CERN is doing Satan's work! OH NOES!!

6/29/2008 | 2:10 AM | Evolved Rationalist

A few months ago, I posted about some alarmist crackpots who were trying to sue the builders of the Large Hadron Collider because they were anti-science bastards who deserve to be used as lab rats afraid that the LHC would produce black holes that would gobble up the planet. However, the most stupid LHC-induced BAWWWWWWWWW reaction had to come from the cesspool of fundie stupidity better known as the Rapture Ready message board.

A reader sent me a link to a post by an incredibly paranoid and stupid Jesus death-cult member:

Hey if you really want to get freaked out about CERN, go back to their webpage you linked too and look closely at their logo. Now, what three numbers does that look like to you? I'm not saying anything, it's just "interesting". As to your comments...I wouldn't be surprised at all if their more going on here than what they are letting on. Believe me, the CERN thing gets weirder and weirder, but I don't want your thread thrown in the shed. One things for sure, we aren't going to get sucked into that black hole b/c that's not how it all ends. So, rest easy in that, at least! lol Ok, not to be joking around....seriously, werid stuff going on there.
So far, four theistarded dimwits have agreed that the CERN logo has something to do with the number '666', and that this number is the mark of a mythical creature known as Satan, and that this somehow shows that something freaky and demonic is going on:
I do see the 666 pattern in the CERN logo...... creepy
Um...really? Here is the logo in question:

I honestly doubt that anybody who is not already obsessed with demons, the 'Rapture' and the Jesus zombie death cult would even think that the logo resembles a '666'. Once you start reading demonic symbols into everything and seeing demons in your dinner, your overactive imagination takes over and you start getting paranoid, thus thinking that OMG 666 CERN IS SATANSPAWN!!!

Occam's Razor, folks. CERN participating in a secret demonic program to suck fundies into a black hole (Wait...good idea!) using the LHC or deluded and paranoid fundies imagining things again? If you are stupid enough to buy into the whole Rapture garbage, I am more than sure that believing that the CERN logo resembles the 'mark of the beast' is child's play for your fucked-up mind.

The rest of the thread contains more stupidity:
If you look for it, you will find that there is a lot of demonic activity exicited by this thing. Anytime the enemey is excited by something, I expect to be of some significance.
Theistard: OMG science is scary shit because I am too stupid and ignorant!!! Praise Jesus!! Bible!! God!! Jesus, come quickly, save me from the demons of knowledge before those evil scientists make me lose my faith!!!
Here's a prior (4-8-2008) Rush Limbaugh take on the subject with Ben Stein...
Rush Limbaugh and Ben "Science leads to killing people" Stein discussing particle physics?

My brain is fizzing out! Heeeeelp!
The abyss also came to mind. The thing that made me take notice is all of the articles talk about wormholes and how scientists at CERN hope to find other dimensions beyond our own. We're not supposed to seek out those realms.
Although what you mean by 'realms' is not what scientists mean when they talk about 'wormholes', if things beyond our current knowledge truly exist, why the fuck should we not try to learn about them? Do you really think science should bow down to your fucktarded religious myths and stop learning about the universe because it might drag you fundies out of your comfort zones and into the light of understanding? Knowledge makes you piss in your pants, doesn't it, theistard? You are afraid (and pig-ignorant) of science and you choose to remain a stupid anti-science moron because that is what your theistarded beliefs require. Seriously, idiot, go back to your cave and let the civilized world go on in peace.

Note to self: Do not read posts on Rapture Ready at 2AM. You will lose whatever little hope you have for humanity, and you will be haunted by thoughts of fundies ruining science and burning scientists at the stake out of a fucktarded, irrational fear and belief in their imaginary sky-daddy. Finally, you will lose your precious brain cells, and you don't want the fundies to get that satisfaction. However, you know you can't resist this self-mutilation, can you?

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  1. jenny |

    Rapture Ready sure makes the local trolls Creationist and Christislord12 pale in comparison.

  2. fanboy |

    Come on guys it wasn't that hard to find a photo of her:

  3. Reynold |

    Gah. I used to post regularly on Rapture Ready. I got booted off about six times.

    They've split now; the more moderate people have stayed at RR, the more reactionary people formed the "Prophecy Fellowship Forums".

  4. Loren |

    Those 6's in CERN's logo are a stylized depiction of some particle accelerators, I'm sure.

    But I've been following the LHC's construction over the last few years, and the LHC's beam tubes and magnets are now getting cooled down to less than 2 K.

    Its home page:

  5. Created Rationalist |

    Here is an article from a Christian website disproving the pre-tribulation rapture

  6. Created Rationalist |

  7. Evolved Rationalist |

    Reynold, you mean those people at RR are considered moderate?


  8. Anonymous |

    [Come on guys it wasn't that hard to find a photo of her:]

    She is SO HOT!!


  9. alcari |

    LHC for the win.

    Of course, I would say that, they're paying my salary until LOFAR starts sending it's data. ;)

    Besides, you'd think the RR deathcultists would welcome the coming of the apocalypse, and donate vast piles of money to CERN.

  10. murf |

    Another straw man argument!


    Throw something difficult at me, this stuff is for kids.

  11. Anonymous |

    Murf, what is the straw man argument here?

  12. Creationist |

    [Come on guys it wasn't that hard to find a photo of her:]

    Shalini Sehkar EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!

  13. alcari |

    Finally, you will lose your precious brain cells, and you don't want the fundies to get that satisfaction.

    So, that feeling I get when I look at RR, that actually IS a hangover? It would explain a lot.

    My theory was that it was my visual cortex being rejected by the rest of my brain.

  14. James |

    Creationist, are you still wetting your bed at night?

  15. Horny fanbody #8192 |

    Realms we're not supposed to seek out?

    An omniscient god would let us have the technology to go somewhere he doesn't want us to go?

    Just like in the Garden of Eden. God SUCKS at planning things out.

  16. Anonymous |

    I want to fuck you, Shalini. Please? Pretty please?

  17. Anonymous |

    Evolved Rationalist has NICE TITS!

  18. christislord12 |

    Christians, we should not waste time on when the Rapture is going to happen because it is up to G-d! Even the fake Christian is right this time. In the Bible G-d says always be ready!

    Repent, Darwinists! Hell is not a joke.

  19. christislord12 |

    Evolved Rationalist is going to burn in hell, she is a filthy atheist who has admitted to liking fornication many many times!

  20. sciencefreak |

    Christislord12, is the 12 your real age or mental age?

    It sure explains a lot.

  21. mary |

    Evolved Rationalist is under investigation by the Church of Scientology for being an SP after I reported her. She supports the criminal hacker gang Anonymous who wants to destroy the Church, as you can see in her post about Anonymous where she praised the criminals.

    Beware of engaging with an SP.

  22. Evolved Rationalist |

    Why are there so many idiotic trolls here today? Jeez.

    Murf: Care to elaborate? I was merely pointing out the stupidity of your theistard brethren.

    Creationist: Stop spamming and fuck off.

    Christislord12: You secretly lust for me, don't you? Poor fundie, abstinence-only, deprived theistarded troll.

    Mary: LULZ

    Grow up, kids.

  23. Loren |

    Created Rationalist, you may want to give your rapture-debunking link to the likes of Tim LaHaye and the Rapture Ready members -- they are the ones who ought to know about it.

    And as to the LHC, I'm looking forward to its operation, which will likely either confirm or refute some very important hypotheses.

    The missing piece of the Standard Model is the Higgs particle, which has a nonzero ground-state value, and whose interactions with other particles gives them their masses.

    And theoretically very attractive is supersymmetry, which relates particles with spins differing by multiples of 1/2 -- those particles thus act like versions of one particle.

    There are various elementary-particle symmetries now known; the "gauge" symmetry group of the Standard Model is SU(3)*SU(2)*U(1). Grand Unified Theories are expected to have larger gauge-symmetry groups that include the Standard Model one. And adding supersymmetry makes even more symmetry. :)

  24. alcari |

    loren, you missed a few

    Measuring the hawking radiation from decaying blackholes to determine the possible existence of aditional dimensions.

    Looking for Dark Matter and quark gluon plasma, the stuff that existed shortly after the big bang.

    Testing what happened to all the antimatter by studyin the Beauty Quark (probably named after Evolved Rationalist)

    Testing the effect of gravity through different dimension to see why it's such a weak force.

    Of course, the higgs boson is on the top of the list. In fact, I believe it's the first experiment planned, after the magnets are properly configured (which is surprisingly difficult).

    Can't wait till we get the first tapes here at the university :)

    Yes, billions of dollars of high-tech equipment, and the data is still shipped on 50-year-old magnetic tapes...

  25. inevershutup |

    My fave quote is this: "As Rush summed it up in his teaser, get your affairs in order, the end is coming in August. Of course, he is saying this tongue in cheek, but, he is saying it." What a retard.

    By the way, thanks for the pointer to ED. I've been laughing my ass off for days! I know the world is awash in sausage heads, but to see them collected in one place is a bit disconcerting.

  26. mrchaoss |

    I love you, ER.

    You are truly a scholar and a gentlelady.

    Stupid anti-science fucktards. Neutering is our only hope.

  27. Anonymous |

    But then that's only your perspective my friend, not necessarily correct or wrong. But also remember that like friends opinion/perspective come and go. So, can you really or should you really be so forthright with that opinion or perspective?

  28. Laser Potato |

    Looks like...I dunno...some cherries?

  29. Anonymous |

    What a load of shit. Your just like the christian fundamentalists and paranoid types that you hate. Science is just another religion now. The CERN logo is shite, why would anyone pay for that as a logo,. . . what is it meant to be?. How can you measure the infinite?. You have less brain cells than you like to think. Maybe if you stop blogging and feeling so self important and intelligent you may learn something. You need some humble pie, but you got too much pride. Please. Enlighten me with your knowledge or are you just here to attract attention to your immature opinions?

  30. Anonymous |

    why do people still go on about 666 when the real number of the beast is supposedly 616?

  31. mike3 |

    "Evolved and Rational" is the title? More like "tries to be rational but TOTALLY LACKING IN MORALS" because of just look at the disparaging and isnulting language used to talk about the views you disagree with. I don't agree with all those views either but it's even worse seeing the so-called "exemplar of reason and good" then going and using such stupid morals.

    And I want to fill whatever ignorance I have with knowledge, unlike some people and this doesn't help.

  32. mike3 |

    The conclusion I draw is therefore this:

    When people get so deep down in science, nonono, when they get so deep down in what they think is science to the point they feel superior because they have more knowledge or less "ignorance" or something (come on, not everyone is supposed to have a PhD in science!) their egotism goes up and they lose all sight of morals.

    Similarly, when someone gets so buried in religions that they feel superior because they have "God on their side" or "they are doing the LORD's Will" or "GOD says YOU will BURN" or something like that, then their egotism goes up and they lose all sight of morals even the ones in their own religious book.

    Both extremes are evil. In either case, science AND religion can be utilized to feed into dark egotism that then leads to one's ruin.

    I.e. it goes to show that "science" can be used in just as same an arrogant fashion as religion.


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