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Chairs with Comfort, Safety and Reliability

Comfort is never more important than when you reach old age. This is when recliner chairs for the elderly become a sought-after commodity, chairs that combine comfort with security, safety and ease-of-use.

These chairs can be fitted with a single motor, which enables simultaneous operation of the back and footrest, or a dual motor allowing independent operation. They come in a range of high-quality fabrics, such as lavish and soft chenelles and full-grain leathers, and there’s the helpful option of a matching two or three-seater sofa. Luxurious bespoke extras, such as head cushions, extra pockets for books and magazines, heat and massage features, memory foam seats and footrests, and removable arms, can make a recliner chair even more special.

But what about pets?

For many of us, our faithful dog, loving cat or any other pet, is what makes us feel happy and fulfilled in our old age. But the first worry with any recliner chair might be – what if my pet gets trapped underneath it? Is it safe to raise the footrest and put it back down again?

Many recliner chairs are dangerous for animals, so make sure you get hold of a brand that has some kind of safety feature in place to protect your pets. Get a recliner chair that is fitted with solid barriers that are revealed when you raise the chair, leaving no gaps underneath or anywhere around the chair, and your pet cannot become trapped.

Will it stop working?

It isn’t just comfort that is important with a recliner chair for the elderly. Reliability is also important. Some companies will make sure that if your chair stops working, an engineer is sent out immediately to repair it, and if it needs to be sent away, a loan chair is provided in its stead. Having said that, these chairs tend to go through rigorous tests for strength and stability, therefore it is unlikely that they will break down and develop a fault for a very long time. Many are also covered by a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Is it safe?

The final and most important consideration when selecting a recliner chair for the elderly is to make sure it is safe. First of all, since they are designed for the elderly, recliner chairs are some of the most durable, stable and secure chairs you can get. Second of all, they come with safety features such as the aforementioned safety barriers – safety for your pets – and a battery back-up, which kicks in when they is a power cut so you are not stuck in your chair – safety for you.