ZOMG speciation observed!

10/02/2008 | 1:04 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Speciation has been observed in nature yet again.

Some female fish have eyes for their man only. Colourful African cichlids have evolved into new species because females are partially blind to others.

But even as that discovery is made, the species are under threat because the polluted waters they live in are causing them to interbreed.

Lulz on you, cretinshits creationists. How does it feel like being pwned over 9000 times? Is the resulting butthurt enough for you to join us in reality, or are you doing to still delude yourself with your godbot lies and delusions? Choose wisely.

Mutations in the genes for light-detecting proteins called opsins explain why, Seehausen says. His team found that these genes had changed faster than the rest of the fish's genes, a sign of evolution in action. Red fish evolved red-sensing opsins, while blue fish developed blue-sensing proteins.

Tests in laboratory tanks confirmed that females with red-sensing eyes went for red males, while blue-eyed females followed suit. Hybrid females, just like those in the murky waters, showed no preference at all.

The paper that the article is based on can be found here.

The next time a cretinshit BAWWWWs about how evolution 'has never been observed', tell him/her to get an education and a life (not necessarily in that order). At this point and with all the scientific evidence available to demonstrate that evolution did happen and is still happening, creationists are either stupid, ignorant, deluded, or just plain theistarded.

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