Another family destroyed by religion

12/18/2008 | 2:30 AM | Evolved Rationalist

If you are familiar at all with the usual arguments of religious kooks, you would be well versed with the way they BAWWWWW about how religion brings families together, helps people be moral, yada yada yada.

This article shows another side of religion that the theistards don't like to mention.

tl:dr: A Hindu priest rapes a woman, is arrested, and confessed to the crime. The woman's son refuses to believe that the priest did it (because men of god don't do bad things ever, amirite?), and now refuses to visit his mother in hospital.

This is utterly despicable, not only on the part of the so-called holy man who used his position to commit monstrous crimes; but also on the part of people who are so deluded religious leaders that they would rather be split from their families than believe that a man of god could have done something wrong.

When religion is concerned, it seems that everything suddenly becomes AWWRIGHT. Children dying because their parents refuse medical care - it's AWWRIGHT! Families split because of religion - it's AWWRIGHT! Science education fucked up because of religion - it's AWWRIGHT!

[appeaser-speak]What makes it AWWRIGHT, you ask? Why, because it is religion, of course! Religion should not be criticized because it is RELIGION, dammit, and we need to show some respect here. Respect religion because it is religion! Don't you see the logic here?[/appeaser speak]

See the problem with that approach, folks? When situations such as the above happen, most appeasers are quick to denounce the practice as 'extremism' and the like, without realizing that their actions then make them exactly like the so-called 'militant atheists' they abhor...because, we all know that speaking out against religion makes us militants.

Militants. Serious business.

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