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Take a Wild Skating Journey to Remember

Got a craving for a winter holiday unlike any you, or more than likely any one you know has ever been on? Then consider a “wild skating” trip, but as always know how to go about it with justifiable caution. Translation, don’t go somewhere that has rough ice and snow as this will not be the best experience to say the least, and don’t just line up a trip with a plain old ice skating rink in it. The balance can be found, and thus should be persued. This activity is well worth the effort, especially if skating is your thing even when the great outdoor experience is not combined with it.

Now, I am not going to leave you with that thought and not give you the answer to this riddle. Canyon Ferry Lake in Montana has the optimum conditions and natural materials to create the ideal wild skating environment. The natural body of water has frozen in just the right way, perfect amount of cold, paired with the precise amount of dryness. It boasts of black ice, precisely what a skater of any level would wish for since its surface is as sleek as can be found anywhere.