"Be a script kiddie"

1/30/2009 | 11:07 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Okay, I know some of you are getting ready to kill me for posting copypasta again, but some things just have to be seen to be believed. If you think that you have seen the stupidest of the stupid and the lamest of the lame on the internet, think again. After reading this, prepare to either facepalm, RRRAAAGGGEEEE, or enroll in a certain university in Sweden.

No, seriously. Read it.

The adventures of "Incredibly Lame University"

qwerty017 (9:34:16 PM): http://www.it.uu.se/edu/course/homepage/sakdat/ht07/labs/lab2 Look at the title of the lab
qwerty017 (9:34:21 PM): this is a real school
evoatheist (9:34:45 PM): oh my xenu
evoatheist (9:34:48 PM): poe, please....
qwerty017 (9:34:55 PM): nope
qwerty017 (9:34:59 PM): completely real
evoatheist (9:35:12 PM): if he's using metasploit to lolexploit wordpress...
evoatheist (9:35:17 PM): skiddie then
qwerty017 (9:35:22 PM): yep
evoatheist (9:35:22 PM): but seriously, this is bad
evoatheist (9:35:26 PM): MAKE ME UNSEE IT
qwerty017 (9:36:02 PM): you know what would be funny though? if his server was vulnerable to metasploit
qwerty017 (9:36:11 PM): after teaching his students how to use it
evoatheist (9:36:22 PM): don't give anyone ideas, now
evoatheist (9:36:29 PM): that would be illegal :-)
qwerty017 (9:37:04 PM): I was just thinking that if a little birdy tipped of 711 and someone there got the idea
qwerty017 (9:37:13 PM): :D
evoatheist (9:37:41 PM): ssshhhh....
evoatheist (9:37:45 PM): "In addition to answering the questions above, to pass the lab you also need to leave a greeting on the cracked computer in a file with your name."
evoatheist (9:37:54 PM): how the fuck did you find that page?
qwerty017 (9:38:15 PM): http://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&safe=off&q=use+metasploit+to+scan+your+own+computer&btnG=Search
qwerty017 (9:38:17 PM): first link
evoatheist (9:38:25 PM): *sob*
qwerty017 (9:38:29 PM): trying to keep ahead of you though I dont really know why
qwerty017 (9:38:37 PM): im installing xubuntu this weekend
evoatheist (9:38:39 PM): you just failed
qwerty017 (9:38:44 PM): hahahahahahahahahaha
qwerty017 (9:38:46 PM): I know
evoatheist (9:38:46 PM): might as well google 'how do i hack?'
evoatheist (9:38:59 PM): ok, i'll stop being mean
qwerty017 (9:39:04 PM): Nope. Not that much fail
evoatheist (9:39:07 PM): i just sent the link to that page to my friends
evoatheist (9:39:24 PM): im so gonna link this on my blog
qwerty017 (9:39:25 PM): That much fail would kill me and cause me take out everyone I know
qwerty017 (9:39:30 PM): You should
qwerty017 (9:39:41 PM): That will be funny
evoatheist (9:40:15 PM): that page is fucking retarded
evoatheist (9:40:22 PM): "be a script kiddie" hahahahahaha
qwerty017 (9:40:43 PM): Its like trying to patch a calandar. Impossible. I am so going to hook up linux this weekend now that they have the driver out
evoatheist (9:40:56 PM): you scared of metasploit?
evoatheist (9:41:07 PM): i swear, im not going to "be a script kiddie"
evoatheist (9:41:09 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
qwerty017 (9:41:15 PM): If a script kiddie can get in then that sux
evoatheist (9:41:23 PM): yeah
evoatheist (9:41:36 PM): also, i fucking RAGED when metasploit switched from perl to ruby
qwerty017 (9:41:46 PM): Thats like knowing your door lock can be picked by a toddler
qwerty017 (9:41:57 PM): And keeping it anyways
evoatheist (9:42:09 PM): yeah....and those toddlers are in real schools learning how to "be a script kiddie"
evoatheist (9:42:14 PM): i find this too funny
qwerty017 (9:42:29 PM): so do i
evoatheist (9:42:52 PM): even security faggots are not that lame
evoatheist (9:44:42 PM): that page is full of fail and aids
evoatheist (9:44:54 PM): im still trying to understand what exactly it is that the students are learning
evoatheist (9:45:01 PM): oh wait..."be a script kiddie"
evoatheist (9:46:47 PM): now im gonna have nightmares about that real school
evoatheist (9:46:53 PM): if only i went to a school like that
evoatheist (9:47:01 PM): things would be so much easier
qwerty017 (9:47:16 PM): Post it and forget about it. Then see how long it takes for the server to be pwnd
evoatheist (9:47:29 PM): what did you say? evil evil evil
evoatheist (9:47:33 PM): no hacking plz :-)
qwerty017 (9:47:48 PM): Not from you, but you know someone else will try
evoatheist (9:47:54 PM): *innocent look*
evoatheist (9:48:00 PM): i don't know anything of that sort...
evoatheist (9:48:04 PM): should i drop a link on irc?
qwerty017 (9:48:38 PM): If you are, then wait till I drop in. I want to see the reactions and you owe me at least that for finding it for you
evoatheist (9:48:45 PM): uh, no...
evoatheist (9:48:52 PM): not telling you my irc nick...nyah nyah
qwerty017 (9:48:58 PM): darn it
qwerty017 (9:49:07 PM): drop it and tell me what happens
evoatheist (9:49:15 PM): youre so leet, find it out yourself
qwerty017 (9:49:29 PM): ok
evoatheist (9:49:38 PM): uh oh
evoatheist (9:49:45 PM): make sure you "be a script kiddie"
qwerty017 (9:49:51 PM): lol
evoatheist (9:50:00 PM): "be a script kiddie" is going to be a meme on my blog, just you wait
evoatheist (9:50:53 PM): "Our goal is not to make you criminals, just to make you aware of the problems." HAHAHAHA
qwerty017 (9:50:57 PM): We'll see. HAX the security faggot is up there for a short time to be pulled down by that
evoatheist (9:51:03 PM): "haxors are criminals!11!11one!1!1!!!!"
evoatheist (9:51:11 PM): no, im not putting that as a slogan
evoatheist (9:51:17 PM): because im not a script kiddie
evoatheist (9:51:21 PM): im not even at that level yet, lulz
evoatheist (9:51:29 PM): :-)
qwerty017 (9:51:44 PM): cool (emo)
evoatheist (9:51:46 PM): IT IS A SHARK!! IT IS WIRESHARKKKKKKK!
evoatheist (9:51:59 PM): ok i'll stop being lame now
evoatheist (9:54:34 PM): i think he called the lab that so that he would seem uberleet by comparison
evoatheist (9:54:43 PM): so it would be funny if his own server was oh exploitable
qwerty017 (9:55:16 PM): exactly my point
evoatheist (9:55:42 PM): *evil grin*
evoatheist (9:55:48 PM): your point?! YOU CRIMINAL!
qwerty017 (9:55:56 PM): Check out lab 1
qwerty017 (9:56:05 PM): now thats just lame
qwerty017 (9:56:22 PM): Not in the same ways as you, but yes
qwerty017 (9:56:29 PM): I am
evoatheist (9:56:44 PM): excuse me? at least i can metasploit properly <---yeah right
evoatheist (9:57:01 PM): OH MY XENU!!
evoatheist (9:57:05 PM): "This aim of this lab is to enable you to use secure email (signed and/or encrypted)."
evoatheist (9:57:08 PM): WHAT THE FUCK?
evoatheist (9:57:19 PM): you mean...people need to go to a fucking university to learn that shit?
evoatheist (9:57:23 PM): im so going to that school now
evoatheist (9:57:25 PM): totally
qwerty017 (9:57:32 PM): The school is based in sweden.
evoatheist (9:57:42 PM): i noticed it before you
evoatheist (9:57:48 PM): flagfox addon, bitches
qwerty017 (9:57:52 PM): sure you did
evoatheist (9:58:04 PM): no, my addon did
evoatheist (9:58:10 PM): "be a script kiddie", remember?
qwerty017 (9:58:16 PM): oh yeah
qwerty017 (9:58:19 PM): makes sense now
evoatheist (9:58:32 PM): oh lawd...
evoatheist (9:58:45 PM): they are teaching university kids, as part of their college classes....how to use a pgp key
qwerty017 (9:58:47 PM): The teachers office phone is listed
evoatheist (9:58:53 PM): dude, this is unfair
qwerty017 (9:58:58 PM): Yeah
evoatheist (9:58:58 PM): some people have it easy
qwerty017 (9:59:31 PM): Computer Security[External link], 2nd edition, by Dieter Gollman, ISBN 0-470-86293-9, John Wiley 2006.
qwerty017 (9:59:34 PM): notice the date
qwerty017 (9:59:41 PM): cause nothings changed in 3 years
evoatheist (9:59:49 PM): "If you accept the smallprint terms, click "Next"
evoatheist (9:59:51 PM): WHAT THE FUCK?
evoatheist (10:00:11 PM): nobody told me that in college!
qwerty017 (10:00:26 PM): whoops. I take that back. The class was offered in 07
evoatheist (10:00:34 PM): but still
evoatheist (10:00:39 PM): "Send an email properly signed with your key, containing the following information"
evoatheist (10:00:53 PM): FUCKING RRRAAAGGGGEEEEEE
qwerty017 (10:01:00 PM): I so want to go to that school
evoatheist (10:01:04 PM): me too!
evoatheist (10:01:09 PM): let's gogogogogogo together
qwerty017 (10:01:18 PM): Then I cold feel at home on 4chan instead of where I hang out now on 711chan
evoatheist (10:01:28 PM): yeah
evoatheist (10:01:32 PM): "be a script kiddie"
evoatheist (10:01:46 PM): if the school wasn't in sweden...
evoatheist (10:01:57 PM): i would have been filling out forms RIGHT THIS INSTANT
evoatheist (10:01:59 PM): oh lawd
evoatheist (10:02:19 PM): "homework 1: class, send an email signed with your pgp key"
qwerty017 (10:02:21 PM): I wonde if they offer it online. :P
evoatheist (10:02:25 PM): HA!
evoatheist (10:02:48 PM): you mean if you get a degree from there and "be a script kiddie", you can be a fully fledged security faggot?
qwerty017 (10:03:13 PM): Considering the name of the lab I bet the name of the degree is "Security Faggot"
evoatheist (10:03:19 PM): yeah
evoatheist (10:03:34 PM): "work in the faggotish security industry, scam noobs, know nothing, and BE A SCRIPT KIDDIE"
evoatheist (10:03:44 PM): hahahaha
evoatheist (10:04:24 PM): LET'S GO TO THAT SCHOOL!
qwerty017 (10:04:36 PM): I so want to now
evoatheist (10:04:44 PM): me tooooooo
qwerty017 (10:05:05 PM): I could actually call myself a script kiddie and it would be true. I mean, I took the lab and everything.
evoatheist (10:05:11 PM): yeah
qwerty017 (10:05:12 PM): :P
evoatheist (10:05:15 PM): certified skidding
qwerty017 (10:05:23 PM): Thats just awesome
evoatheist (10:05:29 PM): yeah
qwerty017 (10:05:48 PM): so, you drop that url on irc yet?
evoatheist (10:05:50 PM): after some years there, i would have forgotten how to code
evoatheist (10:05:52 PM): hell yeah
qwerty017 (10:05:59 PM): what happened?
evoatheist (10:06:08 PM): *evil grin*
qwerty017 (10:06:13 PM): awesome
evoatheist (10:06:15 PM): uh....nothing...
qwerty017 (10:06:31 PM): sure sure
evoatheist (10:06:32 PM): i dropped that url on a LEGO irc
evoatheist (10:06:36 PM): kids make LEGOS in there
evoatheist (10:06:37 PM): hahahahahaha
qwerty017 (10:06:42 PM): oh. ok
evoatheist (10:06:50 PM): what did you think? i dropped it on some hacker irc? <----lame
qwerty017 (10:06:57 PM): hehe
evoatheist (10:06:59 PM): *wink, nudge*
evoatheist (10:07:16 PM): you dont want mary to call the fbi on you...
qwerty017 (10:07:43 PM): true true
evoatheist (10:07:45 PM): I WANT TO GO TO THAT SCHOOL, BAWWWWWW!
qwerty017 (10:08:24 PM): how lame is that for a lab for a college course in security. Im amazed anyone accepts their degrees
evoatheist (10:08:30 PM): i knowwwwww!!!
evoatheist (10:08:34 PM): seriously, it's scary
evoatheist (10:08:40 PM): no wonder people call them security faggots
evoatheist (10:08:50 PM): HAX the security faggot probably got his degree from there
qwerty017 (10:08:59 PM): yep
evoatheist (10:09:05 PM): so lame
evoatheist (10:09:14 PM): after looking at that, you cant call me lame anymore
evoatheist (10:09:21 PM): go watch the hackers movie, lamer :-)
evoatheist (10:09:45 PM): that's as bad as the lab
qwerty017 (10:10:02 PM): true. I cant call anyone lame anymore after that
evoatheist (10:10:07 PM): yup
qwerty017 (10:10:09 PM): Im going to need a new word
evoatheist (10:10:17 PM): "luzer"
evoatheist (10:10:21 PM): "shitpile n00b"
qwerty017 (10:10:28 PM): eh. not good enough
evoatheist (10:10:38 PM): "be a script kiddie"
qwerty017 (10:10:43 PM): there we go
qwerty017 (10:10:48 PM): I knew you had it in you
qwerty017 (10:10:49 PM): :P
qwerty017 (10:10:51 PM): lol
evoatheist (10:11:01 PM): i'll metasp-, er, i'll send you an email
qwerty017 (10:11:33 PM): lol
evoatheist (10:11:41 PM): today on barney the haxosaur: HAX the security faggot learns to use a pgp key
evoatheist (10:18:00 PM): SKIDDIE THE PLANET!!!
qwerty017 (10:18:07 PM): lol
evoatheist (10:18:19 PM): lameness level: over 9000 and counting
evoatheist (10:18:26 PM): seriously, that shit has so much FAIL in it
evoatheist (10:19:02 PM): also, no nmap? they kinda fail at being skiddies :-)
evoatheist (10:19:13 PM): but i myself prefer nessus
qwerty017 (10:19:29 PM): i know. if your going to be a skiddie, do it right
evoatheist (10:19:51 PM): seriously, let's enroll at that school
evoatheist (10:19:55 PM): it will be awesome
evoatheist (10:20:14 PM): staring at each other's face in the skiddie lab == priceless
qwerty017 (10:20:37 PM): hahaha. That would rock
qwerty017 (10:21:21 PM): I wonder if they even still offer it
evoatheist (10:21:36 PM): yeah, page updated in 2009...or so it says
evoatheist (10:21:37 PM): lulz
qwerty017 (10:21:57 PM): guess they might
evoatheist (10:22:14 PM): first week: "what is a pgp key"
evoatheist (10:22:26 PM): second week: "get your friends to sign your key!!!!"
evoatheist (10:22:36 PM): third week: "send pgp encrypted email"
evoatheist (10:22:39 PM): FFFUUUU---
qwerty017 (10:23:35 PM): We wouldnt even need to show up. Except for me when he talks about script kiddieing since im not one and as such dont know how to be one
qwerty017 (10:23:37 PM): :P
evoatheist (10:23:52 PM): hey, im not a skiddie either
evoatheist (10:24:05 PM): also, you are right. you're a lamer, not a skiddie
evoatheist (10:24:10 PM): ok, ok... kidding
qwerty017 (10:24:22 PM): I wanted at least one of us to not have to go to that lab
evoatheist (10:24:31 PM): lol why?
evoatheist (10:24:53 PM): imagine the confusion "eh, those two are in our class? they disappear often....do skiddies get laid?"
qwerty017 (10:25:27 PM): And we would say, nope. Thats why we do each other every chance we can, skiddies.
evoatheist (10:25:54 PM): yeah, in the guise of "exchanging pgp keys"
qwerty017 (10:26:09 PM): we would be exchanging something
evoatheist (10:26:16 PM): *smirk*
evoatheist (10:26:26 PM): we soooooo need to gogogogogogo to that school
qwerty017 (10:26:49 PM): even cs3 cant be that lame
evoatheist (10:26:53 PM): yeah
evoatheist (10:27:18 PM): i seriously think that degree is for lamers aka security fags aka know-nothings
evoatheist (10:27:30 PM): these are the people the noobs trust with security? ouch
evoatheist (10:27:33 PM): i cry for humanity
evoatheist (10:27:57 PM): (and the unelegant skidding with metasploit)
qwerty017 (10:27:57 PM): yep.
qwerty017 (10:28:10 PM): its pretty sad
evoatheist (10:28:22 PM): and kids graduate thinking they know something
evoatheist (10:28:32 PM): but they dont...and they become secfags...and get pwnt
evoatheist (10:28:39 PM): the vicious cycle
qwerty017 (10:28:41 PM): then they get pwnd by you
evoatheist (10:28:46 PM): *innocent look*
evoatheist (10:28:59 PM): i dont know what youre talking about, agent smith
evoatheist (10:29:17 PM): if we both gogogogo to that school, i think some servers will cry tears of blood
qwerty017 (10:29:52 PM): hehehe

Disclaimer: I do not support/condone/encourage illegal activity. Posts on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt and a generous serving of lulz.


Dinner of the now

1/29/2009 | 7:30 PM | Evolved Rationalist

This is what I'm having for dinner today:

Having dinner in front of the computer is a perfectly acceptable thing to do, kids!

How I wish I had mad culinary skillz. I have none, in b4 gb2 kitchen.


Since a fanboy reader decided that it would be a great idea to post these photos on my blog for him to fap to, here goes:

Yay! Photos!


A simple solution to an anal fundie problem

| 6:47 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Since I'm sure everyone already knows by now how hypocritical, theistarded liar Ted Haggard has been implicated in yet another gay sex scandal, let's just look at a simple (and often overlooked) aspect of this BAWWWfest.

Since fundies don't like the idea of gay sex because their Holy Babble says "IT'S EBBBILLL!11!ONE!!" and that gays go to hell, I have a simple suggestion for the fundies.

Fundies, instead of BAWWWWWing and making sane people RAGE, how about a simple method to prevent all the hysteria surrounding gay sex?

How about...


Isn't it simple, fundies? Don't like gay sex, don't have gay sex. Let sane adults who happen to be gay do their consensual buttsex in the privacy of their bedrooms, k? Perhaps then you might start sounding like less of an ignorant, bigoted, insane douchebag. Also, cocks.



You've got FAIL

| 1:54 AM | Evolved Rationalist

I found this on 4chan's /g/ board. I lol'ed.

[click to enlarge]

I should probably get to bed soon. WTF am I doing on the Chans at 1:54am on a weekday?!



Fuck Apple

1/28/2009 | 3:32 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Does this and this make you RRRAAAGGGEEE as much as I do?

So they want to patent a gesture, eh? Has Steve Jobs patented blowjobs yet?



Scientology scam pwned and exposed (again)

| 3:28 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Scilons, when your religion has become the butt of jokes in the media and the whole bunch of you have become famed lolcows, maybe it is time to do a Mitchell Henderson and go 'an hero'.

This article nicely exposes the scam of ScientoLOLgy 'stress tests' and the utter scientific vacuity behind them. On top of that, this part of the article takes the delicious cake:

Since the beginning of 2008, much has changed in the way the world and the general public view the Scientology cult. The worldwide “Anonymous” peaceful protests and demonstrations have brought a tremendous amount of light and clarity to Scientology’s secretive and immoral practices. People no longer see Scientology as merely a weird and harmless cult.

People have begun to understand Scientology’s “disconnection” policy, through which families are destroyed; people now know about its internal prison gulag called the “Rehabilitation Project Force”; people now know about Scientology’s motto of “Always attack, never defend”; people now know that the cult owns a 500-foot luxury cruise ship for tax-deductible Caribbean cruises for Scientologists; about the 21 years the cult knew this ship was full of deadly blue asbestos, but did nothing, because they believe disease is only caused by suppressive persons nearby; people know about the cult’s abusive treatment of children; about its phony “religious worker visa” game to circumvent immigration laws; people now know that Scientology really is what Time Magazine declared them to be in 1991: The Cult of Greed.

This is exactly what I've been saying all along. Scientology may seem funny to us onlookers, what with their wild takes of Xenu and space aliens and all. However, lulz aside, we must not forget that Scientology is a dangerous cult, and that people are getting hurt. That little fact transforms Scientology from lulz to serious anti-lulz.

Also, I heard that a certain cult that their zomgtopsekrit dox dropped by Anonymous...

On an unrelated note, anyone notice that 'scam' spelled backwards is 'macs'?

Sorry, couldn't resist. Take this instead. :-)


My blog readers can be mean

1/25/2009 | 4:57 PM | Evolved Rationalist

There's going to be a real post up here soon about Ted Haggard and more of his gay sex shenanigans; but for now, I'm posting about an interesting phenomenon that happens among my blog readers.

Ever noticed the legion (lol, Anon) of fanboys expressing undying love for me in the comments? Don't be fooled - my blog readers can be as mean and sarcastic as I am. The following conversation is about my last post, so read that first if you haven't already.

qwerty017 (1:57:38 PM): Ive never used gentoo so I dont know how its install runs but shouldn't it just be a couple questions then u let it sit and install?
evoatheist (1:58:29 PM): no
evoatheist (1:58:41 PM): you compile it yourself, ubuntufag
qwerty017 (1:59:12 PM): Ouch.
evoatheist (1:59:17 PM): yup
evoatheist (1:59:29 PM): i have to admit i learnt a lot the first time i did it, but going through that again....
evoatheist (1:59:37 PM): the sound is "AAAAAAARGHHHHH!"
qwerty017 (1:59:55 PM): And that is why I use xubuntu.
qwerty017 (1:59:57 PM): HAHA
evoatheist (2:00:05 PM): grrrrr
evoatheist (2:00:20 PM): i knew you were an ubuntu/xubuntufag
qwerty017 (2:01:33 PM): Yeah. Maybe so, but at least I have linux installed.
qwerty017 (2:02:30 PM): :P
evoatheist (2:02:42 PM): RRRAAAGGGEEE!!
evoatheist (2:02:47 PM): that was a low shot right there
qwerty017 (2:02:54 PM): HAHA
qwerty017 (2:02:54 PM): lol
evoatheist (2:03:03 PM): you...you...you....
qwerty017 (2:03:57 PM): So. Seen any good movies lately?
evoatheist (2:04:07 PM): gentoo....*dies*
evoatheist (2:04:08 PM): movies?
evoatheist (2:04:21 PM): the return of the penguin 9000: it came from the live CD
qwerty017 (2:04:27 PM): You know. That thing you download
evoatheist (2:04:37 PM): download? i've called the MPAA
evoatheist (2:04:39 PM): v&
evoatheist (2:04:40 PM): hahahaha
qwerty017 (2:04:43 PM): ha
evoatheist (2:04:47 PM): payback time for that dig about linux
evoatheist (2:06:01 PM): http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/plush/288e/action/2126891/ this is how i feel atm
qwerty017 (2:06:53 PM): That sux.
qwerty017 (2:08:07 PM): Its friday. You shouldn't be feeling like that
evoatheist (2:08:24 PM): that's it...this weekend is going to be INSTALL WEEKEND
evoatheist (2:08:31 PM): *evil laugh, hugs penguin plush toy*
qwerty017 (2:09:15 PM): Good. Now I can stop posting about you being a windoze user.
qwerty017 (2:09:19 PM): lol
evoatheist (2:09:44 PM): if i could smash your face through the screen, i would
evoatheist (2:10:09 PM): there's nothing *funny* about having to use windoze. EXCLUSIVELY.
evoatheist (2:10:34 PM): i miss my black and fluorescent green terminal. BAWWWWWWWW.
evoatheist (2:10:39 PM): in b4 eyerape

After that, he then accuses me of being mean. Oh, the irony! The lulz!

qwerty017 (5:27:09 PM): Hey. Tought you'd blocked me for being uncool and using ubuntu, then I remembered your using vista.
qwerty017 (5:27:10 PM): :P
evoatheist (5:27:28 PM): *deep breath, tries not to explode*
evoatheist (5:27:36 PM): when i get gentoo, i'm gonna haxor your brain out
evoatheist (5:27:39 PM): not even kidding
evoatheist (5:28:05 PM): with an axe
evoatheist (5:28:22 PM): PHYSICALLY
qwerty017 (5:28:48 PM): Yeah, Im so scared. You'll probably trash your harddrive because some guy tells you to, like why you tried backtrack
qwerty017 (5:28:53 PM): HAHAHA
evoatheist (5:29:07 PM): YAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII!!!
evoatheist (5:29:12 PM): you're so asking for it
evoatheist (5:29:29 PM): i'll telnet into your ports, fuckface
evoatheist (5:29:39 PM): i mean...get an axe and hack your brain out
qwerty017 (5:29:54 PM): At least you'll be in vegas. :P
evoatheist (5:30:03 PM): and the person who told me to try backtrack is an /i/nsurgent, ok?
evoatheist (5:30:06 PM): not some random guy
evoatheist (5:30:28 PM): anyone who tells me to trash any of my hard drives would end up with a trashed genital instead
qwerty017 (5:30:38 PM): Might as well have been from how well it worked.
qwerty017 (5:30:39 PM): lol
evoatheist (5:30:56 PM): backtrack was not *that* bad
qwerty017 (5:31:01 PM): Ok.
evoatheist (5:31:07 PM): i mean, compared to vista
qwerty017 (5:31:26 PM): Im just messing with the windoze luzer since I won't be able to after this weekend.
qwerty017 (5:31:32 PM): :P
evoatheist (5:32:02 PM): windoze luzer? that's what i am now?
evoatheist (5:32:20 PM): i have gentoo on my other computer, ubuntufag
evoatheist (5:32:34 PM): "ubuntu is an ancient african word, meaning 'i can't configure debian'"
evoatheist (5:32:37 PM): so suck it
qwerty017 (5:32:47 PM): ok. you got me there.
evoatheist (5:32:51 PM): HA!
evoatheist (5:32:58 PM): superluzer
qwerty017 (5:33:22 PM): *sniff* *sniff* you didn't have to be so mean.

More Vista hell:

evoatheist (6:11:25 PM): this is....hell
evoatheist (6:11:43 PM): the OS...is asking me...if i want to run a program
evoatheist (6:11:45 PM): the OS...
evoatheist (6:11:46 PM): ...
evoatheist (6:11:49 PM): nooooo
qwerty017 (6:11:51 PM): just install Lindows already
evoatheist (6:11:57 PM): *thud*
qwerty017 (6:11:59 PM): Get it over with
evoatheist (6:12:06 PM): why is the OS treating me like a baby?
evoatheist (6:12:08 PM): why?
evoatheist (6:12:18 PM): linux...i'm coming for you...i'm...
qwerty017 (6:12:27 PM): Because you don't know how to turn off the security features?
qwerty017 (6:12:32 PM): :P
evoatheist (6:12:42 PM): is your face smashed in yet?
qwerty017 (6:12:52 PM): ROFL
evoatheist (6:13:11 PM): be careful. delicious root may be headed your way.
qwerty017 (6:14:34 PM): I guess Im going to have to let you go any minute now when you have to restart the computer to install an update, heh?
evoatheist (6:15:00 PM): *deep breath*
evoatheist (6:15:06 PM): i know how to turn that shit off
evoatheist (6:15:22 PM): and i have norton
qwerty017 (6:15:24 PM): When you come down for defcon I am so going to bring this up again.
evoatheist (6:15:43 PM): if you bring this up at defcon...
evoatheist (6:15:55 PM): *cracks knuckles*
evoatheist (6:16:03 PM): your pasty nerd face is going to get smashed
qwerty017 (6:16:25 PM): Wait. You'll have to ask your OS if you can do that.
qwerty017 (6:16:29 PM): HAHAHA
evoatheist (6:16:47 PM): ubuntufag, you can't even configure debian
evoatheist (6:16:51 PM): so watch it
evoatheist (6:17:06 PM): ask your OS how not to fail so much
evoatheist (6:17:38 PM): I HAVE NORTON YOU GUISE
qwerty017 (6:17:44 PM): Will do. BTW, what OS is installed on your laptop again?
evoatheist (6:17:51 PM): vista
evoatheist (6:17:55 PM): IT LOOKS PRETTY!!!
evoatheist (6:18:02 PM): pretty shitty, that is
qwerty017 (6:18:19 PM): lol
evoatheist (6:18:44 PM): i can't get used to the fugly microsoft flag at the start menu
evoatheist (6:18:50 PM): i'm used to looking at that little K
evoatheist (6:18:53 PM): bawwwww
qwerty017 (6:18:55 PM): My coworkers are looking at me funny. I think its because I keep laughling at the screen
evoatheist (6:18:57 PM): KDE, come back to me
evoatheist (6:18:58 PM): lol
evoatheist (6:19:04 PM): that's really mean
evoatheist (6:19:24 PM): the OS wars are getting meaner and meaner
evoatheist (6:19:33 PM): it will end when i hack your brain with an axe, of course
qwerty017 (6:19:54 PM): Yep, pretty soon it will start looking like the spatula wars of 97
evoatheist (6:20:21 PM): hah
evoatheist (6:20:28 PM): you can't hack or nutin, I GOT NORTON!
evoatheist (6:20:47 PM): also, operation sundevil
qwerty017 (6:21:27 PM): Oh. Good point. I guess I will just have to get you to open up a random attachment which you would do since you are on vista and trust norton completely
qwerty017 (6:21:49 PM):
evoatheist (6:22:00 PM): do i sound like a windoze n00b yet?
qwerty017 (6:22:01 PM): WOOHOO
qwerty017 (6:22:05 PM): A bit
evoatheist (6:22:17 PM): also, norton sucks
evoatheist (6:22:23 PM): norton is spyware
evoatheist (6:22:28 PM): oh wait
evoatheist (6:22:30 PM): i mean...
qwerty017 (6:22:51 PM): lol
evoatheist (6:23:26 PM): okay, that sounds wrong for a windoze n00b
evoatheist (6:23:27 PM): sigh
qwerty017 (6:23:41 PM): You cant even n00b right
qwerty017 (6:23:47 PM): What happened to you?
evoatheist (6:23:49 PM): because i'm too uberleet?
evoatheist (6:23:55 PM): oh shit...
qwerty017 (6:24:09 PM): That must be it
evoatheist (6:24:39 PM): "are you sure you want to..."
evoatheist (6:24:43 PM): *cries, cries, cries*
evoatheist (6:25:05 PM): what did i do to deserve this?
qwerty017 (6:25:12 PM): Hey. The OS must know better than you do. I mean, it's the OS and knows all./
evoatheist (6:25:33 PM): it's telling me that rewriting the registry is SERIOUS BUSINESS
evoatheist (6:25:40 PM): because i sure as hell didn't know that, amirite?
qwerty017 (6:26:09 PM): When you use a n00b OS you can expect n00b questions.
evoatheist (6:26:31 PM): hey, at least i'm not using macoshitx
qwerty017 (6:27:02 PM): Yeah, cause then you might be using linux with a fancy shell.
evoatheist (6:27:16 PM): gentoo plz
qwerty017 (6:27:18 PM): Notice the word LINUX
evoatheist (6:27:20 PM): i like breaking shells
evoatheist (6:27:22 PM): yes
evoatheist (6:27:26 PM): notice the word VISTA
evoatheist (6:27:28 PM): oh wait...
qwerty017 (6:27:33 PM): Exactly
evoatheist (6:27:52 PM): brain damage

No, I don't really have Norton. I don't like paying for shitty spyware shitware software.

What happens next is that my brain gets damaged by Vista. For good.

evoatheist (6:48:54 PM): i see transparent windows, and the OS is asking me things, it's popping shit up...
evoatheist (6:48:57 PM): i'm scared
qwerty017 (6:49:00 PM): O
qwerty017 (6:49:04 PM): Heres what you do
qwerty017 (6:49:18 PM): Download this program called netbus then tell me your ip.
qwerty017 (6:49:29 PM): Your using windows, you must be gullible
evoatheist (6:49:44 PM): i'll metasploit your ass
evoatheist (6:49:57 PM): uh
evoatheist (6:50:00 PM): i mean...
qwerty017 (6:50:03 PM): Im going old school on your ass
qwerty017 (6:50:09 PM): Straight up 1998
qwerty017 (6:50:16 PM): HA
evoatheist (6:50:20 PM): NORTON SAYS NO
evoatheist (6:50:30 PM): NO CRACKING TOOLS ALLOWED
evoatheist (6:50:32 PM): hahahaha
evoatheist (6:50:44 PM): i win
evoatheist (6:50:46 PM): me > you
qwerty017 (6:51:07 PM): awww
evoatheist (6:51:38 PM): LOLOLOL I'M SO LEET LOLOLOL
evoatheist (6:51:59 PM): i'm turning into a typical vista user
qwerty017 (6:52:13 PM): lol
qwerty017 (6:52:21 PM): Have you seen the wrestler yet?
evoatheist (6:53:06 PM): i have a penguin plush toy and it's looking straight at me
evoatheist (6:53:10 PM): like it wants to pounce
evoatheist (6:53:12 PM): uh oh
qwerty017 (6:55:51 PM): HAHA

The end. Sometimes Vista pure unadulterated shit can be so lame that it becomes funny.

*rolls eyes*


Facepalm of the century

1/23/2009 | 10:27 AM | Evolved Rationalist

This is what happens when you uninstall Linux from your new laptop because you're stupid; and realize that OH SHIT THE OTHER PARTITION HAS VISTA ON IT and now you have to use Vista. Other topics included in this awesome conversation are Mary the Scilon, how Jolicloud sounds like 'lolicon', how Apple sucks, Windoze-induced brain damage, macfags, tits, how I'm going to spend my weekend, a macfag's lack of faith in my mad social skillz, 4chan, kindles, why I need Gentoo on my laptop as well before I die, more OS wars, and glorious fap. Gogogogogo read and prepare for the ultimate facepalm of the century.

I swear, folks. I actually go outside and everything. Really.

Okay, why the fuck did I type 'tits' in bold? Aaaaargh! Pic related.

evoatheist (9:32:38 AM): also, i uninstalled backtrack from my laptop
evoatheist (9:32:52 AM): because i was stupid enough to install it in the first place
evoatheist (9:32:54 AM): the shame...
[email protected] (9:33:17 AM): ha
evoatheist (9:33:40 AM): it's ok. i learnt that backtrack sucks and that you shouldn't install something because someone tells you to.
[email protected] (9:33:44 AM): http://www.techcrunch.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/jolicloud.jpg
[email protected] (9:33:54 AM): now that looks like a cool os
evoatheist (9:34:00 AM): fuck yeah
evoatheist (9:34:23 AM): but it looks a bit macfaggish
evoatheist (9:34:29 AM): still, fapfapfapfapfap
[email protected] (9:34:40 AM): ...
[email protected] (9:34:48 AM): that doesn't look anything like OS X
evoatheist (9:35:04 AM): nono i said it looks macfaggish
evoatheist (9:35:07 AM): whatever that means
evoatheist (9:35:37 AM): also, i'm using fucking VISTA atm so brain damage is expected
[email protected] (9:35:39 AM): The Cloud isn't really ready for primetime yet, though
evoatheist (9:35:44 AM): haha
[email protected] (9:35:50 AM): generally speaking
evoatheist (9:36:01 AM): my laptop needs to have linux before i die of vista-induced brain damage
[email protected] (9:36:04 AM): the problem is data portability
evoatheist (9:36:05 AM): i can't take this anymore
evoatheist (9:36:08 AM): i'm dying, joshy
evoatheist (9:36:11 AM): oh, i see
[email protected] (9:36:24 AM): well, install linux then
[email protected] (9:36:32 AM): let's see, SUSE installs pretty quickly
[email protected] (9:36:36 AM): I like SUSE
evoatheist (9:36:51 AM): the thing here is, i want gentoo. however, thinking of the installation process....*thud*
[email protected] (9:36:53 AM): what does transparent windows have to do with anything?
evoatheist (9:37:04 AM): it makes me rage at the waste of RAM
[email protected] (9:37:07 AM): you can have transparent windows in KDE
evoatheist (9:37:15 AM): just a gripe because i just saw a transparent windoze
evoatheist (9:37:24 AM): the small things are starting to piss me off
evoatheist (9:37:30 AM): it shows that i've been using vista for too long
evoatheist (9:37:36 AM): must...resist....brain....damage...
[email protected] (9:37:37 AM): Oh I see
evoatheist (9:37:45 AM): i can't take it...
evoatheist (9:37:55 AM): if only the gentoo install wasn't a pain in the kernel...
evoatheist (9:38:03 AM): *pain in the ass
[email protected] (9:38:33 AM): gentoo is nice only if you have the time to maintain it
evoatheist (9:38:38 AM): EXACTLY
[email protected] (9:38:47 AM): the solution: don't use gentoo
evoatheist (9:38:52 AM): i learnt that the hard way, but i'm in looooooooove with it *mooches mooches*
[email protected] (9:39:08 AM): use OS X and get all the benefits of unix without the hassles of maintainence
evoatheist (9:39:27 AM): fuck. i knew a convo with a macfag about things like this has to end with this.
evoatheist (9:39:31 AM): i knew it
evoatheist (9:39:35 AM): it was too good to be true
evoatheist (9:39:40 AM): RRRAAAGGGEEE!!!
evoatheist (9:39:52 AM): fucking macfags
[email protected] (9:40:07 AM): retarded side emerges (HA!) again
evoatheist (9:40:12 AM): *rolls eyes*
evoatheist (9:40:30 AM): i could make a third partition and install osx on my other computer, but that would be ILLEGAL
evoatheist (9:40:32 AM): lol
evoatheist (9:40:35 AM): *smirk*
evoatheist (9:40:41 AM): also, no failppleing
evoatheist (9:41:14 AM): "zomg you can't install osx on a pc! that's illegal! v&!" ----steve blowjobs
[email protected] (9:41:35 AM): don't be retarded. Mac's these days are PC's
evoatheist (9:41:40 AM): uh huh
evoatheist (9:41:48 AM): with a shit OS too
[email protected] (9:41:50 AM): what you mean is that they don't want you to install on non-apple hardware
[email protected] (9:41:53 AM): which is still stupid
[email protected] (9:41:58 AM): but not what you said
evoatheist (9:42:00 AM): apple is stupid
evoatheist (9:42:02 AM): i don't like
evoatheist (9:42:11 AM): it's like an index of DO NOT WANT
[email protected] (9:42:21 AM): you don't want Unix?
evoatheist (9:42:29 AM): apple is stupid, apple is stupid...lalalalala....apple is...
evoatheist (9:42:31 AM): i want gentoo
evoatheist (9:42:36 AM): and the time to maintain it
evoatheist (9:43:02 AM): do not want osx. it's the devil!!11!!!!!ONE!11!1
[email protected] (9:43:11 AM): indeed
evoatheist (9:44:12 AM): lol, macfag
[email protected] (9:44:13 AM): woah
[email protected] (9:44:18 AM): WTF
[email protected] (9:44:20 AM): http://www.thinkgos.com/
[email protected] (9:44:31 AM): notice anything wierd about that picture?
[email protected] (9:44:36 AM): the laptop picture
[email protected] (9:44:50 AM): WTF
[email protected] (9:45:18 AM): I can't believe this... why would they do it
evoatheist (9:45:21 AM): i've decided that i don't like it
evoatheist (9:45:23 AM): yucks
evoatheist (9:45:48 AM): i want gentoo on my laptop as well before i die of windoze-induced brain damage
[email protected] (9:45:49 AM): but do you see the issue?
evoatheist (9:45:59 AM): which issue in particular, macfag?
[email protected] (9:46:02 AM): this is the OS developed by Google
evoatheist (9:46:10 AM): google
evoatheist (9:46:14 AM): sooooo?
[email protected] (9:46:18 AM): why the fuck is windows live search featured on the laptop?
evoatheist (9:46:23 AM): everything google touches turns to fail lately
[email protected] (9:46:27 AM): live search sucks balls so hard....
evoatheist (9:46:37 AM): i wouldn't dream of using it
evoatheist (9:46:43 AM): i'm brain-damaged enough by a vista laptop
evoatheist (9:47:09 AM): live search....argh....brain freeze...brain....
[email protected] (9:49:32 AM): I don't know what you have against google
evoatheist (9:49:36 AM): no, nothing
evoatheist (9:49:46 AM): google is ok, they have just been failing a bit lately
evoatheist (9:50:07 AM): blogger is getting retarded, chrome was a failure, their apps remind me of developers who can't code....sigh
[email protected] (9:50:23 AM): reality check: blogger was always retarded
evoatheist (9:50:23 AM): if you diss me for using perl, i'll kill you
evoatheist (9:50:35 AM): i should have just self-hosted and used movable type
evoatheist (9:50:38 AM): me <---stupid
[email protected] (9:50:48 AM): chrome is handy in certain situations, but firefox is still king
evoatheist (9:51:00 AM): the other day, i did something very very stupid
[email protected] (9:51:05 AM): their apps do leave a lot to be desired
evoatheist (9:51:20 AM): i screenshoted my browser to put on my blog, and i did it with all my add-ons visible
evoatheist (9:51:28 AM): because i was too sleepy and wasn't paying attention
evoatheist (9:51:38 AM): now every noobfag will think i'm a criminal hacker
evoatheist (9:51:40 AM): oh, mary...
[email protected] (9:51:46 AM): why
evoatheist (9:52:01 AM): because mary thinks ANYTHING is a criminal hacking tool, remember?
evoatheist (9:52:12 AM): i mean, if someone can think that 4chan is a hacker board...anything is possible
[email protected] (9:52:14 AM): so this story is pointless then?
evoatheist (9:52:27 AM): i wish i could sue mary for libel
evoatheist (9:52:36 AM): sue sue sue just like a scientologist sue sue sue
[email protected] (9:52:43 AM): If mary thinks anything is a criminal hacking tool, you could tell the story about how you posted your cleavage and mary thought you were a hacker
evoatheist (9:52:43 AM): see, vista has damaged my brain
evoatheist (9:52:48 AM): hah!
evoatheist (9:52:59 AM): mary might just think that
evoatheist (9:53:05 AM): tits or....criminal hacker!!
evoatheist (9:53:20 AM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
evoatheist (9:53:28 AM): it all ends with tits in the end
[email protected] (9:55:28 AM): oh crap
[email protected] (9:55:34 AM): nevermind about my earlier outburst
[email protected] (9:55:40 AM): gOS is not owned by google
[email protected] (9:55:46 AM): so it's not such a big wtf, I guess
evoatheist (9:56:08 AM): eh it's not?
evoatheist (9:56:11 AM): hmm
evoatheist (9:56:17 AM): i don't like the way it looks
evoatheist (9:56:26 AM): i'm in love with gentoo and i can't cheat on my baby!!!
[email protected] (9:56:29 AM): what's the name of the distro made by google that boots in 3 seconds?
evoatheist (9:56:34 AM): ok that sounded creepy
evoatheist (9:56:36 AM): LOL
evoatheist (9:56:37 AM): hahah
[email protected] (9:56:54 AM): the only other OS I know that does that is BeOS
[email protected] (9:57:01 AM): have you ever used BeOS?
evoatheist (9:57:06 AM): fapfapfap...gentoo...fapfapfap
evoatheist (9:57:21 AM): uh, no...
evoatheist (9:57:29 AM): when that first came out i was a little kid
evoatheist (9:57:46 AM): and then linux ate my soul
evoatheist (9:57:53 AM): gentoo....fapfapfap....*thud*
[email protected] (9:58:03 AM): what about Haiku then?
evoatheist (9:58:48 AM): i didn't like haiku
evoatheist (9:59:00 AM): i keep installing shit and realizing that i don't like it....and then....uninstall
evoatheist (9:59:05 AM): wtf is wrong with me
evoatheist (9:59:06 AM): sigh
[email protected] (9:59:24 AM): well, I guess you know how you're going to spend your weekend
evoatheist (9:59:30 AM): oh rly?
[email protected] (9:59:35 AM): installing gentoo
[email protected] (9:59:44 AM): or you could install precompiled gentoo
evoatheist (9:59:46 AM): thanks a lot for your faith in my mad social skillz
evoatheist (9:59:55 AM): no precompiled shit....I'M HARDCORE!!
[email protected] (10:00:01 AM): ....
evoatheist (10:00:03 AM): (i just lost the game....and my social skills)
evoatheist (10:00:38 AM): i'm doomed
evoatheist (10:00:45 AM): i'm going to die a basement-dweller
[email protected] (10:00:50 AM): that happened a few weeks ago when you passed the EH
evoatheist (10:01:12 AM): gentoo....*drools*
evoatheist (10:01:26 AM): i'm drooling more than i did when half-life 2 came out
[email protected] (10:03:04 AM): I want the kindle 2 to come out
evoatheist (10:03:37 AM): kindles are lame
evoatheist (10:03:43 AM): but whatever makes you fap, i guess
evoatheist (10:04:24 AM): i wish i could be more like a 'normal' girl
[email protected] (10:04:25 AM): why are kindles lame?
evoatheist (10:04:25 AM): sigh
evoatheist (10:04:38 AM): i guess because i don't see much of a point to them at this moment
evoatheist (10:05:24 AM): should i be a typical girl and get simanimals for my DS?
evoatheist (10:05:44 AM): or should i just go 'an hero' at once?
[email protected] (10:05:46 AM): how can there not be a point to them?
[email protected] (10:06:00 AM): walking around with a library in your hands that's easy on your eyes and cheap to expand?
evoatheist (10:06:13 AM): dammit macfag
evoatheist (10:06:20 AM): you're more gadget-crazy than i am
evoatheist (10:06:21 AM): thank science

Ultimately, this convo descended into:

[email protected] (10:11:30 AM): this jolicloud thing is giving me so many ideas
evoatheist (10:11:37 AM): like?
evoatheist (10:11:50 AM): jolicloud sounds like lolicon
[email protected] (10:12:00 AM): I like to think about what I would build if I was a millionaire
evoatheist (10:12:06 AM): lolicon
evoatheist (10:15:23 AM): sorry, i'm browsing /b/

I guess you didn't miss much, folks. Also, my little love is calling out to me...fapfapfap...impending orgasm is impending...



1/22/2009 | 10:57 AM | Evolved Rationalist

A NASA engineer has come up with a brilliant idea that puts the fleshlight to shame. At the rate it is going, computers are going to make women almost obsolete in the near future. After all, people can now HAVE SEX WITH THEIR COMPUTERS OH LAWD WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN...

I mean, really?


However, I won't complain if that awesome device keeps desperate, virgin, clueless Apple fanboys quiet about their beloved craptoy computers Macs while they fapfapfap to eternity.

As for me, I prefer this:

Sex with robots...fapfapfap...

Oh wait, I'm a total hypocrite. I would totally have sex with a robot - I'm not even kidding.

*dead silence*

*tumbleweed rolls by*

Did I just lose all my readers or something? Sigh.


No Cussing Club: Pwnt!

1/21/2009 | 9:32 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Remember the post I did a few days ago about the lulzkilling 'No Cussing Club'? Today, I decided to check out their website for lulzy updates...but guess what I found?

Their site apparently got pwnt by the hackers on steroids from #insurgency the criminal hacker site ebaumsworld.com for the lulz and for great justice.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Epic fucking win, Ebaums!

On top of that, the lulzkiller's dad had his e-mail account lolcracked pwnt as well, and some delicious e-mails are now floating around the internet; proving that the family of lulzkillers are doing it for great PROFIT.

Oh, the lulz, the lulz....

A screenshot of the page is below (click to enlarge):

His dad's e-mails (So I heard his account got cracked?) showing that they are a bunch of $$$-crazy, free-speech-hating lunatics (click to enlarge):

Folks, didn't you just know that something like this would happen the minute you first heard of the 'No Cussing Club'? Isn't it a given that when you fail so badly at the internet, you're going to get ra/i/ded by concerned netizens?

Let us all thank Anonymous Ebaumsworld for making the /i/nternet a better place.

<3 Anons

Disclaimer: I do not support/condone/encourage illegal activity. Posts on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt and a generous serving of lulz.


Top 25 most played

1/20/2009 | 8:16 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Here's a screenshot of my top 25 most played songs in iTunes. It looks very very sad, and it shows that there is a high probability of me dying alone in a basement somewhere.

Oh, internet...why did you do this to me?

[click to enlarge]

To those of you who are judging me for using iTunes (zomg, failpple!), I sync my jailbroken iPod using Floola, so STFU. :)


Did I say jailbroken? I mean, uh, Agent Smith, it has Linux on it, uh, in b4 DMCA...




Anti-human bigots strike again

| 3:51 PM | Evolved Rationalist

If you want to know just how vile and plain scary the Rapture enthusiasts are, look no farther than famed fundie site Rapture Ready. When you first get on that site, the usual reaction would be to hope that the posts are written by Poes...until you realize that it only gets worse, the site isn't a parody site, and that every post is written by theistards with the same lunatic, dangerous, inhumane Rapture fantasies.

Take a look at this post:

I guess I'm feeling confused right now. I so want to go home. I'm weary... weary of what goes on in my life personally and weary of watching what goes on in the world as a whole. But then I'm also excited. I keep thinking in my heart... come on Israel and/or Iran, let's get this show on the road.
This anti-human fuckwit probably wants nuclear war to start so that in her theistarded mind, the Biblical prophecies pointing to the Rapture will be fulfilled.
I have to be honest because Jesus already knows, I get disappointed every time I read or hear the words cease fire.

Religion makes people good, was it? This theistard is fucking disappointed whenever people make even little attempts towards peace because she thinks that this would postpone the fucking Rapture. FUCKING EPIC RRRAAAGGGEEE, folks. She doesn't give a fuck if people suffer and die while she nicely sits in front of her computer spewing this sort of bigoted dung. All she cares about is her stupid belief that the world should end as soon as possible so that she can play harps with Jesus for eternity.
And I know that's wrong because we're told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. So that's where the confusion comes in at.
So, make up your mind. What does your Bible say? Can't you theistfucks ever decide which kind of bigotry to adhere to?
But I have to agree, it would be wonderful to either get raptured on Obama's big day or Israel attack Iran that day. Yeah, I could deal with one or both of those events happening that day.
For some reason, I am starting to think that our theistard here is a not-so-closeted racist.

*rolls eyes*
Since I work midnights, I will be sleeping through Tuesday's events and just won't turn on the tv where I can listen to any news when I get up. Well....I will have to check to see if Israel attacked Iran while I slept! LOL If the rapture happens, I won't have to check the news. I'll be right there with all of you and I can hardly wait for that reunion!
Keep dreaming. Jesus is not coming back.

Also, don't breed. Someone with such anti-human tendencies should get the fuck out of the gene pool as soon as possible.

What do you think would happen if, let's say, people with the sort of beliefs we have just witnessed have the power to decide if their enemies should be wiped off the face of the earth with nuclear weapons?


(And people say I am not a humanist...)



1/19/2009 | 8:48 AM | Evolved Rationalist


Anonymous > No Cussing Club

1/17/2009 | 8:31 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Proving yet again that the internet is serious business, Anonymous delivers:

A boy's crusade to stop swearing has drawn the unwanted attention from notorious internet group Anonymous.

McKay Hatch's No Cussing Club, which encourages teens to "chill on the profanity", claims to have over 20,000 members worldwide.

Hatch, a 15-year-old from South Pasadena in California, garnered wide media coverage for his anti-swearing campaign, including a appearance on Dr Phil.

So some 15-year-old who was probably bullied at school decides to go BAWWWWW about how 'cussing is bad', and Anon decided to stick it where it hurts the most? I sense epic lulz.

But at the beginning of the year, Hatch's email inbox began clogging up with hate mail from an unknown source.

Blah, blah....big deal. I get hate mail all the time, but for some reason, you don't see me BAWWWWWing on the fucking news about it. Some people seriously need to get a grip on reality, fifteen or not.

Pizza and porn deliveries became commonplace for his family, who eventually called in the FBI after numerous receiving death threats and obscene phone calls.

They BAWWWWed to the FBI because some people on the internet sent them pizza and porn...and made some prank calls? I have a feeling that the FBI has better things to do.

Also, someone needs to introduce this family to Mary the Scilon. I have a feeling they'll get along great!

Anonymous appears to be behind the attacks, with threads on sites such as 4chan.org and 711chan.org identifying their members as the culprits.

711chan? The greatest *Chan of all? Fapfapfap.

They got this one wrong. The people behind the attacks all hang out on ebaumsworld.com, and love to pin their acts on the Chans for the lulz no good reason.

And the pain may not yet be over for the Hatch family — Anonymous appears to be planning future raids and has threatened to "wipe this cancer [the No Cussing Club] from the face of the internet".

Raids? The word 'raids' being used in the fucking news? As much as this may bring in newfags and cancer, hearing about Anonymous' raids (moar liek ra/i/ds, amirite?) warms my heart.

In one 4chan thread, a number of users boasted about sending bogus pizza deliveries and even prostitutes to the Hatch's house, although it was impossible to verify if these claims were genuine.

Knowing Anon, the claims are probably genuine.

The same thread also contained a credit card number purported to be stolen from Hatch's father, phone numbers, the family's home address and Hatch's instant messenger address.

Dox? Dropped!

In an interview with US network ABC, Hatch's father said the boy had been reduced to tears by the flood of messages from "bullies".

Some teenage kid decided to make waves, realized that he couldn't take the heat, and then went BAWWWWing on national television (to get even more publicity)? Sorry, no sympathy from me there.

Hatch himself defended his anti-swearing campaign, which his enemies were deriding as an attack on freedom of speech. "A lot of people were saying I was taking away their freedom of speech … All I was trying to do was raise awareness," the teen said.

*rolls eyes*

Yes, you have freedom of speech. However, the internet (and the real world) can be a nasty place, so you should have been prepared to face the consequences, kid. Grow the fuck up and get a fucking clue.

It appears that the earnestness of Hatch's campaign, including his faux-gangster rap video “No Cussing Club Song”, may have drawn Anonymous's ire.

When you fail at the internet that badly, sometimes you have to see the can of delicious ra/i/d coming your way.


A line has since been posted on the No Cussing Club website, claiming that Hatch is the "most bullied boy on the internet".

Uh-huh. More BAWWWWWing and publicity-mongering. The 'most bullied boy on the internet'?! They sure pulled this one out of their asses, didn't they?

All this article goes to show is that Anon delivers, and if you fail so badly at the internet, you deserve whatever comes your way. The internet is not a nice place - if you can't deal with it, GTFO.


It's fucking Saturday! There's methane on Mars!

| 12:54 PM | Evolved Rationalist

evoatheist (11:12:13 AM): my room looks like shit, i can't see the floor
evoatheist (11:12:18 AM): argh
sinclair101100 (11:12:19 AM): lol
evoatheist (11:12:21 AM): and i refuse to leave my computer
evoatheist (11:12:26 AM): refuse refuse refuse
sinclair101100 (11:12:34 AM): i don't blame you

^Why I would probably end up dying alone (but fuckable*ahem*fanboy-fap alert*ahem*).

I just got Mirror's Edge a few days ago (I buy all my games, Agent Smith! I am not a pirate.) and let me warn you: IT WILL CONSUME YOUR IMAGINARY SOUL.

It is fucking awesome...like the Portal kind of awesome. The theme song for Mirror's Edge is also titled Still Alive - how fucking cool is that? Fapfapfap.

Yes, I need to blog real posts before my readers chew my head off, but I'm distracted. Every fucking time I try to sit down and fucking blog something, I head off to the Chans or start playing video games. I FAIL AT LIFE, BAWWWWWWW! I'm a terrible blogger, in b4 'an hero'.

To make up for it, I'm going to be posting a link to this little piece of awesomeness: Methane has been found in Mars' atmosphere. Although we should avoid the 'LOLOL LIFE IS GOING TO BE FOUND ON MARS in the next few seconds' mass media hysteria, we should celebrate the awesomeness of science.

"Right now, we do not have enough information to tell whether biology or geology -- or both -- is producing the methane on Mars," Mumma explained. "But it does tell us the planet is still alive, at least in a geologic sense. It is as if Mars is challenging us, saying, 'Hey, find out what this means.' "
Science is all about finding out the answers to questions about how the world works while religion revels in ignorance. Praise science, indeed.

For now, the hamster speaks:



| 1:53 AM | Evolved Rationalist

evoatheist (11:55:04 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
evoatheist (11:55:10 PM): may i quote you on that?
Marc A Connor (11:55:46 PM): It's a Full Metal Jacket ripoff though - "You climb obstacles like old people fuck!" - but sure
evoatheist (11:55:55 PM): lol
evoatheist (11:56:15 PM): why so epic?
Marc A Connor (11:56:58 PM): I've been up for 30+ hours cleaning up their messes, and will likely be in this mode for the rest of... maybe mid February


It's a pic!

1/16/2009 | 7:22 AM | Evolved Rationalist

On Monday, the Masala Skeptic (from Skepchick) and I had an awesome dinner at the Rose Tea Cafe. Before you start screaming 'pics pl0x', I present.....A PIC for all your fapping needs!

[click to enlarge]

That's me on the right. I don't look as scary in real life, eh?

I told her about the time I dumped a guy after finding out that he's a Mac fantard. I swear she looked at me weirdly... ;-)


Dying alone

| 7:04 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Serving as a prime example of what Anons call 'dying alone', a loner who built tunnels made out of rubbish out of his home 'an heroed' after getting lost in one of his tunnels. He basically fucking offed himself without anyone noticing.

You can't make this shit up, folks. Sometimes even those dying alone decide to go out with a stinky bang, and the consequences are not pretty.

An eccentric loner is believed to have died of thirst after becoming trapped in a bizarre and intricate network of tunnels built from rubbish in his home.

Investigators believe the labyrinth was so complicated that Gordon Stewart, 74, may have become lost inside it. It is thought he may have died as a result of dehydration, after becoming unable to find his way out of the stinking mass.

Neighbours had become concerned that they had not seen him for several days and raised the alarm.

If you think that the above is shocking enough, read this:

Neighbours said Mr Stewart's home had been accumulating rubbish for at least 10 years. This week, plastic bags were clearly seen piled across his front window, while outside further bags, broken furniture, computer parts and even an old TV set spilled over his front lawn.

The rubbish started accumulating 10 years ago and nobody saw fit to do anything until the man fucking died in his own rubbish? What the flying fuck?

It is believed Mr Stewart lived alone and has no next of kin. A post mortem examination is due to be carried out at a later date.

He lived alone and died alone. He died as 'an hero'. A fitting end, I guess.

What would have made it even more fitting is if this was read out at his funeral:

He was such an hero, to take it all away. We miss him so, That you should know, And we honor him this day. He was an hero, to take that dump, to leave us all behind. God do we wish we could take it back, And now he's on our minds. Gordon was an hero, to leave us feeling like this, Our minds are rubber, our joints don't work, Our tears fall into abyss. He was an hero, to take that dump, In life it wasn't his task, He shouldn't have had to go that way, before a decade'd past. Now he sits there in my heart, this hero of mine, Always there to make me smile, Make me feel just fine. He had courage,that boy did, courage in his heart. To take that dump, To end his pain, To tear us all apart. But in the end, he died in courage. Lacking, nevermore, He died a hero, Gordon did, And we'll love him forevermore. We love you like a brother. We miss you so much. We will always love you, kid. Rest In Peace Gordon.


Science vs. Superstition

1/15/2009 | 9:58 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Via Sandwalk.


More imbecilic media fuckwits

1/14/2009 | 6:08 PM | Evolved Rationalist

This article made me experience over 9000 levels of RRRAAAGGGEEE:

The BBC has been forced to apologise to an acclaimed psychologist and writer after editing her derogatory comments about religion so that a radio programme broadcast "the opposite" of what she had said.

Dorothy Rowe complained to the corporation that her interview on the Radio 2 programme What Do You Believe? had been so heavily edited that the final version misrepresented her views. During a 50-minute recorded interview, Rowe, best known for her work on depression, had attempted to comment on the subject proposed by the programme's producer: "Why so many people want to believe in God and search for faith." But she was aghast to hear how her words were eventually used.

In an email to the corporation, published on her website, Rowe stated: "My words were edited to make it sound that I held a favourable opinion of religion in that it gave a structure to a person's life. What was not broadcast was what I had said about how such structures can be damaging to people. Being misquoted in this way concerned me greatly."
Now, I would have probably been able to understand if a sentence (or even two) of hers somehow got 'misquoted'. What is fucking unforgivable is when an entire 50-minute interview could be 'misquoted' in such a way as to make it seem that someone is supporting the other fucking side.

This is outrageous and a travesty. How this could have happened is simply beyond anyone's guess. Were the media fuckwits stupid enough to think that they could have gotten away with it, or have they gotten away with shit like this so many times in the past that it didn't occur to them that this time, public humiliation would follow?




| 12:04 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Crysis is epic fucking win.

Enough said.


I'm not a closet Pokemon fan

1/13/2009 | 1:46 AM | Evolved Rationalist

[click to enlarge]


Stupid shit

1/12/2009 | 9:25 PM | Evolved Rationalist

sexydarwinian (9:14:38 PM): Okay... There are two types of stupid shit I have in mind which I can see you doing...
sexydarwinian (9:14:42 PM): Which is it?
evoatheist (9:14:51 PM): what were u thinking?
sexydarwinian (9:15:12 PM): It's either haxoring or going to Arizona to meet 70 year-old men.
evoatheist (9:16:10 PM): *facepalm*



| 8:51 AM | Evolved Rationalist


Superstition is not AWWRIGHT

1/09/2009 | 9:15 PM | Evolved Rationalist

If you want to read something that will make you sick to your stomach, this article does the trick. A woman in Papua New Guinea was murdered because some superstitious fuckwits accused her of being a witch.

The reason despicable things like this happen right into the 21st century is none other than superstition. Of course people should be able to believe what they want to believe, but when other people are hurt because of idiotic beliefs, we have to speak out and work towards putting a stop to it. It is shameful that innocent people are still getting IRL permab& because of the lunacy of a vocal, superstitious, deluded minority.


This article speaks the truth

1/08/2009 | 10:43 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Josh Charles sent me a link to an article comparing the reactions of four online communities (Reddit, Digg, SA, and The Holy 4chan) to a messed-up guy who posted over 2000 posts in his forum in which he is the ONLY USER.

If you ever want to know why I love 4chan despite the cancer killing /b/, read the article. It speaks the truth.

As the 4chan thread says, it would be officially un-Anonlike to not bruteforce the guy's forum password and KILL IT WITH FIRE. I fucking love the *chans.

Disclaimer: I do not support/condone/encourage illegal activity. Posts on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt and a generous serving of lulz.


There's the good and there's the bad

| 2:36 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Normally, I would never consider putting anything concerning iguanas or any lizard-like creature in the 'awesome' category, but it seems like I'll have to make an exception for the pink iguanas recently discovered at the Galapalagos. They do look ugly (in b4 flames), but they are simply EPIC FUCKING WIN because they may provide evidence of species divergence far earlier Darwin's famous finches. If this isn't pure awesomeness, I don't know what is.


Remember, kids: Sometimes monsters a creature than looks a little scary could be your weapon against creationists.

Now for the anti-lulz. This quote from William Lane Craig shows us the depravity and anti-human attitudes associated with modern Christian apologetics:

So whom does God wrong in commanding the destruction of the Canaanites? Not the Canaanite adults, for they were corrupt and deserving of judgement. Not the children, for they inherit eternal life. So who is wronged? Ironically, I think the most difficult part of this whole debate is the apparent wrong done to the Israeli soldiers themselves. Can you imagine what it would be like to have to break into some house and kill a terrified woman and her children? The brutalizing effect on these Israeli soldiers is disturbing.
So, those Israeli soldiers decided to not only kill innocent people but also their consciences because of what some sky-daddy supposedly said. Although the whole story is nothing more than a myth, the fact that people can think this way and be a 'respected Christian apologist' should send alarm bells ringing.

Are you recoiling in horror? There's more:
So the problem isn't that God ended the Canaanites' lives. The problem is that He commanded the Israeli soldiers to end them. Isn't that like commanding someone to commit murder? No, it's not. Rather, since our moral duties are determined by God's commands, it is commanding someone to do something which, in the absence of a divine command, would have been murder. The act was morally obligatory for the Israeli soldiers in virtue of God's command, even though, had they undertaken it on their on initiative, it would have been wrong.
The murder of the Canaanites wasn't a problem, folks. It wasn't a probl-


tl:dr: Murder is AWWRIGHT if god says so! Fuck ethics, we're doing it live let's kill for god! Witness the awesomeness of Christian ethics!

Also, fuck the appeasers. When faced with fucking dangerous ideas like the above, not speaking out seems a lot worse than potentially offending the religious. Sometimes it is our duty to speak out - for the good of the human race, for the lulz, and for great justice.


LOL, Mactards

1/07/2009 | 11:07 PM | Evolved Rationalist

[click to enlarge]


N00bish lolcow of the day

1/05/2009 | 11:26 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Here we go again, folks. A Mary-wannabe and clueless Luddite has this to say:

ER is making atheists look bad by supporting hacking, piracy, and violation of copyright laws.
Look, people on this blog have already explained it over 9000 times. We have been nicely hacking the shit out of Mary explaining why you retarded n00bish fuckwits are clueless asswipes blabbering about shit that you don't even understand. We have shown over and over again that people who talk shit out of their asses about zomgevilhackers are clueless Luddites who have bought into media sensationalism (lol, Fox News). If you can't even fucking read the Jargon File before shooting your mouth off and exposing your ignorance, you should 'an hero' at once. Hackers created the internet, and if you don't like the facts, go back to your motherfucking cave.


Considering the above, I'm sure most of you won't mind if I respond to our shitpile n00b's retarded comment with an image from my /b/ folder:

That is all.


Piracy is bad, kids!

1/04/2009 | 11:04 PM | Evolved Rationalist

According to the RIAA, anyone who owns blank CDs may be a terrorist.

No, really. Watch their 'training video'.

I guess I'll just leave this link here, then.


ATTACKKKK of the wild Scilons

| 12:00 PM | Evolved Rationalist

From an e-mail by a member of the cult of Scientology:

Your commenter, Mary is totally right. Anonymous is a criminal hacker gang and they are funded by psychiatrists to destroy Scientology. We are going to proceed with legal action against you.

After Mary's rants about 'criminal hackers' simply made Anons have more lulz and delicious hax cake at her expense (How many of your e-mail accounts got pwnt, Mary?), the brainwashed Scilon fuckwits are now BAWWWWWing about how zomgshrinksareevil and how those evil shrinks are controlling Anonymous.



Why so serious, Scilons? Is Anonymous controlled by the Nazis too - from the Nazi secret base on a volcano on a moon lorded over by Xenu? Scilons and their retarded whackaloon cult beliefs make my head spin.

They also want to start a LOLSUIT lawsuit against me, folks. For what, exactly? The Scilons don't seem to have learnt anything about freedom of speech (or using their brains for that matter). Therefore, make sure you download and distribute the Scilon ZOMGSEKRITDOX far and wide.

Anons got your dox, Scifucks. Where is your Hubbard now?


So you Scifucks want to sue me? Carry on, Scilons. Go ahead with your imaginary lawsuit, and enjoy failing in an IRL courtroom the way you epically failed on the internet. Gogogogogogo humiliate yourselves.

I can't wait...


I came.

At least Scilons are good for something...


Oh lawd is that some doxing?

1/03/2009 | 2:37 PM | Evolved Rationalist

First one who e-mails me with my actual cellphone number and most awesome suggestion for my next post wins 1000 internets. Gogogogo!

UPDATE: No, this isn't a joke. No, I'm not going to zomgwtfhax you. No, this blog has not been taken over by zombies or Scilons. Jeez, folks.


Serious business

1/01/2009 | 10:59 PM | Evolved Rationalist

MrSmith (7:45:37 PM): Also you got backtrack
MrSmith (7:45:41 PM): I'll admit it
MrSmith (7:45:42 PM): I lol'd
evoatheist (7:45:58 PM): why did you lol?
evoatheist (7:46:03 PM): because it made me look like a skiddie?
evoatheist (7:46:04 PM): hahahaha
MrSmith (7:46:09 PM): Yeah.
MrSmith (7:46:12 PM): BACKTRACK.
MrSmith (7:46:20 PM): Not to mention the fact I downloaded the Live CD
MrSmith (7:46:26 PM): And it looked so shitty
evoatheist (7:46:37 PM): it's VERY shitty
evoatheist (7:46:41 PM): i don't like it at all
evoatheist (7:46:45 PM): uninstall, lol
MrSmith (7:46:48 PM): heh
MrSmith (7:46:52 PM): Yeah.
evoatheist (7:47:02 PM): gentoo ftw
MrSmith (7:47:10 PM): I'm raging
evoatheist (7:47:17 PM): you're still using backtrack? i mean, it's great because you admit you're a skiddie
MrSmith (7:47:23 PM): Fuck no
MrSmith (7:47:27 PM): I'm doubleskidding
evoatheist (7:47:29 PM): i'm not even at skiddie level, i don't even know what hacking is ;-)
MrSmith (7:47:30 PM): And using ubuntu
evoatheist (7:47:35 PM): lulz
MrSmith (7:47:39 PM): I'm*
MrSmith (7:47:54 PM): and which sucks because I can't connect to the interbutts without fucking with the router and the modem
MrSmith (7:48:48 PM): I was thinking "HUR JUST SET THE MODEM TO ROUTER MODE"
MrSmith(7:49:07 PM): But that would fuck with my dynamic IP and shit.
evoatheist (7:50:05 PM): in simpler terms: v&
MrSmith (7:50:14 PM): exactly.
MrSmith (7:50:46 PM): See I just might put Gentoo on my mom's laptop and fuck around with it when she's around
evoatheist (7:50:59 PM): you're such a skiddie but you're learning
evoatheist (7:51:08 PM): did you enjoy the little telnet episode the last time?
evoatheist (7:51:19 PM): i assumed you were butthurt after that and refused to get on AIM hahaha
MrSmith (7:51:33 PM): No actually I thought you blocked me
evoatheist (7:51:58 PM): why would i do that? i love skiddies <3 except when they try to zomgwtfhax me
evoatheist (7:52:06 PM): then i RAGE
evoatheist (7:52:26 PM): hehehehe
evoatheist (7:53:28 PM): also, dammit...hide your ip when you're on irc
evoatheist (7:53:30 PM): hahahahaha
evoatheist (7:53:59 PM): some asshole might decide to raid you ;-)
MrSmith (7:54:04 PM): IP changes every reconnection
evoatheist (7:54:39 PM): lol
evoatheist (7:54:46 PM): still
MrSmith (7:55:22 PM): just for the sake of it
MrSmith (7:55:32 PM): what's the IP of the IRC?
MrSmith (7:55:38 PM): i mean
MrSmith (7:55:48 PM): My IP that appears on IRC
evoatheist (7:55:55 PM): you mean your ip when you were on irc? dammit...i need to re-read over 9000 pages of logs!
evoatheist (7:55:58 PM): dammit skiddie


2009, lol

| 8:54 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Taking the advice of an uberleetically awesome /i/nsurgent human being, I now have BackTrack on my laptop...and discovered that it is sort of lame lame as fuck. I could have sworn that those exact tools worked better totally fine on this.

Also, BackTrack doesn't come with Nessus OH LAWD WAT.

No, that isn't what actually pisses me off about it but I don't want to rant too much. Mary might call the FBI on me or something. *snicker*

evoatheist (9:06:12 PM): lol more like aircrack-ng -b (bssid) (filename-01.cap) or zomgpopcorn
[email protected] (9:06:23 PM): sad


Oh, yeah. Happy New Year, folks. Praise Longcat, Raptor Jesus, and the Holy Gould.