Solution: Anti-animal testing goons should be used as lab rats

4/05/2008 | 12:03 AM | Evolved Rationalist

I was recently in an e-mail exchange with an anti-animal testing fanatic. To make the long story short, here is the dung pile from the fucktarded goon who could not resist spewing piles of poo out of his mouth:

  1. Animals have souls too. (WTF? Evidence?)
  2. Puppies are cute.
  3. [Sends me pictures of puppies]
  4. Scientists are bad bad bad. (What are those anti-science hypocritical retards doing on the internet, anyway?
  5. Why not test it on the scientists themselves. (Scientists are not the one acting like retards, you moronic pile of dung. Since you are so against animal testing, why don't you offer yourself as an alternative? Are you too cowardly for that? Asshole.)
  6. If animals should die, humans can live without medicine. (Hey idiot, why don't you practice what you preach and go without medicine? You anti-science kooks can and should migrate to a cave somewhere - just leave the rest of us alone.
  7. [Sends more pictures of puppies]
  8. [Sends links to PETA videos.]
  9. Says 'Don't you think all animals are adorable?' (No)
  10. Ignores facts and sends more pictures of puppies. (What's with this kook and puppies?)
I was already getting bored with this stupid exchange. My next step would simply have been to ignore the lunatic, if not for his latest e-mail where he quotes extremist Ingrid Newkirk of PETA:
I find it small wonder that the laboratories aren't all burning to ground. If I had a more guts, I'd light a match.
*hot, unbridled rage at anti-science morons*

Anti-science bigots always have to resort to threats and violence in the end. They are fully aware that their case is baseless, thus the constant need to resort to fear. (Anyone reminded of Biblical preaching by fear?)

This kook is so against animal testing and wants to resort to violence to promote his anti-science ways. Therefore, here is the solution I propose:

Since the kook said that 'We are not against science, we just have mercy for the animals', herd those goons into labs and perform experiments on them instead of on the animals. Wouldn't that solve the whole problem? No animals will be harmed, and this will be a good way to remove some anti-science goons from the gene pool. A whole new generation of lab rats will be born!


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  1. Karen |

    Works for me.

  2. John Murphy |

    Wow...I can't believe I agree with Shalanonymous. Let the record show that we do not disagree on everything!

  3. sciencefreak |

    John, who is Shalanonymous?

  4. Eric Haas |

    PETA is full of hypocrites.

  5. John Murphy |

    Hey sciencefreak: Shalanonymous is my name for the author of this blog. For some reason the owner must keep their identity secret (I have my theories, but don't know for sure), so I want to honor that, even though I know this person's identity. Thus the name.

  6. smoke |

    And you can refer to John Murphy as fucktard.

  7. creationist |

    Shalanonymous is SHALINI SEHKAR


  8. Evolved Rationalist |


    Stop spamming. Better yet, die in a fire.

  9. John Murphy |

    Thanks for the cool nickname Smoke!

  10. SCG |

    Please creationist and others, leave evolved rationalist alone on this matter of being Shalini. Whether she is or not is not important. This blog is what it is, some love it and some hate it, but it's not very "Christian" to continually leave stupid comments when the author of this blog (whoever she is) obviously has chosen to remain anonymous for a reason. I thought Jesus said to forgive your enemies and to do unto others as you would have them do unto you?

    And John Murphy, you are such a hypocrite. You say:Shalanonymous is my name for the author of this blog. For some reason the owner must keep their identity secret (I have my theories, but don't know for sure), so I want to honor that, even though I know this person's identity. Thus the name. Come on! If you really meant that you wouldn't bring up the matter at all by using the the word Shalanonymous. Are all Christians total and complete hypocrites and liars?

    On the subject of the post itself, Peta is one of the most evil groups on the planet. Ingrid Newkirk of PETA has said: "There is no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. They're all mammals." When are they and other animal rights fanatics going to understand the difference between animal welfare and animal "rights", which do not exist. Human beings have rights, non-human animals do not. Deal with it!

  11. John Murphy |

    SCG said: "And John Murphy, you are such a hypocrite. " me crazy but wouldn't sciencefreak's question pretty much annul that statement?

    I suspect that one could guess a lot of things from the word "shalanonymous" however, identifying the owner of this blog would not be one of them.

  12. Anonymous |

    Fuck you.


  13. Anonymous |

    their differnet than us burn teh stoopid ignorant sheeple.
    fucking batshit insane psychotic gaytheists


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