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10/08/2008 | 9:01 PM | Evolved Rationalist

As much as theistards may hope for a miracle, praying for a limb will not cause the limb to magically miraculously regrow. Thankfully, there is this thing called science that actually does help people:

Karl Merk, a German dairy farmer whose arms had been amputated after an accident, said he felt like a "whole man" again as he spoke for the first time since the operation in July.

"The feeling is indescribable. Every day I gain more mobility," said Mr Merk as he showed off the arms, which are being supported by a special "corset" while the healing continues.

Six years ago Mr Merk lost his arms in a farm maize threshing machine. Found by a colleague as he lay bleeding to death, he screamed: "Kill me, kill me!" But the man saved his life instead.

Doctors at the teaching hospital of the Technical University in Munich then planned a world first: to transplant two arms at once. The procedure was conducted over two days in July.

A team of 40 surgeons and nurses working in two operating rooms removed the arms from the donor, who had died only hours before, and transplanted them to mr Merk, who had only been left with small stumps just below his shoulders following his amputations.

We are all still waiting for the same god who supposedly parted the Red Sea, created the whole fucking universe (lulz), walked on water, did all sorts of amazing miracles in Biblical times (but who is strangely silent now), and resurrected himself/his son/zomgwtfspirit to do something as comparatively simple as to regrow an amputated limb. By nature of being a god, the great imaginary god of the theistard would obviously know that there are millions of people desperately praying for such a miracle to happen. For all the claims that the faith healers make, why hasn't anyone regrown an amputated limb?

A theistarded belief in god is a mockery of modern civilization. Humanity needs to grow the fuck up or suffer the consequences of such a theistarded belief.

Theistards, the choice is yours. Use your evolution-given brain and choose wisely. Remember, grow the fuck up and wise the fuck up before it is too late.

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