Skiddie "Anon Sucks" BUSTED!

9/26/2008 | 2:31 PM | Evolved Rationalist

This is what our resident skiddie keylogging bastard had to say before his impending FAIL:

I am not a little kid. I have taken computer science, I am an elite hacker, and this site is going to go down! Also ER should not make fun of me. I will not be the next Mary because I can do things like proxy and use a disposable e-mail address so ER cannot get my real e-mail like what she did to Mary! I am an elite hacker!

ER will never get my e-mail and make me the next Mary!
Yeah, yeah...whatever. Here is Anon Sucks, displayed in full glory:

Justin Karskayzy
[email protected]

More dox /r/equested for the lulz and for great justice.

Tor and Flash are not always the best of friends, Justin skiddie. You have just lost the game, but thanks for skidding playing.

Enjoy your ruin, fail, and IRL V&. You are now in much deeper shit than you could have ever imagined.

Me > You

Also, LULZ.

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