Skeptics' Circle #97: A wild mudkip appears!

10/09/2008 | 12:05 AM | Evolved Rationalist

For the lulz and for great justice, welcome to the 97th edition of the Skeptics' Circle, mudkip included! W00t!

First up is a post by Greta Cristina about about the fable of the blind men and the elephant. Some people use this fable as a metaphor for religion, to explain why different religions could disagree so vehemently and still be perceiving the same real God. Greta turns that fable around by pointing out that it actually makes a better metaphor for science than for religion, and that it strongly supports an argument for religion as entirely made up by people and hence perceiving absolutely nothing real at all.

Next, Skelliot blogs about his experiences with 'ZOMG Big Pharma!' and how skepticism prevented him from being trolled duped by homeopathic medicine. Epic lulz were had by all, including the mudkip.

Z from It's the Thought That Counts has a post up about educating the public about the value of science and evidence. As skeptics, this is an issue that a lot of us are concerned about, and his post sheds some light into it all. The mudkip says 'Me likey likey.'

Over at The Evolving Mind, Andrew discusses how the line between life and death is not black and white; thus making tales of having returned from death - and maybe glimpsed heaven or having temporarily reunited with one's long-dead, beloved cat that tragically got run over by a UPS truck - much less profound. He makes the point that if there is no clear threshold, there is no true "having left" and "having returned", making the whole idea of life after death turn into EPIC FAIL.

Bing over at Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes delivers a truckload of pwnage to the lulzy folks over at Answers in Genesis. Our mudkip approves of both his blog title and the smackdown of the AiG lolcows.

Kylie Sturgess has two posts in this carnival: One from her blog, Podblack Cat, where she discusses how research and enthusiasm can get kids questioning; and another from the Skeptic Zone about the 9/11 kooks conspiracy theorists.

Up next, we have Theo over at Humbug! Online posting about his new podcast, which is about the general idea of fallacies and "critical thinking", and how to spot those fallacies and the general disposition of "seeking after truth".

Meanwhile, our mudkip enjoys more lulz by way of this excellent piece of skeptically-themed fiction, courtesy of Joe at cotch dot net. ZOMG! Another lulzy blog title. Mudkip approves.

Next, we have Paddy K with two awesome skeptical submissions, one about Swedish nuclear power and the other one aptly titled 'Sleeping with the Fishes'.

At Science after Sunclipse, Blake Stacey posts on a subject that has become popular yet again: 'How to Propel Pseudoscience'. His post is a must-read for everyone interested in skepticism and fighting pseudoscience. The mudkip says GO READ!

A common gripe among us skeptics/science-minded folks is how the traditional media often utterly FAILs at reporting science. Peter from denialism blog hits the nail on the head with his post 'The Times doesn't know Bayes'. Dammit, journalists - even a wild mudkip can write better articles than you people sometimes!

In another double WIN, the Perky Skeptic blogs about how her best friend in first grade contributed to her disbelief in the Bible and how Baby God stories serve to fire up the imagination of children and draw them to theism.

After someone on LiveJournal alerted him to Dan Akroyd's latest chunk of craziness, Lord Runoflr couldn't resist writing an article about it. You are hereby advised by the mudkip to go over there and watch him exercising his skeptical chops. GOGOGOGO!

Meanwhile, RNB over at Reduce to Common Sense has a nice post up about diversity. If you think that skepticism isn't diverse, think again.

Finally, if you have been reading the last few posts on my blog and are keeping up with the 'Mary the Scilon' saga, you would understand how pleased I was that Mark over at Be Lambic or Be Green has posted on a subject close to my heart: Why Scientology Won't Go Away. Our mudkip does not like $cientoLOLgy at all, and wishes the worst of luck to the dangerous cult. May the Scilons be pwned by Anonymous forever and ever for epic lulz.

So I heard you like mudkips?

Mudkips and lulz aside, the next Skeptics' Circle will be held at The Uncredible Hallq on the 23rd of October. Send your skeptical entries to Chris in time for the next Circle for more skeptical goodness!

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