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How to stop wasting water

Water is actually one of the most precious resources in the world and we forget how important it is, particularly in the UK and our major cities like London where you have high water usage due to a huge population. That’s because in the UK, we’re used to a lot of rain and therefore the tendency is not to worry about wasting it. However, our climate is changing and more often we are seeing spells of very heavy rain following by long spells with no rainfall at all. If it isn’t steady and lasting, rain doesn’t seep into the ground, which is what the country needs to top up its water supply. Therefore, if you have a leaky tap or toilet, it may not bother you much (well, until you start noticing your water bill creeping up), but it will affect the country’s water supply. So if you are not so handy at DIY, you may want to consider some of the handyman and plumbing services in London for those leaky taps, or issues with your houses’ plumbing, especially where it’s an older property.

Water is needed to produce everything we use. Production, transport and packaging involve using water. Water is not just about drinking, showering, washing up and cleaning the car. Did you know it takes 12 litres of water to produce one single tomato? Increasing water demand and climate change mean that, one day, we could run out of water. Recent times have already seen some of the worst droughts. Therefore we need to be extra careful about the water we use and avoid wastage wherever we can. So if you’ve sprung a leak that isn’t bothering you much at the moment, have a think about how much water you’re losing over the course of a few days. The amount will probably surprise you. But help is available. There are handyman services companies who can put you in touch quickly with a qualified and experienced plumber. This plumber will be well-versed in fixing leaks, installing sinks and taps, fixing toilets and boilers and remedying all kinds of plumbing issues. Handyman services companies can also provide handymen who are experts in other fields as well, such as electrics and carpentry. Their services range from fixing light switches to full property re-wiring, to laying laminate flooring, painting, decorating and putting up shelves. So if you live in the London area and you have a toilet that won’t stop running or a tap that won’t stop dripping, don’t delay. Get in touch with a plumber and get the problem rectified. It’ll help with your water bill, and it’ll help the environment and the future of our water supply.