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Magic and mystery on a luxury river cruise

If you want to come home from your holiday with a mountain of epic stories to tell, rich in history, folklore and fantasy, and worthy of a whole season of Game of Thrones episodes, try a 12-day luxury cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. It is without question one of the most magical Rhine and Moselle river cruises. You will discover cathedrals and castles straight out storybooks, atop vine-covered slopes and rolling hills which edge the waterways. 

Beautiful cities to behold

You’ll visit the famous cities of Strasbourg, Cologne and Amsterdam and be immersed in their rich culture and history. You’ll explore the lovely waterside area of Le Petite France in Strasbourg, and walk around Strasbourg Cathedral – Europe’s tallest medieval building. You’ll visit the modern art exhibition at Ludwig Museum in Cologne, or be able to take a cable car into the reaches of the sky to get a stunning bird’s eye view of the cathedral city. When you stop at the city of Mainz, you can take a trip to Heidelberg, which is home to a grand staircase made up of 1,200 steps, winding its way to the King’s Seat in the Odenwald Mountains.

The Black Forest

Just its name inspires intrigue and awe. It hints at the fascinating, the mysterious and the sinister. In truth, the Black Forest is another beautiful region you will encounter on your luxury cruise from Basel to Amsterdam. It is even less dark and sinister in nature when you consider that it’s the home of the famed and delectable Black Forest Gateau, named after the region’s speciality liquor. This heavily wooded mountain range features the country’s greatest waterfall, an expansive museum where Black Forest farms have been reconstructed, and the German Clock Museum that chronicles the history of clocks and watch-making. The Black Forest, home to many legends and tales, such as the disappearing village of Wolmerspur, is also a region that will fire your imagination and incite you to create tales of your own.

Memories that will never fade

Like an engraving on a rock, a luxury cruise through the heart of Europe will be permanently etched into your memory.