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Latest Designer Cell Phone Cases

Cell phones are often beautiful in their own right, although it is impossible to keep them in pristine, box-fresh condition for long as the daily wear and tear is bound to have an impact if you leave it in your pocket or bag. This is why many people choose to use a case to protect their phone, but these can spoil the sleek lines and cool logos, so designer cell phone cases need to be sought in order to enhance the look of your mobile while keeping it safe from harm at the same time.

If you have some serious money to splash out on a cell phone case then most of the big name fashion houses have got in on the act. Louis Vuitton is an enduring brand in the world of designer cases and of course it makes sleeves for only the best mobiles on the planet. This is perhaps why only the iPhone 4 and 3G S have bespoke cases from this manufacturer but given the popularity of Apple’s handset amongst the fashionable elite this should hardly be an issue.

A stylish phone case does not necessarily have to be all about good looks at the expense of functionality. This is particularly clear when you consider the BeachBuoy case, a relatively affordable and undeniably stylish sleeve for your mobile phone which, as the name suggests, will protect it completely from the conditions on a beach. That means it is entirely waterproof and yet you can still use touchscreen handsets through the clear casing of the bag. This is great for both fun in the sun and emergencies when getting water on your mobile is inevitable.

For a unique take on the designer case market it is worth looking at the TypeTop case. This is an impressive little device which houses your iPhone 4 in a stylish enclosure, just as you would expect any half decent case to do. However, it has a significant trick up its sleeve in that it comes with a wireless Bluetooth keyboard which can be easily used when the case is flipped out. You can type away long emails without having to rely on the onscreen keypad of the iPhone 4 and you can also rest it on a flat surface with a flip-out support keeping the phone at a comfortable angle while you type. You do not need to spend a fortune to get a fashionable, functional mobile case and this acts as proof of this fact.