Please let this be a Poe

12/30/2008 | 10:00 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Ever wanted to know what fundie Christards teach their kids about how the world works? Ever wondered how fucktarded and mind-numbingly stupid their beliefs actually are? Ever wondered how their kids practically go though mental abuse by being force-fed retarded lies about science at an early age?

Wonder no more, because some theistarded moron (or Poe, in b4 wishful thinking) has the perfect tool for fundie-style 'education'!

It's an actual scale (lolwut) model of the fictional Noah's Ark.

How do you explain to your kids how big the ark really was?

With a Noah's Ark Kit!
Teach them the truth about the Bible in a way they will never forget.

Noah's Ark Accurate Scale Model is easy to assemble and take apart. A great educational tool! Great for Home Schools, Christian Schools, Sunday Schools and Youth Groups.


* 14 dinosaurs to scale, plus 28 other scale animals
* Amazing Facts Booklet on Noah's Ark from Answers in Genesis
* Pack of "Flood Cards" from Answers in Genesis
* Complete set of instructions
* Educational ideas for Sunday School or VBS lessons
Translation: Now, kids of brainwashed fundies can participate in their own brainwashing by...OH LAWD GUYS, THOSE KIDS ARE USING MAD SKILLZ TO BUILD A FUCKING ARK because some other theistard has decided to make money off an uberleetically fucktarded ancient myth.

When you think you've seen it all, theistards never fail to surprise shock rational people.

*pinches self*

Fuck. This really is the 21st century.


UPDATE: I've already received some e-mails from Anons wonderful blog readers of mine about posting delicious dox on this site. As the site owner above freely volunteered his dox to the internet, I have decided to enjoy the lulz make it easier for people to send him internet love.

Here goes:

Rocky Mountain Networks Ltd.
517 12th St S
Box 283
Golden, BC V0A 1H0

Domain name: ROCKIES.NET

Administrative Contact:
Hickey, Terry
517 12th St S
Box 283
Golden, BC V0A 1H0

PROTIP: A simple whois search can be dangerous, folks!

The delicious IP for that site is, yumyum.

I do not condone any illegal activity, but I'll gladly sit back and enjoy the show watch some awesome folks send our poor theistarded moron some love, hugs, and internet kisses if they so desire.



Pedobear approves

12/27/2008 | 12:42 PM | Evolved Rationalist

How to make pedobear jealous:

1. Be a Christarded minister
2. Load up on the CP
3. Get busted, BAWWWW about your CP addiction
4. ???

It doesn't get any better than this, folks:

Federal investigators arrested a former church employee on child pornography charges after an 8 month investigation.Joe Price, 36, a married father of two, is accused of possessing thousands of images and video clips of children engaging in sexual activity
Seems like his god failed to make him a moral human being or even a half-decent person for that matter. FAILure much?
Deputies said Price was a youth pastor at the New Tribes Mission Church, which has a branch in Sanford.

The church is part of a global organization that sends people all over the world to spread the word of God.
*snicker* *snort*
"That's scary," said Cassandra Shannon. "To find that someone who has dedicated their life to the Lord can do something like that."
In my opinion, the thing that this fucktarded theistard dedicated his life to was the CP. The delicious cake in his life was not Jesus, but sweet loli child porn.

Also, YOUTH PASTOR??!!!!

Doesn't this make you throw up in your mouth a little?
Price was arrested at an Osteen home, and he allegedly admitted to investigators that he is "obsessed" with child pornography.
Seems like Jesus did nothing to help him overcome his obsession.

If only that theistarded pedobear-wannabe had used this miracle tool, he probably would not have been in the mess he's in.

PROTIP: Learn to wipe your shit, theistards. Also, stop being hypocritical morons.

*double snicker*



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I can't believe I'm spending my weekend reading back issues of Phrack Magazine for the lulz.

I'm starting to think that there is actually something wrong with me (in b4 gb2 basement).



/b/ delivers again...

12/26/2008 | 6:52 AM | Evolved Rationalist

...because most Christards who BAWWWWWW about persecution nowadays don't have a fucking clue as to what persecution really is.

An epic image found on the infamous /b/:

tl;dr: Grow up, Christards.


Sound familiar?

| 3:06 AM | Evolved Rationalist

[Click to enlarge]


What century is this again?

12/24/2008 | 5:19 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Want to read something that might just make you puke in your mouth a little?

A Saudi court has rejected a plea to divorce an eight-year-old girl married off by her father to a man who is 58, saying the case should wait until the girl reaches puberty.

The divorce plea was filed in August by the girl's divorced mother with a court at Unayzah, 135 miles north of Riyadh just after the marriage contract was signed by the father and the groom.

Lawyer Abdullar Jtili said:"The judge has dismissed the plea, filed by the mother, because she does not have the right to file such a case, and ordered that the plea should be filed by the girl herself when she reaches puberty."

She is old enough to marry but not old enough to divorce?

Does. Not. Compute.

The postmodernists may blab and foam at their mouths about how we should let things be because 'different cultures have their own ways', but anyone with half a brain can see that this is not about a 'different culture', but about a gross violation of basic human rights and human dignity.

Is this AWWRIGHT for the sake of 'respecting other religions' or are we going to speak out?


An oldie but goodie

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For some people, that is the most important question that could ever be asked. It even comes before 'Are you a good fuck?'. OH NOES!

*rolls eyes*


Another Scilon front group exposed?

12/21/2008 | 12:31 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Does this article make you RRRRAAAAAGGGGEEEE?

Alexander Godelman and Marc Le Shay, two Diskeeper employees (Godelman was CIO and Le Shay hired as the Automation Planning Officer) have filed a complaint in the Los Angeles Superior Court alleging that Scientology training was a condition of employment and that their refusal to participate led to their dismissal. According to the complaint, "{t]he working conditions and work environment at DISKEEPER were inextricably intertwined with the Scientology religion such that a non-Scientologist cannot escape constant impositions of said religion."

When Godelman complained that these programs ran counter to his own religious belief (Judaism), former Diskeeper CEO and current Chairman Craig Jensen told Godelman that his attendance at the "training courses" was "not negotiable," adding that Godelman would become more intelligent and his personal life would "improve drastically." Jensen also warned Godelman to not "complain about the process" in emails, which Jensen feared would be "misconstrued" and/or "taken out of context." Le Shay was eventually fired after he refused to attend and participate in a course series entitled "Basic Study Manual" and after Godelman interceded on Le Shay's behalf, Godelman was also terminated.

How the fuck have the Scientologists been getting away with this sort of shit for so long? At least now the Scifucks know that two can play at the lawsuit game; and I hope that the Scilons get what they deserve - a huge ass-beating in court and more bad PR for their dangerous cult.

A list of Scientology front groups (aka cult recruitment tactics) can be found here.


Is that some loli?

12/20/2008 | 1:41 AM | Evolved Rationalist


Another family destroyed by religion

12/18/2008 | 2:30 AM | Evolved Rationalist

If you are familiar at all with the usual arguments of religious kooks, you would be well versed with the way they BAWWWWW about how religion brings families together, helps people be moral, yada yada yada.

This article shows another side of religion that the theistards don't like to mention.

tl:dr: A Hindu priest rapes a woman, is arrested, and confessed to the crime. The woman's son refuses to believe that the priest did it (because men of god don't do bad things ever, amirite?), and now refuses to visit his mother in hospital.

This is utterly despicable, not only on the part of the so-called holy man who used his position to commit monstrous crimes; but also on the part of people who are so deluded religious leaders that they would rather be split from their families than believe that a man of god could have done something wrong.

When religion is concerned, it seems that everything suddenly becomes AWWRIGHT. Children dying because their parents refuse medical care - it's AWWRIGHT! Families split because of religion - it's AWWRIGHT! Science education fucked up because of religion - it's AWWRIGHT!

[appeaser-speak]What makes it AWWRIGHT, you ask? Why, because it is religion, of course! Religion should not be criticized because it is RELIGION, dammit, and we need to show some respect here. Respect religion because it is religion! Don't you see the logic here?[/appeaser speak]

See the problem with that approach, folks? When situations such as the above happen, most appeasers are quick to denounce the practice as 'extremism' and the like, without realizing that their actions then make them exactly like the so-called 'militant atheists' they abhor...because, we all know that speaking out against religion makes us militants.

Militants. Serious business.


A truly epic internet moment

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I'm going to post a real post up next, I promise. As for now, I couldn't resist posting this screenshot of an epic thread.

/b/ recites the Hacker Manifesto, delivering over 9000 levels of win and awesome to the internet:

[click to enlarge]

This thread is ongoing as I post, but I think by now you get the gist. Maybe, just maybe, /b/ can be saved from the cancer after all.



Why so lulzy, /b/?

12/17/2008 | 10:43 AM | Evolved Rationalist

[Click to enlarge]


Are you a hardcore atheist?

12/16/2008 | 11:23 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Over at Friendly Atheist, Hemant asks:

How serious do you take your atheism?

Let’s find out.

Copy and paste the list below on your own site, boldfacing the things you’ve done. (Feel free to add your own elaboration and commentary to each item!)

Ok folks, here goes! As a theistard-basher, I'm curious as to how hardcore I am.
  1. Participated in the Blasphemy Challenge.
  2. Met at least one of the “Four Horsemen” (Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris) in person.
  3. Created an atheist blog.
  4. Used the Flying Spaghetti Monster in a religious debate with someone.
  5. Gotten offended when someone called you an agnostic.
  6. Been unable to watch Growing Pains reruns because of Kirk Cameron.
  7. Own more Bibles than most Christians you know.
  8. Have at least one Bible with your personal annotations regarding contradictions, disturbing parts, etc.
  9. Have come out as an atheist to your family.
  10. Attended a campus or off-campus atheist gathering.
  11. Are a member of an organized atheist/Humanist/etc. organization.
  12. Had a Humanist wedding ceremony.
  13. Donated money to an atheist organization.
  14. Have a bookshelf dedicated solely to Richard Dawkins.
  15. Lost the friendship of someone you know because of your non-theism.
  16. Tried to argue or have a discussion with someone who stopped you on the street to proselytize.
  17. Hid your atheist beliefs on a first date because you didn’t want to scare him/her away.
  18. Own a stockpile of atheist paraphernalia (bumper stickers, buttons, shirts, etc).
  19. Attended a protest that involved religion.
  20. Attended an atheist conference.
  21. Subscribe to Pat Condell’s YouTube channel.
  22. Started an atheist group in your area or school.
  23. Successfully “de-converted” someone to atheism.
  24. Have already made plans to donate your body to science after you die.
  25. Told someone you’re an atheist only because you wanted to see the person’s reaction.
  26. Had to think twice before screaming “Oh God!” during sex. Or you said something else in its place. (I'd rather say 'Oh GOULD!' instead.)
  27. Lost a job because of your atheism.
  28. Formed a bond with someone specifically because of your mutual atheism (meeting this person at a local gathering or conference doesn’t count).
  29. Have crossed “In God We Trust” off of — or put a pro-church-state-separation stamp on — dollar bills.
  30. Refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
  31. Said “Gesundheit!” (or nothing at all) after someone sneezed because you didn’t want to say “Bless you!”
  32. Have ever chosen not to clasp your hands together out of fear someone might think you’re praying.
  33. Have turned on Christian TV because you need something entertaining to watch.
  34. Are a 2nd or 3rd (or more) generation atheist.
  35. Have “atheism” listed on your Facebook or dating profile — and not a euphemistic variant.
  36. Attended an atheist’s funeral (i.e. a non-religious service).
  37. Subscribe to an freethought magazine (e.g. Free Inquiry, Skeptic)
  38. Have been interviewed by a reporter because of your atheism.
  39. Written a letter-to-the-editor about an issue related to your non-belief in God.
  40. Gave a friend or acquaintance a New Atheist book as a gift.
  41. Wear pro-atheist clothing in public.
  42. Have invited Mormons/Jehovah’s Witnesses into your house specifically because you wanted to argue with them.
  43. Have been physically threatened (or beaten up) because you didn’t believe in God.
  44. Receive Google Alerts on “atheism” (or variants).
  45. Received fewer Christmas presents than expected because people assumed you didn’t celebrate it.
  46. Visited The Creation Museum or saw Ben Stein’s Expelled just so you could keep tabs on the “enemy.”
  47. Refuse to tell anyone what your “sign” is… because it doesn’t matter at all.
  48. Are on a mailing list for a Christian organization just so you can see what they’re up to…
  49. Have kept your eyes open while you watched others around you pray.
  50. Avoid even Unitarian churches because they’re too close to religion for you.

Not bad for a supposedly 'evil militant atheist'.


Since you asked...

| 9:21 PM | Evolved Rationalist


^That's me in my natural habitat.

Do I look like that everyday? Yes.
Do I need to get out more? No.

Thanks for (not) asking.

Comments pl0x.


It has been done

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It is now official.

Encyclopedia Dramatica > Wikipedoa Wikipedia

This picture says it all:


The hackers on steroids took over the internet a long, long time ago created the whole fucking internet. ZOMG.


Also, lulz.


Found on /b/ at 5:26AM

12/15/2008 | 5:26 AM | Evolved Rationalist


Picture unrelated

12/14/2008 | 4:47 PM | Evolved Rationalist


Obvious cult is obvious

| 2:29 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Listen up, folks: Scientology is not AWWRIGHT. As funny as the whole Xenu story is, the darker truth about the inner workings of Scientology show one thing - Scientology is a dangerous cult.

Scientology is, and has always been, an enemy to free speech. SO CHARGE YOUR LAZORS!!! This article shows how that cowardly, dangerous, and sinister cult pressured publishers not to publish anything that is critical of the cult.

Scientology has a long history of trying to suppress material written about it that it doesn't like. Several times they've taken legal action to try and stop websites revealing their teachings – particularly those which, to outsiders, might look a bit odd. (I won't quote them, but just type "Xenu" into a search engine, then sit back and marvel.)

With books, their usual tactic is to get their solicitors to send out letters alleging defamation; I had one myself a few years ago. If bookshops receive such a letter, most of them chicken out immediately. They lose very little by not stocking a book - except their honour.

What can we learn from the Scilons?

  1. Start a cult
  2. Charge over 9000 dollars for auditing and other shit
  3. Use the money to flex legal muscles and silence critics
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!
The issue here is not the stupidity of Scientology or the retarded science fiction book (Dianetics, lol) that they think represents reality. There is nothing wrong with believing in Xenu, thetans, or space aliens in itself. However, when a religion is established with the sole purpose of conning gullible sheep out of their money and when said cult uses criminal tactics to suppress criticism, things are not AWWRIGHT in Xenu-land. The reality behind this dangerous cult (yes, there have been deaths associated with Scientology) isn't funny in the least. It is downright dangerous, and this cult has to be exposed and pwnt for the lulz and for great justice.

The end of the article hits the nail on the head.
I'm no opponent of new religions. Because of the unbiased descriptive stance of my books on new religious movements, anti-cultists have accused me of being a "cult apologist". I'm not that, either. I have no problem with new religions if they behave reasonably, if they're up front about their mistakes – and their membership! – and if they learn to accept criticism gracefully. Those, I think, are signs of maturity in a religion. It's a shame that some religions still act like troubled, insecure and aggressive teenagers.
Yes, that is what is actually scary and dangerous about Scientology - not their kooky space alien beliefs.

After all this, you must be wondering what you could do to help expose and bring down this dangerous cult. In my opinion, the best way to do that isn't by wearing masks and yelling memes in the streets. There is a much better way...

Since Scientology thrives on making their cultists pay through their noses to learn about their religion, since they are so adamant on removing anything that makes them look bad from the internet, since they keep denying that Xenu has anything to do with their cult, and since they are such bigoted, irrational champions of censorship; the best way to make the cult poop in their pants is to download their ZOMGSEKRITDOX and distribute them so that more people can see how fucked-up their shit really is. All documents on OT levels, personality tests, the fair game policy, auditing sessions, secret correspondence, etc. can be downloaded from this link, courtesy of the infamous Anonymous hackers on steroids. Information should be free, and the Scilon fucktards can take a hike for all I care.

Did I tell you how much I love Anon again?


Scilons and general fucktards, don't even try to BAWWWWW about 'zomgcopyrightohnoes' and attempt to talk out of your asses. Linking to a site isn't illegal, and I would simply laugh at your faces and drop your delicious dox on this site if you decide to be a moronic asswipe. I don't want your censorship-loving asses fucking up my blog, thank you very much.


What's wrong with this picture?

12/12/2008 | 10:49 PM | Evolved Rationalist


Make up your mind, IDiot!

| 10:46 PM | Evolved Rationalist

How to be an IDiot 101.

You? An IDiot? It's more likely than you think!

All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Have no clue about what your theory actually is.
  2. Claim that what you've been trumpeting for years is now ALL FUCKING WRONG!
  3. Claim that it is still AWWRIGHT after all.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!
If you aren't yet convinced that the ID lunatics have no clue as to what the fuck is going on and what their own failure of a 'theory' is about, this recent post by William "BillDumb" Dembski over on Uncommonly Dense may provide a clue:
In an off-hand comment in a thread on this blog I remarked that I was dispensing with the Explanatory Filter in favor of just going with straight-up specified complexity. On further reflection, I think the Explanatory Filter ranks among the most brilliant inventions of all time (right up there with sliced bread). I’m herewith reinstating it — it will appear, without reservation or hesitation, in all my future work on design detection.
For those of you who are going "WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN", Dembski recently conceded that his beloved Explanatory Filter was useless and doesn't explain anything; finally admitting what real scientists have been saying for over 9000 years since he first came up with that retarded bullshit.

Too good to be true? FUCK YES!

Now, he's backpedalling on his claim, making the fucktarded statement that OH GOLLY, the Explanatory Filter is perfectly AWWRIGHT and that he is going to keep spouting his theistarded pile of dung in an effort to ruin real science.

Listen up, Dembski: Real scientists don't go around dismissing their life's work in an "offhand statement" on a comment thread on a blog and then retracting that statement in a blog post. When you do that, you show yourself to be a laughing stock and provide more lulz for evolutionists to enjoy. You have only shown that ID is not to be taken seriously (and that you IDiots don't have the slightest clue as to what is going on in ID la-la land), and till you finally come up with some real science to support your claims, we are just going to milk you for the lolcow that you are.

tl;dr: IDiots, if you don't want to continue being a laughing-stock, give us the evidence. Put up or shut up.


1man 1jar

12/11/2008 | 8:36 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Just when I thought that I was a hardened /b/tard, the internet did it again. I came. Hard.

Once you start, you can't stop watching.

Also, JFGI if you need to ask.


Cake of the now

12/10/2008 | 6:17 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Mad props for those who get the references. Even more mad props for those who know that THE CAKE IS A LIE! <3


What do you think happened to poor Kimpy?

12/09/2008 | 6:30 PM | Evolved Rationalist

For some reason, I think s/he just fried his box.

[18:05] kimp1337: hi im a blog reader of yours
[18:05] evoatheist: ohai
[18:05] evoatheist: sup?
[18:07] kimp1337: i was just wondering, how do i hack?
[18:07] evoatheist: ...
[18:07] evoatheist: get an axe and hack your neck off
[18:07] kimp1337: are you being sarcastic?
[18:08] evoatheist: of course not
[18:08] kimp1337: no i mean, how do i hack? really?
[18:08] kimp1337: i use linux
[18:08] evoatheist: oh i see, ok then
[18:09] evoatheist: you want to make sure that you don't get v&.
[18:09] evoatheist: so you need to type this command before you begin
anything: mv /sbin/ /dev/null/sbin
[18:10] kimp1337: hang on let me type
Meebo message: kimp1337 is offline.
[18:12] evoatheist: oops

PROTIP: Do not take candy from strangers. Lulz will be had at your expense if you show yourself to be a stupid, clueless, bumbling moron.


Anonymous and such

| 5:36 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Then Jesus asked him, "What is your name?" "My name is Legion," he replied, "for we are many." [Mark 5:9]

Someone left an uberleetically awesome comment on one of my previous posts, and I'm reposting it here as it is too good not to deserve a post of its own:

Hello, I am the admin of the wiki

As far as the nature of anonymous, you can't simply define a 'nature'. 'Anonymous' isn't a person or a well-organized group--it is an idea. It is not native to the *chans, either. People are separated; whether it is race, nationality, or religion, there are various arbitrary dividers that keep people apart. With the advent of the internet, information was able to cross every geographical and socio-political boundary instantly, making such divisions utterly irrelevant. There is, however, one last major roadblock--the name.

People protect their names; they water down or change what they say in order to protect the sanctity of their names, and in-turn people pre-judge ideas and thoughts of others because of connotations with the name. By forcibly removing the name, people no longer worry about what others will think, they simply speak their mind, and each idea they bring forth is judged by itself, as simply an idea, and not for the name behind it.

Another thing happens, and that is people become more open to change. Because of anonymity, people are no longer worried about changing their views and being branded a 'hypocrite'--the insecurity behind so much bigotry is now gone, and people (who are now much more exposed to new ideas) begin to judge each idea individually, and not for how it will affect their name or the name behind the idea.

Imagine a dark room filled with thousands upon thousands of people--each one an individual, and each one carrying out one or more conversations, unafraid of what others will think. There is no doubt that each one is a free individual, but together it makes a kind of 'white noise'. Because of the size of the group, the ability to communicate freely, and the lack of insecurity, people begin to come to similar conclusions--not anything specific, but things that all people share become more important than any previous divisions (e.g. nationality), and so trends become visible in the group, as well as in the individual (who is influenced by the group). In effect, people's ideas begin to merge, and the individuals become more similar.

Now, "for the lulz" could be considered one trend in the group--people generally have a similar sense of humour, and so may be bound to specific events or causes because of it. That is not to say there are not any ulterior motives--remember that this isn't some single organism, this is a very large group of individuals, and each may have different reasons. It would be naive to say that it is all "for the lulz"; many raids such as Hal Turner and Scientology were most definitely ran by people who were genuinely fighting racism or for free speech, however there are many others who were not. One thing these people have in common with many others of the group (even not doing this raid), is that they derive enjoyment from it.
No, this isn't tl;dr. READ IT.


A question for my readers

12/08/2008 | 9:24 PM | Evolved Rationalist

In your opinion, why is atheism/skepticism predominantly male?

Man the harpoons and comment away.


Fundie Claim #19: Not all of us are like that! BAWWWWW!

12/06/2008 | 9:36 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Fundie: Not all of us are like those fundies! Some of us are moderate Christians, and you are lumping us all together and making us all look bad! This is unfair!

A certain Christian threw a BAWWWWfest in the comments to one of my previous posts, claiming that I refuse to make the distinction between fundie theistards and just plain old theistards. However, the best part of the whole BAWWWWfest was how he/she ended it all.

Have you ever thought that not all Christians act like these idiots?
Of course I have! Where did I ever say that all Christians believe the shit that their more fundamentalist kin believe in? What I'm pointing out is that such crazy beliefs do in fact exists in our society; and showing why those beliefs are a pile of theistarded dung.

From a previous post:
Religious myths may be stupid, but their adherents not necessarily are. In fact, I've met fundies who are perfectly intelligent in other aspects apart from their infantile religious beliefs.
Sorry, theistard. You need to lurk moar pay more attention to what I post in the future.
What makes me sad is not that you don't believe in God, it's that you see Christians in the same way these "theistards" see all Atheists. You're as much a fundamentalist Atheist as these people are fundamentalist Christians.
What the flying fuck is a 'fundamentalist atheist'? Atheism simply means a lack of a belief in god/gods - nothing more and nothing less.

So tell me, theistards/appeasers: How exactly does one be a fundamentalist atheist when atheism has no dogma and no creeds?
There's as little black and white in your world as in the world of a fundamentalist Christian. You give all Christians the same respect a few show to you.
There is a huge difference between respect for a person and respect for a person's beliefs. No theistard/appeaser has ever given a convincing case as to why religious beliefs alone must be respected at all costs or as to why atheists are to refrain from criticizing religion.

Do try to keep up, theistard.
I am a God-fearing Christian who learned about evolution, loves science because it gave me a second chance at life, believes in organ donation, contemplates the usefulness of stem-cell research (though still stumped on it), never actively tried to convert my friends to Christianity, and I have never sent one of those "send this on or you hate God" spams.
What's your point? You may have not sent me death threats/spam/creationist tracts, but the fact remains that there are people who do so, and I have the right to blog about those people and show them for the ignoramuses they are on my blog.

Again, what the fuck is your point?
It is posts like these that make Christians believe all Atheists are terrible people, which is something I find to be untrue.
Ah, so criticizing someone's beliefs and exercising my right to free speech makes me a horrible person. Thanks for pointing out your fucktarded mindset, theistard.
Most Christians find that 'living by example' and trying to undermine what most Atheists believe a Christian to be is good enough to spread the word.
That is why we have over 9000 moderate Christians putting their foot down and telling the fundies that their bigotry is childish, archaic, wrong, irrational, and ...

Wait, what?

I am very upset at all these posts you have put up by "Good Christian people" as examples of what all Christians believe.
Where did I make such a generalization? Are you sure you're not just imagining things and hearing voices in your head, theistard?
I hate these posts.
Don't like them? Get your own blog.
I constantly have to argue with some of my friends that these are perversions of Christianity, not the rule. I have never told a friend that "they are going to hell" and that they are beyond saving. The only reason you are is thanks to these "Theistards" who twist the Bible into whatever the hell they want then flap their lips about it until even I am disgusted with my religion.
Perversions? Haven't you 'moderate' Christians realized that you are the one who desperately attempts to ignore parts of the Bible that you think doesn't fit into your modern worldview? Haven't you considered the fact that the fundies are actually the ones who are living by the Bible, and that the reason their behavior sounds so despicable to you is because the Bible is an old book of lies that has no place in modern society?

You're disgusted with your religion? Maybe you should pay a little more attention to what your Bible really says, and realize that if you think that it is the infallible word of god, the fundies have got their interpretation right after all. No matter how much you deny it, the Bible is a book full of bigotry, hate, irrationality, and mythical fantasies. Grow up, theistard.

Now, for the lulzy part of the theistard's comment:
(and don't try to hack that email account if you can see it. It was eaten by spam when I was in 8th grade. I don't even WANT to know what it gets now.)
(What? You thought I'd be dumb enough to put my real e-mail here?)
Our theistard is at least a step up from Mary the Scilon. That's a start, I guess.

*double snicker*


Oh, Ebaumsworld...

12/05/2008 | 3:11 PM | Evolved Rationalist

What have you guys done this time?! Also, lulz.

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Disclaimer: I do not support/condone/encourage illegal activity. Posts on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt and a generous serving of lulz.


Vote for Encyclopedia Dramatica!

| 10:25 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Here's the gist, folks:

ED is in contention for the 2nd Annual Mashable Open Web Awards for the wiki category. This is the final round, so your votes are needed to make sure that ED wins. This is very important - if you don't vote, mudkipz will hate you forever and ever and ever (yes, way over 9000 years). Do it for the lulz, for great justice, and to keep our culture alive.

GOGOGO DO IT! We don't want despicable, slimy, and scummy Wikipedia to win, do we?

Vote now and provide /b/lackup here. Also, do it for this, in b4 personal army.



12/04/2008 | 4:17 PM | Evolved Rationalist

[12:31] MrSmith: As a wise Anon said once in a long-forgotten IRC channel
[12:31] MrSmith: "If God was real, he'd be made out of lulz"


WWP needs /b/lackup!

| 12:54 PM | Evolved Rationalist

I recently received an e-mail from Gregg about the current situation over at Why We Protest:

Hi everyone, I have emailed about 20 people here who I think might be
able to help. costs about $870/mo to keep alive. There are many reasons for that, most of them are simply about traffic. When the sword attack/death happened we had a couple hundred thousand extra hits in the first few days. The site handled it just fine. But that comes at a cost. da5id, an admin on the forums put up a good post and links on how to help here:

$870 might seem like a lot, but with enough people helping out it actually isnt. I specifically emailed the people on this list because they have either been really helpful in the past or because I feel like you might be able to help get the word out onto other forums and websites.

The thread on whyweprotest has links to subscriptions as well so people can just signup to one of those and it will go automatically. We have enough to cover December. We do not have anything to cover january with or anything going forward. So if anyone can help out here it would be greatly appreciated.

While I have my own pr/i/vate reasons to think that New Anonymous is an epic failure, I also think that Scientology is a dangerous cult that needs to be SAGED IN EVERY FIELD and IRL b& at once. Therefore, if you think that what the folks over at WWP would help the anti-Scientology cause (read more on what I think about this issue here), gogogogogo and donate for the lulz, for great justice, and for the sake of bringing down a fucked-up cult.

As someone who has also been fair-gamed by the Scilons (I'm talking about you, Mary), I think that this calls for some /b/lackup.



I haven't had dinner yet...

12/03/2008 | 11:45 PM | Evolved Rationalist

[23:42] evoatheist: sudo make me a sandwich
[23:42] evoatheist: with command line condiment parameters
[23:42] evoatheist: want
[23:43] evoatheist: i swear someday i'll learn to sudo real food
[23:43] evoatheist: i mean, cook real food
[23:43] evoatheist: shit

Mad props if you get the references. :)


Another reason to love the /i/nternet

| 1:21 AM | Evolved Rationalist

  1. Go to an /i/ board (PROTIP: The /i/ boards can be found on
  2. See the word 'theistards' being used in a thread
  3. Hope that whoever posted that reads your blog
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

This just made my day, folks. Going to my favorite /i/ and seeing the word 'theistards' there made me fapfapfapfap realize that I fucking love the /i/nternet.

Uberleetically awesome, amirite?

Anonymous, thanks for making the /i/nternet a better place.

If you don't know what the fuck is going on or what /i/ even is, I'll help you in your quest to not fail as much at the internets by copypasta-ing this from cancer promoter Encyclopedia Dramatica:
Not to be confused with /i/, the 4chan Oekaki board, /i/ is the shifting location where Ebaumsworld plots many raids, and then pins it on Anonymous for some reason. Four out of 5 scientists agree the majority of the internet's lulz originate from /i/. An individual involved in this board would be called an /i/nsurgent, an /i/nvader, or an /i/nfidel. The group as a whole was called the /i/ntifada.
Also, LURK MOAR on to get to those /i/ boards. DO IT for the lulz!

Disclaimer: I do not support/condone/encourage illegal activity. Posts on this blog should be taken with a grain of salt and a generous serving of lulz.


Of onions and such

12/01/2008 | 10:03 AM | Evolved Rationalist

[14:06][email protected]: onions
[14:06] evoatheist: onions? you mean tor
[14:06] evoatheist: uh ok
[14:06] evoatheist: i like onions
[14:07] evoatheist: vidalia is fap material
[14:08] [email protected]: lol
[14:08] [email protected]: I was thinking something different
[14:08] evoatheist: huh? something different?
[14:08] evoatheist: like what?
[14:09] [email protected]: "they don't taste that good"
[14:09] evoatheist: oh...

If you're a n00b you don't get the references, click here and here.

This leads me to my actual question: Does this mean that I need to get out more, or am I still AWWRIGHT?