Theistard thinks slavery is AWWRIGHT!

11/29/2008 | 12:40 AM | Evolved Rationalist

Some of you might recall my previous post about a crazy fucktarded fundie moron who regularly mentally abuses her children for Jesus. A reader recently e-mailed me another interesting find from her blog - a post titled 'Slavery is not wrong'.

With a title like that, you know the rest of the post will just keep getting worse; and as expected, our theistarded brainwashed fucktard does not disappoint.

This is an issue I feel I have to address for many reasons. One thing that I have learnt in my 2 and half years as a born again Christian is that God is sovereign. In addition to that He does not need or want human advocates. With the issue of Slavery Christians are often put in a corner because they are trying to defend God and at the same time the bible nowhere directly attacks slavery. The bible does not condemn slavery.
So far, so good. The Bible does not condemn slavery - it encourages it and provides instructions to slaves on how to obey their masters or burn in hell. A nice book for Christians to claim is the word of their sky-daddy, isn't it?
The New Testament nowhere directly attacks slavery; had it done so, the resulting slave insurrections would have been brutally suppressed and the message of the gospel hopelessly confused with that of social reform. Instead Christianity undermined the evils of slavery by changing the hearts of slaves and masters".
Oh, so Christianity does not hold that slavery is wrong. Christianity just works to 'change the hearts of slaves and masters' in a way that the people who projected their wants on some imaginary sky-daddy saw fit.

Thanks for pointing that out, theistard.
In the New Testament Paul writes a letter to Philemon, who was a prominent Christian. Philemon owned a slave called Onesemus, who ran away. Somehow he came into contact with Paul in Rome and as a result Onesemus became a Christian. The apostle Paul quickly grew to love this runaway slave and wanted to keep him in Rome. But as Onesemus had run away from his master he had broken Roman Law, and Paul knew that this was an issue that had to be dealt with. So Paul sent Onesemus back to Colosse to his master Philemon. Paul writes this beautiful personal letter to Philemon urging him to forgive Onesemus and to welcome him back as a slave and a brother in Christ. Now the issue is this, if slavery was wrong this was a perfect opportunity for Paul, the great apostle to condemn it. But he doesn't, he actually urges a slave to go back and serve his master. Why? So many Christians find it hard to deal with this book and they cant understand why Paul never condemns slavery.
This theistard seems to have a hard time answering that simple question because she simply can't comprehend the fact that times change and that her old book of myths simply does not do in modern society. Once you think that the Bible is the word of an infallible god, you have just lost the game, and your ability to reason things though in context of the world that you live in today.

PROTIP: This isn't first-century Jerusalem, fundies.
I understand that there is so much evil in slavery, when masters abuse their slaves. That is wrong. The bible condemns treating others in an evil way. So this is not the issue. But slavery in itself is not wrong. Just as husbands can abuse wives, does it mean marriage is evil? Or parents can abuse their children, does it mean parenting is wrong? Because masters can be evil to their slaves, it doesn't mean that slavery is wrong.

Nobody claims that slavery is wrong because 'masters sometimes abuse their slaves'. People are against slavery using the reasoning that slavery itself is a form of abuse. Do try to keep up, theistard.
Just as wives are to be submissive to their husbands, likewise slaves are to be submissive to their masters.
PROTIP: Just because an old book says something doesn't make it true.
If slavery is wrong, then wives should not submit to their husbands, children should not obey parents, women should became equal to men and preach in churches ( which is forbidden in the bible by the way), and mostly no one should call Jesus their master or submit to the authority of God. For this reason, the bible does not condemn slavery, because the whole concept of Christians serving God would be meaningless.
Human slavery is a very difficult part of history, and the fact that godly people in the bible owned slaves, makes it more hard for people to understand.
Yeah, the fact that the Bible was written over 2000 years ago by mortal men who simply followed the social conventions of the time is certainly hard to explain, isn't it?

Whoops, we're talking about theistards here. My bad.
I do not believe slavery is wrong, because a) The bible does not condemn slavery and b) Slavery makes so much sense and to say slavery is wrong we rob the gospel off its meaning and even Election.
To the theistard: So, how do you know which parts of the Bible to obey and which to discard? Do you also think that grasshoppers have four legs and that you will go to hell if you use mixed fabric?

This is what happens when you base your morality on an old book. You lose your ability to think, you sound like a complete clueless moron, and people would have epic lulz at your expense if it wasn't so painful to watch.
The concept of total submission and slavery is at the very heart of Christ's gospel. In order to be saved you have to be a slave of Christ. God is the one who chooses us, he saves us. He buys us with a price, the blood of Jesus. We are called to do the will of God, not ours. Not unto us but to Him. We are told to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. We are told to hate our own self and love God even before our own families. The whole New Testament sounds like slave talk to me. If you are a Christian you will understand what it means to be bought and be a slave. I have had disagreements with some Christians as they say slavery is wrong, its as if they are implying that God forgot to put that in the bible, but i disagree. I find that people who do not understand the concept of slavery do not understand the character and nature of God Himself and they do not understand what it means to be Christian. I love Mary's song in Luke 1 when she says ' ...for he has regarded the lowly state of his maidservant, (i.e female slave)..'. Here is Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, calling herself a slave of her master - God. Mary perfectly understood what it meant to be a slave of her Lord, and if you are truly saved, you will not find the concept of slavery insulting or evil.
Translation: All of that mythical bullshit and theological arm-wrangling is a solid argument that slavery is not wrong because THE BIBLE SAYS SO AND THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD BECAUSE IT SAYS IT IS, see the logic there? Let's bring back slavery...FOR JESUS!

Seriously, some theistards need to get out of the gene pool before they contaminate it any more than they already have.


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