'New Anonymous' is an epic failure

10/06/2008 | 9:11 PM | Evolved Rationalist

This page on the AnonHouston Wiki is one of the reasons why we can't have nice things. The amount of BAWWWW and anti-lulz on that page is among the worst things I have seen from the so-called 'new Anonymous' camp:

One obstacle we will definitely face in the future is that of our public perception. The old Anonymous of the chans and insurgency boards, known as "hackers on steroids" and an "internet hate machine" largely dominates public perception of us.

What. The. Flying. Fuck.

The 'old Anonymous' dominates the public perception of Anonymous?! After all the BAWWWWing, media whoring, and making complete fools out of themselves on the streets wearing masks and yelling obscure internet memes; those idiots are now claiming that they are not getting enough attention and that they have not hijacked the concept of Anonymous enough. Greedy fuckwits.

When the average person is asked about what 'Anonymous' is, the first thing that would come to mind is, sadly, those people wearing masks and looking like idiots. The fact that the 'new Anonymous' fools are whining about the public perception of Anonymous is breathtaking and idiotic in the highest degree.

Oh, and what is this shit about how the Chans are hurting the public perception of their zealous quest to dismantle the CoS? Have they conveniently forgotten the not-too-PR-friendly history of their own origins? Now that they have supposedly distanced themselves from the Chans in order to bamboozle the public and present a politically correct image to their beloved media, they are now trying hard to hide what Anonymous was, way back before it was hijacked by the mask-wearing nincompoops.

Let me tell you something, 'new Anonymous': If you think that the Chans are hurting your public image, why the fuck are you standing on the streets yelling memes that originated on the very Chan boards that you so denounce? Why are you using Chan terminology while BAWWWWing about how the Chans make you and your pathetic quest look bad? Why did you adopt the name of Anonymous and twist Anonymous culture and then have the temerity to whine about your association with the Chans?

New Anons, remember how you call your IRL anti-Scientology protests 'raids'? Don't you want the public to know the origin of the term 'raid', or does that bring to mind those pesky insurgency boards and the 'hackers on steroids' that you want to disassociate yourselves from? Don't you want the public to know exactly where the meme 'delicious cake' came from? Don't you want the public to know that your beloved #xenu IRC channel is on the same server as #insurgency and #raid (ZOMG hackers! OH NOES!), to name a few? Don't you want the public to know about 711chan (lol, my favorite Chan), where the early planning for Project Chanology took place? Don't you want the public to see some of the more - interesting - boards on 711chan? Don't you, fucktards? Don't you?

I could go on, but I think this short list is enough to make 'new Anons' BAWWWW.

I know of a certain lying, dangerous cult that tries to present a 'good image' to the media while pushing the aspects of their organization that they don't want the public to see into the background. That cult is called Scientology.

Think about this hard fact long and hard, 'new Anons'.

If the above made you rage, check this out:
Many articles depict Anonymous as a group of faceless hackers, while others in the media have researched Anonymous and believe it is made up of the racist, immature, meme-reciting and ADD-affected kids who post on a group of forums known as 'the chans.'
This is what happens when you take the internet too seriously, 'new Anons'. You idiots FAIL so badly, that instead of becoming lulz you have become the anti-lulz. You are the cancer that is killing not only /b/, but the very concept of 'Anonymous' itself.
An attractive goal has made itself apparent in recent months. A goal which all of Anonymous, of varied types and mindsets, has felt compelled to contribute to. The goal of shutting down the cult of misinformation and greed, The Church of Scientology, has proven to be a goal that has united and expanded Anonymous.
All of 'Anonymous' are 'united' to fight Scientology? WTF? All of Anonymous?

Fuck you, 'new Anonymous'. In more ways than one, you have become as bad as the dangerous cult of Scientology.

For now, I'm off to those despicable, slimy, and scummy Chans; the place where "hackers on steroids" and the "internet hate machine" supposedly resides.

Also, lulz.

Disclaimer: For people who have not figured out by now that nobody can rightfully claim to be speaking for 'all of Anonymous', this post is based on my personal opinion and mine only. tl;dr: I did it for the lulz.

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