VenomFailX apologizes for lying. ZOMG.

10/12/2008 | 4:06 PM | Evolved Rationalist

Who would have guessed?

In an act that completely stunned those of us who are familiar with the often-intentional deceptive tactics that the creationists employ for Jesus to promote their dogma, (in)famous YouTube creationist VenomFangX apologized for filing false DMCA claims against another user.

For those who need an introduction, VenomFangX is a particularly clueless and lulz-inducing creationist who insists on clogging up YouTube with insanity that ranges from the idea that evolution is a tool of Satan to fawning screeds of Kent Hovind-worship. Despite being repeatedly called out for his outrageous and blatantly false claims, VenomFangX has adamantly refused to admit that his claims are all made out of hot air.

The story took a turn for the funny when VenomFang X decided that he did not like the series “Why Do People Laugh at Creationists?” made by another user, Thunderf00t. (He BAWWWW-ed). He proceeded to file false DMCA notices against Thunderf00t in an attempt at censorship. Thunderf00t decided that it was time to teach our creationist a lesson, and obtained proof that VenomFangX deliberately committed perjury in the process of filing the claims. Instead of suing the living daylights out of VenomFangX and having his account permabanned from YouTube, Thunderf00t decided to make a public example out of VenomFangX by making him - gasp - apologize and admit that he was lying all along.

Lulzy version (from ED):

VFX: Hey! These videos that are criticizing me use clips from my videos. That means I can file a metric shit-ton of DMCAs and get them taken down.

Thunderf00t: Actually clips used for satire and criticism are covered by 'fair use.' Also, did you know that you could be charged with perjury for filing false DMCAs?

VFX: Um..... A "friend" of mine filed some DMCAs by mistake. You see there was this big list of DMCAs and two of your videos accidentally got put on there. I'm so very sorry about this, old chum. I'll be the first to admit that as a filthy sin-ridden human, I'm fallible and sometimes make mistakes. Can we be friends now?

Thunderf00t: No. Leave YouTube for a year or I'll pursue the perjury charges.

VFX: YOU CAN'T USE CLIPS OF MY VIDEOS! I made them, I own the copyright on them. My DMCAs were totally justified! This is censorship!

Thunderf00t: Nvm this shit, I'll let you off the hook. I don't want to have your account deleted 'cause you're just too much fun. But you have to tell everyone you're a tard and a liar.

VFX: Ok sry, my bad. Kthxbai.

Click here to watch VenomFangX getting owned.

Read the whole story about the lulz-inducing pwnage of VenomFangX over at Encyclopedia Dramatica. (NSFW)

Apparently, his devotion to Jesus did not stop VenomFangX from lying. Oh, the irony of it all!

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