Fundie Claim #15: Gospel Accuracy

8/11/2008 | 12:54 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Copypasta from a fundie e-mail:

Why should anyone trust in Christianity over Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, or anything else? It is because there are absolute truths? The Bible talks about real places. Only in Christianity do we have the extremely accurate transmission of the eyewitness documents (gospels) so we can trust what was originally written. Only in Christianity do we have the person of Christ who claimed to be God, performed many miracles to prove His claim of divinity, who died and rose from the dead, and who said that He alone was the way the truth and the life (John 14:6). All this adds to the legitimacy and credibility of Christianity above all other religions -- all based on the person of Jesus. If follows that if it is all true about what Jesus said and did, then all other religions are false because Jesus said that He alone was the way, the truth, and the life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6).
The events of Jesus' life in accordance with the supposed miracles and prophecies of the OT were clearly and obviously written after the fact by people who were not even there, and in accounts which do not even correspond with each other.

Who was found at Jesus' tomb? Each account conflicts. Then, consider that there are no contemporary accounts of the extraordinary miracles of Jesus. The known writers of the time didn't seem to think he is significant enough to even mention.

Seem strange? Someone wanders around healing people and raising them from the dead and no contemporaneous writer finds it compelling? Imagine the sky miraculously turning dark at the crucifixion and no writer considered this to be an event worth documenting. Nobody gave a shit at the time, and neither should you, theistarded sheep!

Christianity features lots of real places, you say? Have you ever heard of Greek mythology, which features places like Troy and Mycenae? The Iliad also includes details like bronze armor and boar's-tusk helmets that were found by archaeologists. Does this mean that Greek mythology is true? If not, why should having real places mentioned in the Holy Buy-Bull be the basis of claiming the validity of the Christian myth?

If this doesn't get your bullshit detector buzzing (at least), you are in denial of the obvious. You purposely avoid considering that your faith is false and will believe anything to protect it. If you have a shred of personal honesty and intellectual integrity, you will be forced to stop believing in this utter crap.

Theistard, why do you accept the Jesus cult's doctrine and not that of some other religion with followers who have arguments that are just as mind-numbingly dumb as your own? Why do you think their arguments to be ridiculous and not your own?

A tragic case of the 'NO YOU!' syndrome? Pot calling the kettle black? What the fuck is your problem, theistard? Are you really this deluded or are you simply spewing shit out of your ass without thinking?

I think I need a new irony meter after reading his pathetic attempt at an 'argument'.

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