Saturday, February 16, 2008

Andrew Grove: Clueless about science

I would only be impressed with this ignorant pile of poo from Andrew Grove if he offers himself as a research subject for invasive brain experimentation. He may be a smart, rich and famous engineer, but when it comes to progress in medical research, he clearly does not know what he is blabbering ignorantly about.

He rants and raves about how scientists care more about making paralyzed rats, but not humans, walk again.

Like an increasing number of critics who are fed up with biomedical research that lets paralyzed rats (but not people) walk again, that cures mouse (but not human) cancer and that lifts the fog of the rodent version of Alzheimer's but not people's, he is taking aim at what more and more critics see as a broken system.
More idiocy can be found at the original article, including where he thinks he can demand a drug the way he demands an iPhone.

It sure sounds like Grove is offering himself as a substitute for lab rats, isn't he? Since he expects scientists to have a 100% real model of a disease, why doesn't he offer himself as the very human model that he clearly wants to see being used in experiments?

If he actually practices what he preaches and is really concerned about the way things are going, he would be the first one offering himself to be experimented on. What I would really like to see is: Andrew Grove, Lab Rat Substitute.


Hasn't Grove ever considered that the reason the products of medical research takes so long to get from the lab to the hospital is because people are trying to be careful by conducting various trials? Grove may have been too ignorant to notice this, but a crashed computer is nothing compared to a dead human. His arrogance and insistence at comparing the computer industry to biomedical research simply makes him sound like an ignoramus.

Grove thinks that medical research is comparable to semiconductor research without considering the simple fact that a chip's architecture is nothing compared to what goes on inside a living cell. The Intel chips were designed by humans, but living organisms aren't. Evolution has had a few billion years on us already, so why the fuck does Grove think that finding a cure for diseases is analogous to inventing the iPhone? Just because you're a successful engineer doesn't mean that you can't be a jackass about other matters.

Grove, try harder the next time you try to take a swipe at medical research. For now, I'll only be convinced when you offer yourself as a live human model to be experimented on. I will not be holding my breath.