Dembski: The failure that keeps on failing

6/19/2008 | 11:55 PM | Evolved Rationalist

One thing I've realized after years of following the IDiot movement is that William "BillDumb" Dembski can best be described as a train wreck that I simply cannot stop watching. Unlike ordinary train wrecks, the BillDumb wreck is one where rational people are more than happy to point and laugh at. How else are we to deal with the mind-numbing stupidity that he churns out over at the circus freakshow known as Uncommonly Dense? Take a look at this, for example:

Here are some quotes from seven of Miller’s biology textbooks, textbooks underwritten with your tax dollars. As you read these quotes, ask yourself where is the “theo” in Miller’s “theoevo.”

(1) “[E]volution works without either plan or purpose … Evolution is random and undirected.”
Biology, by Kenneth R. Miller & Joseph S. Levine, pg. 658 (1st edition, Prentice Hall, 1991)


(6) “Darwin knew that accepting his theory required believing in philosophical materialism, the conviction that matter is the stuff of all existence and that all mental and spiritual phenomena are its by-products. Darwinian evolution was not only purposeless but also heartless–a process in which the rigors of nature ruthlessly eliminate the unfit. Suddenly, humanity was reduced to just one more species in a world that cared nothing for us. The great human mind was no more than a mass of evolving neurons. Worst of all, there was no divine plan to guide us.”
Biology: Discovering Life, by Joseph S. Levine & Kenneth R. Miller (1st edition, D.C. Heath and Co., 1992), pg. 152

BillDumb is terribly wrong on so many counts that he has to be either batshit insane, cluelessly ignorant or a common lying-for-Jesus fraud. By asking where is the "god speak" in a biology textbook, for goodness' sake, BillDumb has shown us (yes, old news) that ID is all about shoving god into science and down the throats of innocent children; thus destroying science education in the process. What BillDumb was too stupid to realize is that there is no "god talk" nor "atheist talk" in the theory of evolution itself. God isn't mentioned in the description of the theory of gravitation, and yet we don't see IDiots demanding to know where the "theo" is in gravity. There is no mention of religion in the weather forecast either and nobody claims that god is involved in weather cycles. Yet, the IDiots don't seem to have a problem with those damned godless meteorologists!

What the fuck is wrong with you, BillDumb? Why do you only have a problem with evolution? Is it because you are too stupid to understand what science is about, or is it because you need to fool your church base to line your own pockets?

Although Miller is a devout Catholic, his keeps his personal religious views out of the way in a scientific textbook. This has nothing to do with Miller accepting or rejecting the theistic god. He is merely writing about a scientific theory the same way someone would write about the theory of gravitation. Religion has nothing to do with it, and this is the very idea that BillDumb refuses to comprehend. The IDiots want to shove their narrow, fundamentalist version of religion into science, and they simply do not understand why current science textbooks do not read like the Bible. Once god is pushed into science, what next? Oh, and which god? Whose interpretation of which holy book? Fred Phelps' version? Will kids be forced to learn about Yahweh creating man from dust? Will they also learn about Zeus shooting thunderbolts from the sky? Where are we to draw the line?

Of course, Miller is free to talk about his religious beliefs and publish popular books about what he thinks the role of his religion plays in science, the same way Richard Dawkins can promote the idea (which I agree with) that evolution is incompatible with theistic belief. No matter how much Ben Stein would like you to think otherwise, nobody is trying to persecute and 'expel' Miller for his theistic evolutionary views.

Evolutionary theory is discussed in science textbooks just like any other theory, and there is no need to invoke a supernatural being to explain scientific concepts. If BillDumb wants Miller to include the "theo" in evolution, he should push for "theo" to be introduced in every scientific field and in every other area of study as well; to replace materialistic explanations with the theistic understanding that nature and human beings are created by God.

Wait - that is the Wedge Strategy. BillDumb and the rest of the IDiots really do want to destroy all of science as well. My bad.

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  1. sciencefreak |

    Thank reason we are back to creationist bashing. Great post.

  2. christislord12 |

    When Darwinists cannot fight facts, they resort to mockery. Repent and find G-d before it is too late!

  3. Anonymous |

    Since you are all about facts, where are the facts that show special creation?

  4. Victor |

    as far as evidence for recent creation I imagine most of it would consist of a case against evolution. Although the problem for creationists seems to be that a lot of the positive evidence of special creation is put forward by the Intelligent Design movement.

    However one interesting thing of note I found is Dembski's response to Kenneth Miller's dissection of Irreducible Complexity. I will give you the link;

    In the article I think Dembski was trying to say that he didn't think Kenneth Miller was very theistic for being a theistic evolutionist because he supports methodological naturalism, Dembski isn't as stupid as you make him to be but he does on occasion say stupid and dense things.

  5. nullifidian |

    Excellent post, although it does beg the question as to which part of "Dembski is a dishonest scumbag" you weren't getting. ;-)

  6. alcari |

    BillDumb is terribly wrong on so many counts that he has to be either batshit insane, cluelessly ignorant or a common lying-for-Jesus fraud.

    You realise that those aren't mutually exclusive? Dembski is the living embodiment of all three of them

    Christislord12 said:
    When Darwinists cannot fight facts, they resort to mockery.

    You seem to be missing the irony of using the word "Darwinist" in that sentence, but aside from that, we can't fight facts, because you don't have any of them. Your evidence is kinda like your god, it's impossible to oppose what doesn't exist.

  7. Anonymous |

    Yawn... I'm sure posting this made you and the peanut gallery feel good. But to everyone else, it's just the same old wah wah wah wah wah.

  8. Pleco |

    Yeah and I'm sure it made you feel good to post nothing of worth under the cover of Anonymous. blah blah blah

  9. Anonymous |

    shalini sehkar preaching to the nerd choir. wah wah wah wah.

  10. Hitler Nazi |

  11. postsimian |



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