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UNCOVERED: everything you need to know about children’s beds

Many children hate the idea of going to bed. In some households this nightly...
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Another Way to Make your Home More Energy Efficient

Thicker insulation within cavity walls, energy efficient lights, solar panels mounted on the roof,...
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Why Sofa Beds are Essential for Any Home

The idea of sofa beds have some people cowering in the corner – memories...
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The Power of Uniqueness – An Interior Design Perspective

How Personal Nuances Like Loving Bingo or Being a Traveller Can Make Homes Stand...
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How to move home and make new friends without stress

Many people, faced with a life-changing opportunity to move to a new city, country...
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Get Away from it All with an Egyptian Summer Adventure!

Egypt is so well-known for being packed full of attractions and must-see destinations that...
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What to do in sunny Barcelona!

Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations and it’s easy to see...
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Practical Travel Tips to Spain

Spain has long been a tourist favourite for many reasons. Firstly in the UK,...
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A Guide to Extreme Sports Clothing and Accessories

Extreme sporting activities have grown in popularity over the past few years. In a...
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