Another reason to love the /i/nternet

12/03/2008 | 1:21 AM | Evolved Rationalist

  1. Go to an /i/ board (PROTIP: The /i/ boards can be found on
  2. See the word 'theistards' being used in a thread
  3. Hope that whoever posted that reads your blog
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

This just made my day, folks. Going to my favorite /i/ and seeing the word 'theistards' there made me fapfapfapfap realize that I fucking love the /i/nternet.

Uberleetically awesome, amirite?

Anonymous, thanks for making the /i/nternet a better place.

If you don't know what the fuck is going on or what /i/ even is, I'll help you in your quest to not fail as much at the internets by copypasta-ing this from cancer promoter Encyclopedia Dramatica:
Not to be confused with /i/, the 4chan Oekaki board, /i/ is the shifting location where Ebaumsworld plots many raids, and then pins it on Anonymous for some reason. Four out of 5 scientists agree the majority of the internet's lulz originate from /i/. An individual involved in this board would be called an /i/nsurgent, an /i/nvader, or an /i/nfidel. The group as a whole was called the /i/ntifada.
Also, LURK MOAR on to get to those /i/ boards. DO IT for the lulz!

Disclaimer: I do not support/condone/encourage illegal activity. Posts on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt and a generous serving of lulz.

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