Sharing Evolved and Rational Thoughts on Everything from Home, Fashion, Culture and Travel

Background on Our Evolved Rational

As we age, hopefully we evolve, as for most of us that would be an accomplishment worthy of celebration. In that, we begin to see things differently from the way that we once did, and strive for a more rational existence. It’s a journey to be sure, and all gained in that is reflected in our changing interests and priorities.

We here at Evolved Rational (of which that name was chosen for the meaning behind it, and because it sounds like the name of a really great band) are at a place in our lives where certain things lie at the forefront of our individual worlds. Each of us will put our knowledge down in written form here to cover the areas of culture, fashion, home and travel.

Together we have more years under our belts than any of us cares to admit. That for us is something we are coming to terms with, but alternately for you it is a virtual fountain of useful info on the subject that we all hold near and dear to our hearts. So, this should serve as an avenue for your exploration and our collected materials.

I really didn’t mean for that to sound quite so intense, it just came out that way. Just refer back to the name, as we like to believe it says it all. If it doesn’t, well then it still holds promise as the curious title of a musical group.