popularity and give you assholes cheap publicity, but the time has come to put up or shut up. Just because you claim to be on the side of science does not mean that we have no right to ask you to back up your claims with hard evidence.)

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  1. The Barefoot Bum |

    You know, ER, that I've long been in agreement with you about this whole appeasement business.

    Still, this sort of article needs examples, references and quotations to have any real force.

    Name names. I don't care how famous they are, if you're right, I've got your back.

  2. Evolved Rationalist |

    More will be forthcoming in the next few days. Mooney and Nisbet have seriously gone beyond the stupid and irrational line, and it is time for us to hit back and to hit back hard.

  3. John Murphy |

    You go girl! Keep beating up on those atheists. I fully support you!

  4. The Barefoot Bum |

    More will be forthcoming in the next few days.

    I'll be waiting with worms on my tongue (bated breath).

  5. Anonymous |

    Shalini/Evolved Rationalist,

    I've been reading your nonsense since you first started blogging and you can't write to save your life so lay off Mooney and Nisbet you pathetic tramp!

  6. Evolved Rationalist |

    If I am a 'pathetic tramp who can't write', what does that make someone who has continued reading my blog since I started blogging and cares enough to leave comments?

    Thanks for being such a loyal fan.

  7. Sycanman |

    This whole business is not about people believing in utter garbage like creationism, a fatherless haploid walking on water and bringing dead people back to life, the Flintstones as natural history, the angel Moroni and some golden plates, chopping off penises due to lust or even mumbling like schizophrenics every night to an imaginary god. The true problem is when these beliefs are shoved down the throats of society

    Truer (is this a real word?) words were never spoken....


  8. Greymalkin |

    The appeasers to me are like the people siding with the enemy at times of war. Not that I am comparing the whole atheist-theist extravaganza with a war, at least not one where we shoot at each other, but fling words and arguments at each other.

    So a big thumbs up to ER and also one to Pat Condell, also one who hates appeasers guts...

  9. inevershutup |

    I haven't written anything on Mooney, etal and their Framing thingie, but have been reading the blizzard of posts and responses that have been universally ignored by the three musketeers. The emptiness of the justifications coming from Mooney in particular sound so much like Ham and that gaggle of bobble-heads that I have the idea that he let Nisbet hustle him one night after Matt dropped a mickey into his 17th highball, and now he is too invested in the process to extricate himself gracefully.

  10. homeopathy sux |

    Excellent post, thanks!

    Shalini, welcome back!

  11. BEAJ |

    I knew there was something familiar about the writing style. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

    Where do you put Ken Miller in the scheme of things. He is pretty much a rationalist except for the fact he is a Catholic.

    I wouldn't call myself an appeaser for not having much of a problem with theistic evolutionists, who just add a God to all the facts around us. But I strongly agree that we should fight those who deny reality and facts, and try to spread their nonsense.

  12. creationist |


    Shalini Sehkar EXPOSED!!

  13. Cetacea |

    Is it just me, or has cretinist been saying "Shalini Sehkar exposed" so many times now that his words are just blending in with the blog?

    Maybe he's evolving to be camouflaged because he's been in this environment so long. If he gets a live we can stop this process.

  14. postsimian |

    Well sure! A rational society can coexist with religion! It doesn't make much sense to go on the offensive since both are really actually neutral.

    Sure, religion may be obsolete, but that's no reason to abolish it. Religion can do all kinds of good things for people if they don't take it literally, word for word, become closed-minded to anything else, lie about science over it, force it on other people, start wars over it, torture people or burn them alive over it, rape their relatives over it, steal money because...

    Oh, wait.

    Yeah, religion doesn't have much of a place in the 21st century. However, people ought to be able to practice it--by themselves, among themselves. I'm willing to tolerate them as long as they stop spreading their stubborn ignorance.


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