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Comfy chairs are not just about relaxation

They’re about our health, too. Being able to sit in a comfortable reclining chair that allows for comfort, accessibility and relaxation can help us remain independent. And remaining independent for as long as possible is an important thing for us all. We all love a comfy reclining chair to settle and stretch out in in front of the TV. But for some of us, a reclining chair is a crucial aid.

There are a variety of recliner chairs to choose from. Some are electronically operated and wonderfully user-friendly. Others are manual, which a lot of people prefer. They are designed to make sitting and standing easy and involve a minimum of effort and strain on the body. If, for example, you have difficulties walking or maintaining balance, a reclining chair can accommodate you in a way other chairs cannot.

If comfort, convenience and mobility were not enough, some recliner chairs have been known to alleviate back pain. Many companies do made-to-measure chairs, customised to your requirements. This maximises the support, mobility and independence these chairs offer to particular individuals.

A variety of functions and technologies are available with different recliner chairs. Different motors offer different levels of movement; for example, you may want a system that provides for a high ‘feet-raised’ position in order to aid your circulation. Other motors offer independent motion of the footrest and headrest, which provides even more scope to ensuring a perfect state of comfort. Different motors and chair designs offer different wall clearances, which can be an issue for some people. Some people may think their living room isn’t big enough for a recliner chair, which are generally perceived as being much larger because of their ability to stretch out. But some whole chairs will shift forwards as they recline, achieving a wall clearance of inches rather than feet.

That’s not to mention the materials employed in the making of recliner chairs. High quality raw materials are used and often such chairs are handmade because of their special and exclusive status. Different fabrics are on offer, again to accommodate individual needs and comfort levels. These range from hand-stitched velvets, chenilles and luscious leathers to antibacterial, waterproof fabrics. Different styles of armchair are available, offering different levels of bodily support, and reclining sofas and other furniture, such as adjustable beds, can also be created. You might also want to add some polished wooden arms to your armchair for an extra touch of class.