Anonymous records Scilon conversation

8/31/2008 | 9:05 PM | Evolved Rationalist

What are your crimes?


The fundies are going to love this

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How to deliver a huge load of butthurt to idiotic fundies:

  1. Get them BAWWWWWing about how homosexuals are going to burn in hell.
  2. Laugh at them.
  3. Show them that science turns their idiotic dogma into FAIL.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!!
I wonder what the fundies say about this one:
Sperm cells have been created from a female human embryo in a remarkable breakthrough that suggests it may be possible for lesbian couples to have their own biological children.

British scientists who had already coaxed male bone marrow cells to develop into primitive sperm cells have now repeated the feat with female embryonic stem cells.

It raises the possibility of lesbian couples one day having children who share both their genes as sperm created from the bone marrow of one woman could be used to fertilise an egg from her partner.
This is 'playing god' and 'unnatural', you say? Using that line of reasoning, agriculture should also be banned because it is also 'playing god' and 'unnatural'. For all the frothing, ranting, and general BAWWWWing that fundies do when confronted with science, I don't think that they actually want to ban agriculture. If that is what they want to do, I suggest a simple strategy that has been nicely termed 'An Hero'.

Unethical, you say? How exactly is this any more 'unethical ' when compared to artificial insemination? Are you aware of how many theistards conveniently use IVF technology when prayers simply don't seem to work or when their god has better things to do than give his ass-licking brainwashed sheep a child? Who decides what is unethical, and why should religious nuts be given a free pass in dictating what is ethical and what is not? The Catholic Church, in an act of supreme fucktardery, has declared birth control unethical sinful. Therefore, which particular brand of theistardery holds the key to determining what is unethical or what is not?

PROTIP: 'Sinful' in your particular brand of dogma =/= Unethical

If you want to use the Holy Babble as a guide, why should it be so? Why the Bible? Why not the Koran? Why not Dianetics?

Why not the Book of Anon?

First Anon made the internet. The internet was without any form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the Spirit of Anon was moving over the series of tubes. And Anon said "Let it be light through the tubes", and there was light. And Anon saw that fiber cables were good.

Stop groaning, folks. Serious business resumes now.

We don't ask gardeners about economics or interior decorators about carpentry, so why should we ask religious leaders to about science whenever a new scientific breakthrough/issue is brought up? Why should we even care what the religious nuts think? Why does the media even bother? There is no logical reason for science to constantly tip-toe around religious toes although science is expected to do so by the appeasers and their precious theistard bedfellows.

If we were to have a serious discussion about science on how it relates to ethics and how it would change human life, religious dogma needs to be left at the door where it belongs. Humanity's very future and the importance and urgency of this quest demands it.

tl;dr version: It is time to stop kneeling at the altar of theistarded dumbfuckery.


Feminism FAIL

8/27/2008 | 3:35 PM | Evolved Rationalist

As many of you already know, a lot of people hate me. Among them include atheist appeasers, humanists who think that being human is a crime, so-called freethinkers who watch Faux Noise, Scilons who think I can read someone’s thoughts by looking at their IP address (Yeah, ‘LOLWUT?’ was my reaction too...), creationists who think that I am an evil Nazi Darwinist, and the list goes on.

Despite all that, not all atheists think that I make atheism/humanism/skepticism/etc. look bad and that “I should disappear from atheist activism for the good of all atheists” [direct quote]. Some freethinkers are willing to question societal norms and actually think freely for once. This post is an excellent testament to that. Thank you, Rodrigo.

However, now feminists are attempting to bite my head off as well. If you are wondering why, take a look at the following e-mail by a clueless and ignorant radical feminist:

I was reading your blog and I agree with a lot of it as I am an atheist myself but I wonder why, for a woman, would you prominently use rape terminology and glorify rape?
This was the part where I had no idea what she was talking about. Glorifying rape? Where does rape even get mentioned on this blog apart from me having lulz at idiots threatening to rape me for Jesus?
You are bowing down to the patriarchy by using rape terminology. You are a tool of the patriarchy by thinking that rape is funny.
Here I noticed the tinfoil hat appearing, but I still did not get where I was bowing down to the patriarchy, using rape terminology, and thinking that rape is funny. Perhaps she was high on something, or perhaps she had hit her head against the wall repeatedly before sending me the e-mail?
You think rape is funny, and people like you are the reason that women are still treated like sex objects. Exploiting women is not funny. Comparing religion to rape by talking about how religion is like exploiting vulnerabilities by raping women!
‘Exploiting vulnerabilities’ is about ‘raping women’?


No, people like me are not part of why some people think women are merely sex objects. People like her are why some people still think that women are clueless, ignorant, and too stupid to venture out of the kitchen (or use Google). People like her are among the reasons why the meme ‘there are no girls on the internet’ was born.

So, what shall it be this time, folks? ‘JARGON FILE NAAAAAOOOOOO!!’ or simply send her here? I’m leaning towards the latter.
As you are a rape advocate and are letting womenfolk down, I will not be reading your blog again. Goodbye.
Well, good riddance. I don’t know if I would like someone as ignorant as you shitting all over reading my blog anyway.




I am apparently advocating rape and letting all of womenfolk down.

This is serious business.

Ok, I give in to the lure of the lulz now.


How do all these stupid, ignorant, paranoid, and plain fucking weird people find me?

I think a tagline change is in order – a snarky dig at religion that involves the words ‘penetration’ and ‘violation’. That would do the trick at keeping people who cannot fucking Google something with tinfoil hats and random idiots out of my blog, don’t you think?


Time for a children's story

8/26/2008 | 12:58 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Back in the Stone Age, there lived a group of Thingists. The place where they were living in had lush scenery and mountains that seemingly reached to the skies, while the Thingists lived happily in their caves. One day, the Thingists decided that their caves looked too complicated to have been a product of nature. Their minds couldn’t comprehend how such a thing as a cave could have been formed without a deity. “There must be something higher, something above us. Blessed be the Thing that provided us with such lovely caves to stay in. All hail the Thing, the Maker of the Caves!” one Thingist cried out.

“All hail the Cave Maker!” the other Thingists followed. “Oh, look,” said another Thingist. “These stones are shaped in a pretty interesting way. The Thing that made the caves must have put these stones here for a purpose. This is simply magical. All hail the Thing!” The leader of the Thingists soon began to think “Hey…maybe the Thing put the stones here to help us tell our future. This must be why the stones are here. The destiny of our entire tribe lies in these stones. And the stars! And the trees! Quick, let’s see what the future holds for us!”

The Thingists scrambled to pick up the stones to read their future. One Thingist saw some lines on a huge stone and immediately cried out “People, the lines on these stones are similar to the lines on our palm! Maybe, just maybe, the key to our future was in our palms all along! Oh bless the holy Thing, which gave us the knowledge. Our knowledge is from the holy Thing. All hail the holy Thing!” For the on, the Thingists consulted their palms to read their destiny.

Ten years later, the land was hit by a severe drought. The rivers and lakes started to dry up. All the Thingists assembled in their leaders’ cave to ask his advice.

“Nonsense!” said the leader. Didn’t you see the signs on the stones, the stars and the moon? Didn’t you see your palms? They clearly say that it’ll be a prosperous season soon. Why worry?” The leader continued “Obey the Thing that gave us knowledge. All true knowledge is from the Thing! Why are you doubtful? You don’t need proof to see the holiness of the Thing!” The Thingists returned to their caves.

A few weeks later, the lakes and rivers dried up. There was hardly any water left. During this time, a few people managed to figure out how to dig wells for water. They soon went to their leaders’ cave to tell him the good news.

“Heretics!” yelled the Thingist leader. The drought is a sign of the Thing’s anger because people were faithless and demanded proof! This is what happens when people are doubtful! Do you people dare go against the Thing?”

“Do you want your own people to die? What good will it be to praise an invisible Thing when people will die?” they said. The Thingist leaders’ face was red with anger. He said “So be it. Our lives are put here for a purpose….to serve the Thing! You will all die for going against the knowledge of the Thing! Your knowledge is nothing and useless compared to the Thing’s knowledge.”

The Thingist leader and the High Priests of the Thing tortured them to death. “This is what happens when people go against the Thing! I hope you’ve learnt your lesson!”

Soon, all the water in the land dried up, and the Thingists met their leader with pleas for help. The Thingist leader remembered those he had put to death earlier. He told the people “Yes, there is a way to get out of this, but that knowledge died with them. Now, we’ll die too. I’m sorry.”


This is why we can't have nice things

8/24/2008 | 5:23 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Although some of you are probably already bored of the whole Mary the Scilon saga, it is not every day that such a willing lolcow offers herself to be milked to the very last drop of lulz. The lulzy adventures of Mary can only be found here - so, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

Keeping in line with her epic tradition of blatantly asking for it, Mary has sent me yet another e-mail (omgdox) whining about how I am the one harassing her. She is actually making that claim after the libel, harassment, false reports, and all the other shit that she has done in her effort to ruin my life through the Scilon 'fair game' policy. The irony!

Those of you who want to send her a can of Raid insecticide some love can do so at [email protected]. Be nice.

Now for the e-mail itself:

First of all let me tell you that if you mention this e-mail on your blog you will be arrested!
I give you no permission to publish my e-mail or my e-mail address under any circumstance because I know you will send your Anonymous hacking hordes after me.
The amount of FAIL in that one sentence alone....*shudder*

One-sided rants about not publishing e-mails are not valid in a court of law, Mary. A legally binding agreement involves two parties, and we had never made a prior agreement of any sort regarding your unsolicited e-mails. Furthermore, if you had read my e-mail policy, you would have known that your statement is based on a crock of bullshit.

What is this shit about 'Anonymous hacking hordes', Mary? Not only is Anonymous not a hacker group, Anonymous is also not my personal army. You are still failing at the internet despite us trying so hard to knock some sense into your brainwashed Scilon head.

If you are so worried about me sending my (wow, lulz) 'Anonymous hacking hordes' after you, why are you still e-mailing me and trolling my site? Do you really have shit for brains?

Remember, the Anonymous hacking hordes of hackers on steroids are doing it for the LULZ (which is a corruption of LOL) on their underground hacker sites and secret websites where truly epic lulz comes from raids and invasions, branded on the Anonymous websites with an /i/.

[Click here if you don't get the references.]
I am going to track you down, you criminal!
Good luck, I'm behind seven proxies.
In an ideal world, hackers would be locked up like the criminals they are.
In an ideal world, information would be free and there would never be the need to use the words 'hackers' and 'criminals' in the same sentence.
It is no secret that you support hackers!
No shit, Sherlock.
I'm sure you loved it when the Scientology sites were attacked by Anonymous earlier this year. You would have found it hilarious.
I did find it hilarious. The whole world was laughing at you Scilons who claimed to have superpowers and yet couldn't protect your own sites from a little DDoS, a little DDoS, a little....

I am not one of those moralfags/protestfags folks at Enturbulation, Mary. I have my own opinions on a lot of things, including those that are not considered politically correct. I actually do find the DDoS attacks pretty lulzy.

A side note for the 'humanists' who would BAWWWWWWWWW at right about this point: What the early tactics of Anonymous did is that by bringing down the Scilon sites, it sent a powerful message that the Scilons were not invincible, and that their attempts to curtail free speech by attempting to remove the Tom Cruise video from the internet was an affront to those who actually appreciate the value of freedom of thought and speech. People have been holding rallies against Scientology for decades, but even the newfags (the so-called 'New Anonymous') would have to concede that it was the DDoS attacks and not the IRL protests that initially started the new wave of criticism against the Scilons. The first IRL protest was pretty lulzy and I did think it was a win, but what did the monthly protests after that achieve, exactly? Numbers have been decreasing and the media isn't particularly interested in people doing the same thing month after month. Project Chanology has become a failure, drowning in a pool of 'moralfaggotry', 'namefaggotry' and 'leaderfaggotry'; and as much as I hate to say this and probably cause a flame war, 'New Anonymous' is an epic failure. However, I admit that this is an oversimplification and that this issue merits a post of its own, so look out for that.
I noticed that you had a link to the documents on your site and you outrageously called them Scilon LOL DOX! How could you be such a criminal by doing something like that? If you don't remove those links I will make sure you are arrested and sued!
Mary, Mary, Mary. How could you possibly fail at the internet this badly? The documents are not hosted on my site, and linking to another site is not illegal. Many other sites link to so-called 'secret' Scilon documents as well. What are you going to do, sue thousands of people? Don't forget that you are never going to get those documents off the internet - your fucktarded cult cannot defeat the collective whole of the internet. Information should be free and it will be free. You can go fuck yourself now.

Click here for the 'Scilon LOL DOX', I'm sure Mary appreciates it. While you are at it, do also check out the 'classified lectures' on Xenu. The next time a Scilon says that the Xenu story is not a part of their beliefs, they are either lying, ignorant (SPOILER ALERT: Xenu appears in OTIII), or brainwashed.
Those documents were not given to the public by us Scientologists, but were obtained by the Anonymous hackers.
Those hackers are pretty awesome, aren't they?
You have been looking the other way when hackers come after me, and you have sent people to hack me.
Why don't you attempt to back up your libelous claims with some evidence, you lying Scilon?
Now I need another e-mail account and I had to go through so much trouble to change my Paypal as well to this new e-mail.
Why would you be telling anyone about your Paypal situation? Idiot.
You were the one who hacked Creationist's blog, and everyone knows it!
[Citation needed]

[Evidence needed]

[Libel LOLsuit lawsuit needed]
You know there are hackers on your site and you know there are criminal supporters because you see their IPs don't you, liar?
Wait, what?!

Does Mary actually think that I can look into someone's thoughts by looking at their IP address? Does she think that this is Hollyfuckingwood? What on earth was she thinking, and where does she get those paranoid ideas from anyway?


Disregard that.

It has been established that the Anonymous hacking hordes made up of of hackers on steroids can indeed do the above by simply downloading the garbage file. Serious business, folks.
You mentioned that you like 711chan a lot, and I went there and I noticed that they had a board specially for hackers, and it has the criminal /i/ board. I'm sure you find that board WONDERFUL, and it speaks a lot about the sort of person you are!
You are right. I find that board WONDERFUL indeed.

You said that you are a moderator at a Chan, what board do you moderate?
What if I said that I moderate /i/ for the lulz?

Meh. I'm not telling you which Chan(s) or which board(s) I moderate. It may be one of those evil /i/ boards, it could be the food (/nom/) board since I am a girl who needs to go back to the kitchen at once, it could be the 'We hate Scilons' board, it could be /b/...

I assumed that you would shut up about me when I called the FBI, but no, you still think harrassing me is funny and you still think that me being hacked is funny! You are going to be arrested soon! Good riddance!
Lying for Xenu again, Mary? You were stupid enough to get phished and started whining about hackers just to hide your shame. BAWWWWWWWing about hackers doesn't work around here because I simply don't give a shit.

Hackers are awesome, kids.

Mary, how dare you claim that I am the one harassing you? You truly have no shame. Any fucktard who looks around would clearly see that you were the one who barged into here uninvited, proceeded to make libelous claims about me, started stalking me, and, yes, harassing me. They don't have to take my word for it - they can look it up for themselves and see what a crazy stalking asshole you actually are.

The most lulzy thing about Mary's little rant is that it sounds awfully similar to what Alex Wuori told Kirtaner (420chan founder) sometime last year. Impending fail is impending, Mary. Just saying...

Disclaimer: I do not condone/support/encourage any illegal activity. Take the above post with a grain of salt (and lulz). Especially the lulz.


I got the FBI called on me...

8/19/2008 | 10:49 AM | Evolved Rationalist

...because Mary the Scilon had a little BAWWWW. Again.

For those who need an introduction, Mary is a Scientologist who fell for the Faux Noise story about how Anonymous is a gang of 'hackers on steroids' and 'domestic terrorists', failed to comprehend the issue although I wrote a whole blog post to debunk this silly misconception, continued trolling this site while BAWWWW-ing about Anonymous, somehow got her e-mail phished, made libellous claims that I am somehow responsible for the e-mail fiasco, threatened to call the FBI if I didn't apologize to the Co$, called the FBI, and finally BAWWWWWW-ed again about how the FBI had better things to do than to listen to her crap. She has been whining about how 'hackers' are out to get her and how I am a 'criminal' for supporting Anonymous ever since.

Yesterday, she called the FBI about me again due to nothing more than internet drama. Mary occasionally sends me tl;dr e-mails about how 'hackers' are bad, how Anonymous is a criminal organization, how Scientology is being persecuted....yada yada. As with all stupid e-mails I get, I often do not have the time to respond to every one of them with a tl;dr response of my own; and I either click 'delete' or respond with links to other sites.

What happened with Mary's tl;dr e-mail this time was that after proving that she fails miserably at the internet and still does not get (refuses to comprehend?) the difference between 'hacker' and 'cracker' (although we have all been trying to educate her on this site for months), I sent her a link to the Jargon File instead of wasting my time on that retarded idiot.

Then, all hell broke loose.

Proving that the internet is indeed serious business, Mary went BAWWWW-ing to the FBI, thinking that the FBI is her personal army. Lulz (didn't) follow in Mary's latest attempt to get me V& for Xenu-knows-what.

Way to go, Mary. Way to make slanderous, libelous, patently untrue claims about how I am a 'criminal', and then have the fucking temerity to call the FBI on me for absolutely nothing. Way to fail at the internet. Way to prove that you are a lying Scilon and that your fair game policy is more fucktarded than anyone could ever imagine. Way to make sure that I am never going to let your stupidity rest until I have milked the last drop of lulz out of the Mary-lolcow.

Way to prove that for all your rants about 'hackers', you truly deserve to be 'hacked' right off the face of the internet.


I'm off to 711chan.


ID, Hitler, Communism, and LULZ!

8/17/2008 | 11:58 PM | Evolved Rationalist

This post is a response to an annoying ID creationist who e-mails me with shitty arguments such as:

  • OMG the Communists were influenced by Darwin! Oh, an hero and Hitler too!
  • EVILution is the root of all that is bad in society!
  • ID is not creationism, LOL!
He also mentioned something along these lines:
  • You cannot talk about me on your blog, so delete fucking everything!
All I have to say to him is this: You continued to e-mail me even after being repeatedly told to read this. Therefore, take your BAWWWWW-ing somewhere else.

Where have we heard his claims before, folks? IDists sitting happily with young-earth Biblical Creationists agreeing that Darwin should be blamed for Hitler....

[sarcasm] Oh, no…ID has nothing whatsoever to do with creationism! It’s only those evil Nazi Darwinists making it up! [/sarcasm]

As with everything else in ID, all this ‘Darwin caused Hitler and communism and everything bad, BAWWWWW’ nonsense was standard YEC boilerplate thirty years ago, and is just being recycled by the IDers (is anyone actually surprised anymore?).

“The philosophies of Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche—the forerunners of Stalin and Hitler—have been particularly baleful in their effect: both were dedicated evolutionists.” (Morris, Troubled Waters of Evolution, 1974 p. 33)

Recently, the IDiots haven’t been doing much to hide their ties to creationism. Have Dembski et al decided that since ID is all but dead, it really wouldn’t matter anymore as long as their fat paychecks and free airplane tickets arrive in continuous streams from their theistarded church base?

Now, let’s take a look at the hackneyed creationist claim that evolution is the root cause of all moral and social ills of society. Some creationists even claim that basically everything that they deem wrong in society (i.e. communism) is caused by evolution. Leaving aside the fact that the Communist Manifesto was published before the Origin of Species, what has a biological theory of origins got to do with a political ideology? If biological theories indeed do have a link to seemingly negative political concepts, why aren’t any other theories apart from evolution singled out for blame by creationists? Doesn’t it seem funny that the only link they make is a link to a scientific theory they disagree with because of their fundamentalist interpretation of religion? Another area that disagrees with a literal interpretation of the Bible is plate tectonics. Why aren’t the creationists getting all hot and heated about the moral perversion caused by plate tectonics?

Come on now, creationists, don’t disappoint me! After decades of this same rehashed argument, surely you people would have found something undoubtedly evil about the theory of gravity as well. After all, isn’t it a huge insult to you that it is not some supernatural deity keeping us on the ground? What about those darned evil meteorologists who insist that thunder is NOT caused by God when the Bible explicitly states that it is? Where are all your missals and TV shows exposing all these evil ‘atheistic Darwinist perversions’? If you want to attack evolution by making it a scapegoat for all the evils around us, even some that are undoubtedly caused by religion, have the courage take it till the end.

Even if even if evolution led to Nazism/Communism/[insert crap here] or that Hitler admired Darwin, the scientific validity of the theory of evolution has nothing to do with the consequences of accepting the theory. I have addressed this claim in my review of EXPELLED (read it as I am not going to go over it again here to avoid the tl;dr problem).

Surprisingly, DaveScot seems to agree with us evil Nazi Darwinists on the stupidity of using the Hitler/Darwin argument. Lulz were to be had.

Folks, I am honestly pretty tired of this idiotic argument, and of this particular creationist. However, I wonder if he likes mudkips...

Why do creationists have to be so fucking boring?


Atheists: Toe the line, or else!

8/14/2008 | 5:20 PM | Evolved Rationalist

After this hyped-up piece of media sensationalism appeared on the site, I started getting frantic calls and e-mails from so-called skeptics who, being gullible enough to swallow every word of that article hook, line. and sinker, decided that I am now 'evil' for having anything to do with /b/. One even went so far as to say "Don't call yourself a humanist as long as you post on /b/ and enjoy lulz.", another said "You are making atheism look bad!", while another accused me of aiding 'criminals'.

I am serious, folks. Some of our fellow 'skeptics' have decided that I am basically scum (in their own words) for, posting on an imageboard. Let that sink in: They are actually claiming, with straight faces, that I am dragging the name of atheism through the mud by admitting that I am a /b/tard.

If you think that this whole scenario is absurd enough, another incident that happened recently takes the delicious cake. Members of a new group freethought site that I was involved with decided, without notifying me or even discussing the issue with me, to simply remove me from the project, for - you've guessed it - posting on /b/ and openly supporting Anonymous. (I support Anonymous, not the people jumping on the streets spouting internet memes and looking like complete idiots to passers-by.)

Not a word, folks. Not a single e-mail, explanation or prior discussion with me before being unceremoniously booted off the site. One moment I was posting on the site, the next moment I find my account BAAAAALLLLEEETED and my posts gone. Before you claim that I am merely butthurt over the whole incident, let me clarify. I am not angry over the fact that they removed me from the project - hell, if it was a majority decision I would totally abide by it. In my opinion, the fact that people who claim to be freethinkers and skeptics would not investigate an issue or seek clarification from the person involved makes our cause look worse than a random atheist blogger admitting that she posts on a fucking imageboard, for Xenu's sake!

For the people who claimed that I can't be a humanist while enjoying the lulz, I call bullshit. Lulz is merely laughter at someone else's expense. So, oh-so-holy humanists, what do you think laughter at a clueless creationist actually is? Are you aware of the fact that when you laugh at Dembski's latest blunder or two, you are truly enjoying the lulz? Did you know that as a little child, you had lulz watching someone else trip over/make a fool out of himself/etc?

That laughter you have when you watch idiots make fools out of themselves on reality television is also lulz. Laughter at someone else's expense - plain, simple and a part of the human experience.

Therefore, don't be too quick to judge and claim that someone is less of a humanist simply for being human. The irony!

As for the 'making atheists look bad' claim, are you shitting me? If atheism is now a godless church where everyone must now adhere to an imaginary standard of what makes us atheists look 'good' or 'bad', I must have missed the memo. Atheism is simply the lack of belief in a god/gods. Nothing more, nothing less. The claim that an atheist blogger posting on a imageboard makes atheism look bad is an absurd claim that lacks any justification. Who made you the judge of what looks good and what looks bad for atheism, anyway?

On top of that, when did being an atheist mean that every act done by a person is somehow linked to or reflects upon atheism? When did being a /b/tard have anything to do with atheism/humanism/skepticism? When did supporting Anonymous have anything to do with my atheist stand? I am an atheist, but my life is not defined by my lack of faith any more than the color of my hair defines my life.

When something defines your whole life and everything you do is somehow hysterically linked to that particular thing; and on top of that you start making absurd claims that someone else's personal activities simply do not 'toe the line'....doesn't that remind you of, not skepticism, but religion?

Seriously, get a grip.Look at yourself in the mirror before making wild-eyed, holier-than-thou pronouncements on someone else's personal life. If I wanted that shit, I would have chosen fundamentalist religion.

(As of today, I continue to post at Chan imageboards, be a moderator at a certain Chan, and contribute to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Shock! Horror! BAWWWWW!)


For Secretards

8/13/2008 | 4:00 PM | Evolved Rationalist

I know many of you are going to say "Old news is old!". However, I was just in an IM conversation with an atheist who buys into the claims made in the retarded pile of poop The Secret. (Yes, being an atheist does not automatically make one a skeptic). Therefore, I am posting this short review of this pile of trash to show that the main idea behind this woo is utter garbage.

Frankly, I've had it with Rhonda Byrne's clever money-making marketing tactics. The fact that millions of people have bought into her scam of the century tells us that skepticism has a long, long way to go before people actually start using their brains to distinguish woo from reality.

Before any fans of The Scam start screaming and yelling about how ignorant I am about the whole matter, let it be known that I have suffered through read the book.

The central tenet of The Scam: The Law of Attraction

A skeptic would immediately point out the fallacy of using the word 'Law' for this woo. A law (ie. my usual example, The Law of Gravitation) is something that has been shown to work every time. If I were to drop something, it would never hang stationary in mid-air.

Having positive thoughts won't cause some dent in the structure of reality and make good things happen to you. The same goes for negative thoughts. For example, someone may wish and wish for a million dollars to materialize out of nowhere, but it is simply not going to happen. The so-called Law of Attraction simply does not work the way it is claimed to work. If it is doubtful that it works at all, how could it be termed a Law - something that holds true every time?

I am not denying that a positive outlook is a good one to have in life, but it does not in any way mean that 'thoughts become things'. What the fuck is that? Again, you may wish for something to happen, but no amount of positive thinking will ensure that your wish will come true every single time. Calling it a law in the first place is simply a lie.

I'll sum it up (tl;dr version): Don't waste your money and your thoughts on this woo. Your self-worth is more than The Scam.



| 5:40 AM | Evolved Rationalist

My weekend >> Your weekend

Self explanatory.


Somebody needs remedial science lessons...

8/12/2008 | 11:36 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Alarmism + Ignorance = Epic FAIL


Fundie Claim #15: Gospel Accuracy

8/11/2008 | 12:54 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Copypasta from a fundie e-mail:

Why should anyone trust in Christianity over Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, or anything else? It is because there are absolute truths? The Bible talks about real places. Only in Christianity do we have the extremely accurate transmission of the eyewitness documents (gospels) so we can trust what was originally written. Only in Christianity do we have the person of Christ who claimed to be God, performed many miracles to prove His claim of divinity, who died and rose from the dead, and who said that He alone was the way the truth and the life (John 14:6). All this adds to the legitimacy and credibility of Christianity above all other religions -- all based on the person of Jesus. If follows that if it is all true about what Jesus said and did, then all other religions are false because Jesus said that He alone was the way, the truth, and the life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6).
The events of Jesus' life in accordance with the supposed miracles and prophecies of the OT were clearly and obviously written after the fact by people who were not even there, and in accounts which do not even correspond with each other.

Who was found at Jesus' tomb? Each account conflicts. Then, consider that there are no contemporary accounts of the extraordinary miracles of Jesus. The known writers of the time didn't seem to think he is significant enough to even mention.

Seem strange? Someone wanders around healing people and raising them from the dead and no contemporaneous writer finds it compelling? Imagine the sky miraculously turning dark at the crucifixion and no writer considered this to be an event worth documenting. Nobody gave a shit at the time, and neither should you, theistarded sheep!

Christianity features lots of real places, you say? Have you ever heard of Greek mythology, which features places like Troy and Mycenae? The Iliad also includes details like bronze armor and boar's-tusk helmets that were found by archaeologists. Does this mean that Greek mythology is true? If not, why should having real places mentioned in the Holy Buy-Bull be the basis of claiming the validity of the Christian myth?

If this doesn't get your bullshit detector buzzing (at least), you are in denial of the obvious. You purposely avoid considering that your faith is false and will believe anything to protect it. If you have a shred of personal honesty and intellectual integrity, you will be forced to stop believing in this utter crap.

Theistard, why do you accept the Jesus cult's doctrine and not that of some other religion with followers who have arguments that are just as mind-numbingly dumb as your own? Why do you think their arguments to be ridiculous and not your own?

A tragic case of the 'NO YOU!' syndrome? Pot calling the kettle black? What the fuck is your problem, theistard? Are you really this deluded or are you simply spewing shit out of your ass without thinking?

I think I need a new irony meter after reading his pathetic attempt at an 'argument'.


Is irreducible complexity a problem for evolution?

8/09/2008 | 11:00 AM | Evolved Rationalist

A question for evolutionists: If we DID discover some biological feature that was irreducibly complex, to your satisfaction and to the satisfaction of all reasonable observers, would that justify the design inference?

An irreducibly complex system is generally defined as a system that loses its function if any one part is removed. If such a system is found, all it would show is that it did not evolve by the addition of single parts with no change in function. However, since this is not the only evolutionary mechanism around, the IDiots who use this argument simply show themselves as ignoramuses when it comes down to how evolution actually works. An irreducibly complex system would not pose a problem for evolution nor justify the design inference.

A reducibility complex system is both a property of the system and of the observer. Not only does the system have to be reduced to its known elements, the observer must also be capable of reducing it. Therefore, when we find an 'irreducibility complex' system, we must ask if we can improve our knowledge of that system. What the IDiots do is to close their eyes and stupidly yell 'God The Designer did it!'.

On the other hand, finding traces of a transcendental Designer would be a discovery worthy of a Nobel Prize. The next step after finding the designer is elucidating its nature and its relationship to our universe. Is the designer an alien from outer space? Is the designer William Dembski? No one has 'proof' on the nonexistence of a partial or total designer, or course, but we have evidence of a self-evolving universe.

The Incredible Dumbasses are after a Stone Age regression to the 'god-of-the-gaps' anti-scientific tactic as their design inference explains nothing at all. What could these irreducibly complex features tell us about the designer or the mechanisms of design? What exactly does the design inference explain apart from 'We don't know yet, so GODDIDIT.'? How does the design inference improve our understanding of how the universe works? Even if evolution is shown to be false, the ID approach is only one out of a vast number of possible answers to the question of origins, and there is no reason to assume that IDiocy is the correct explanation by default.


For the IDiots: Your fail argument is fail. You are doing it wrong.


Among other cute things (a.k.a. asking for it)

8/08/2008 | 6:54 PM | Evolved Rationalist


Weekend plans and some link love

| 4:58 AM | Evolved Rationalist

I will be in some mystery city in Nevada over the weekend, attending some mystery convention...where one of my readers has already made it his personal mission to throw me into the pool at some point. However, I have scheduled posts to appear throughout the weekend to keep the trolls busy ensure that this blog doesn't die. The horror!

However, don't take it personally if I don't respond to your comment/e-mail right away. Also, don't be offended if I don't respond to e-mails about how you are going to call the partyvan on me if I don't reply within a certain amount of time. Go away, Scilons.

Now for some linky linky.

Melbourne University has offered "the first Australian doctorate of philosophy in ufology, the study of unidentified flying objects" to a kook Martin Plowman.

Often people have mistaken comets, aircraft or birds for UFOs, he said, but "when I meet someone who says they've seen something strange, that's fair enough because maybe they have. I don't know what it is, though".

Someone he met in Melbourne claimed to have been kidnapped by Martians. "They seem like something has happened to them," Mr Plowman said. "The first time you meet an abductee as they are called, it can be quite confronting because they are trying to come to terms with it … it is something that can stay with people a long time."


You can't make this shit up, folks!

For something more ridiculous, let me tell you the story of Reed Braden (yes, the creator of the ER Spore creature). He has a hobby of sending links to gruesome photos for the lulz, assuming that I would throw up or go into hissy fits. However, years on /b/ have taught me how to make sure that he ends up on the vomiting end.

Nothing beats yesterday's incident:

To be honest, I was not setting out for lulz right there. I was merely being sarcastic as I assumed that he knew about already. However, EPIC LULZ.

Reed has a great blog post up at Homosecular Gaytheist on animal 'rights' which hits the nail right on the head. Go over there and show him some love after his epic pwnage.

I would rather have a captive bunny get a skin rash from a baby shampoo test than thousands of babies get skin rashes after shampoo that was not tested on animals is released. This is why we have animal testing...That said, I do not advocate needless suffering of animals....Animal Rights Dipshits do advocate the suffering of animals, in fact, they cause it. These people promote, encourage, facilitate, fund, and cause violence against one of the most prominent and sophisticated animals on the planet!

Read it.

PS. If you want to meet up with me at Mystery Convention, drop me an e-mail. Eh, you probably know my cellphone number by now, don't you? Tsk tsk.


Theistards, how do you clowns explain this away?

8/07/2008 | 12:11 PM | Evolved Rationalist

We often hear from theistards about how their sky-daddy is an all-knowing and all-powerful being. This leads me to one question: How can theistards believe that their god created the universe and keeps watch on every single person every fucking day when even chariots of iron were too much for him to handle?

Judges 1:19 (KJV) And the LORD was with Judah; and he drove out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron.

Christians, feel free to defend your faith in the comments.


Quote of the day year

8/06/2008 | 10:03 PM | Evolved Rationalist

A nice little copypasta from an ongoing IM session:

[email protected] (9:58:32 PM): associating with hackers, and an atheist, and who knows what else! Why couldn't you be a normal girl, knocked up at 18 and engaged to marry your high school boyfriend!

Ah, lulz at my own expense. Brilliant! Quote of the year!

More from the same conversation:

evoatheist (9:55:36 PM): they were like "omg, so you support kevin mitnick?"
[email protected] (9:55:39 PM): my parents would freak out, but not say anything to me about it
evoatheist (9:55:43 PM): and i had to laugh. i had to.
[email protected] (9:55:48 PM): :P
evoatheist (9:55:59 PM): i laughed because they sounded like the scilons they so hate
[email protected] (9:56:02 PM): they wouldn't know what they were talking about
evoatheist (9:56:05 PM): hehehe
evoatheist (9:56:17 PM): "yeah, as a matter of fact, i do. information should be free."---me
evoatheist (9:56:24 PM): "WHAT???"--them
evoatheist (9:56:35 PM): "heh heh heh"---me, enjoying the shitshow
[email protected] (9:56:43 PM): ah, oldtards
evoatheist (9:56:47 PM): yup

That settles it. I need to get out more.


Flying, farting, hysterical angels

8/04/2008 | 8:23 PM | Evolved Rationalist

I really don't know how these kooks find me, but they always do. From yet another fucktarded e-mail:

those fluttreing's within me deep within they come from angels
This lunatic is actually claiming that he feels some 'fluttering' inside him that comes from 'angels'.

My advice to him: Hey moron, I think you need to make a trip to the toilet as I believe that the fluttering inside you comes from excessive gas. You are full of hot air.
we are in the age of lighting .... so...angels communicate
He thinks that the improvements in lighting technology pleases the 'angels', who communicate more fervently with humans, especially the lunatics. Or perhaps this was a spelling error, in which he actually means 'lightning'. Hmm....this sentence doesn't make sense either.

I noted previously that the kooks who e-mail me show a complete disregard for simple grammatical and spelling rules. I'm not a grammar Nazi, but these e-mails are seriously pushing it.

My advice to him: Angels find it easier to communicate nowadays because lights are getting better? Angels seemed to have had a much easier time communicating with humans in the stories found in Bible. Did they have far more advanced lighting then?
these angels tap out therapy to us. benefits us highly when science finds angels to medicate. therapy of angels can be used.
This was the part where I couldn't take it any longer. Angels tapping out 'therapy'? Angel healing? Science finding angels to 'medicate'? These fictional angels are conveniently placed in the equally fictional 'supernatural' realm, where everything goes, even those that violate natural laws. The thing those kooks don't understand is that once they claim that their supernatural entities meddles in human affairs, it becomes a question answerable in the domain of science. The fact that there is no evidence whatsoever of these pesky interferences in human affairs is indeed telling.

My advice to him: What the fuck do you mean by medicinal tapping? I hope your angels give you a few hard whacks on your head so that you would be able to actually think for once. Mere tapping is not enough. Remember to tell this to your angels the next time they decide to notice the good lighting and pay you a visit.
the angels farttwering flutter in my head too, do you sense the futters? open your head.

What is farttwering? Farting while fluttering? Those angels must seriously stink, and I don't think I would like a visit from flying fluttering stink bombs. Open my head? No thanks. I appreciate having my brain in working condition.

My advice to him: Get yourself checked into the nearest psychiatric facility at once.
open your head openly
What the fuck? Is this to ensure that my brains will fall out so that I could become as stupid as you are?
because the futtering angels
Angels farting, futtering, fartwering, fluttering, tapping, stinking.....

tapped to me that science will angelize medicine!!! therapy of angels!!!!! it work for me.
When I first read this, I saw 'fapped' instead of 'tapped' for a second there. I blame /b/, of course.

This kook has quite a flair for inventing hilarious terms. Angelize? Therapy of angels? How is that supposed to work? By tapping? Or farting? Or a combination of farting, futtering, fartwering, fluttering, tapping, stinking and angelizing? This is what this kook claims will replace modern medicine?


My advice to him: I seriously hope that you are joking because if you are not, your brain is in deep shit.

For your own sake, get some psychiatric help. NOW.


Reading creationist books for the lulz

8/03/2008 | 9:46 AM | Evolved Rationalist

How to be a 'famous' creationist author:

  1. Neglect the use of your brain.
  2. Write a book while taking care to make it as stupid and unscientific as possible.
  3. Promote your book to your gullible and theistarded church base.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!
Creationists often whine about how I am being evil to their beloved creationist idols (Morris, Dembski, Behe et al) and suggest that I kill my brain cells and read creationist books. What most cretinshits don't understand is that I actually do read creationist books for the lulz.

Let's take a look at some 'scientific' claims in this book that was recommended by a young-earth creationist to 'bring me back to God'.

Regarding Noah's flood:
Mammals and birds would be found in general at higher elevations than reptiles and amphibians, both because of their habitat and because of their greater mobility.
If this is really the case, why do we also see progression in the marine fossils? Were all the marine creatures trying to get as close as possible to the surface? Is Morris claiming that not a single mammal died in the lowlands as the earth was being flooded? Is he also claiming that each member of the same species somehow managed to align themselves to flee to a certain specified height, no higher and no lower?

I guess that would explain why we find velociraptor fossils below that of giant ground sloths, and it definitely explains the Burgess shale or Mount Everest's marine fossils. *snicker*

Creationists just make shit up to suit their needs with no evidentiary support to back said shit up. Remember the 'canopy theory', anyone?

That is what faith is all about - believing in that for which there is no evidence. It is a crying shame that this kind of delusion is considered a virtue, and it also demonstrates just how gullible the general population really is.

Morris' dumbfuckery doesn't end there:
Most fossilized organisms can be found living today, if one ignores differences caused by environmental fluctuations.
Wait...does this explain the velociraptor I just saw peeking through my window a while ago?